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by Patricia M. Roth | February 5, 2013 | 11:40 AM

I am writing an article about wine bottle recycling and would like to know what efforts wineries are taking to recycle their bottles. 

I talked with Benjamin Calais, owner and winemaker of the Dallas-based Calais Winery, and he said all of their wine bottles get recycled. They also have a "Drink/Recycle/Repeat" promotion for Earth Day, inviting people to bring in empty bottles in exchange for free tastings and a percentage off of their purchases. "Twice a year, we collect them, sort them out by color and type and then give them to home winemakers."

Below: A video from Boise Weekly that accompanied Jordan Wilson's article, "Idaho Glass Recycling." The weekly invites the reader to "take a tour of the thousands of wine bottles that have made their way to Boise's "mountain of glass" below.

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