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Date: 11/09/11
Stainless Steel Wine Tanks and Fermenters
Spokane Industries
Booth# 1029
Spokane, WA   • phone: 509-921-8868   •
Stainless Steel Wine Tanks and Fermenters
DESCRIPTION: Spokane Industries is a long-time manufacturer of custom-tailored stainless-steel wine fermenters. The focus remains on versatility and value--tanks that offer a little more. Variable lids remain popular, especially when teamed with fork-pockets for portability. Spokane Industries' Ellipseā„¢ elliptical wine fermenter is a well-liked product, with several wineries opting for this new type of tank. Winemakers appreciate the convenience of Spokane Industries' exclusive regulated lid seal controller. Visit them at Unified booth #1029.
Stainless Steel Wine Tanks and Fermenters