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Date: 11/09/11
Process Engineers Inc
Booth# 1106
Hayward, CA   • phone: 510-782-5122  
Waukesha Positive Displacement Pump with Controls, Cart-Mounted
DESCRIPTION: Waukesha's positive displacement pump with "TrueFit," model #U1-130, features single O-ring shaft seals, 3-foot TC inlet and outlet fittings. The pump features the" TrueFit" integral speed reducer with 7-1/2hp wash down duty motor (U.S. Motors brand, 1.25 service factor), Vacon #X4C-4075 and 7-1/2hp variable frequency motor speed controller. The pump, "Truefit" reducer and motor are factory-assembled. The equipment is mounted to a PEI-manufactured, tubular stainless-steel pump cart with four pneumatic wheels.