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The state is spending an additional $4 million for more herbicide spraying to control vast swaths of a floating plant called the water hyacinth


Reaction to planned legislation announced in Sacramento on Thursday to speed up the spending of more than $1 billion on projects in reaction to the ongoing drought was swift and largely predictable


their ability to hold out against early offers and threaten lengthy court battles poses costly risks of delay for a $68-billion project facing tight construction and spending deadlines


Wine grape growers in California's Central Valley looking for a rebound in prices for their crop any time soon are likely to be disappointed. Blame ample supplies and dwindling demand for the types of wine made from their grapes, says Jeff Bitter, vice president of operations for the nearly 600 grower-members of Allied Grape Growers wine grape marketing cooperative.


Wine grapes aren't the only vines being uprooted from Central Valley vineyards in response to changing markets. The landscape within about a 100-mile radius of Fresno, the home of California's raisin industry, is also taking on a different look.


The developer, DeWayne Zinkin, has hinted at other possible tenants: a pet supplier, clothing and shoe stores, an upscale grocery store and a high-end liquor and wine business.


The state claims Gallo Glass company put recycled lead, arsenic and selenium in their bottles, which are all byproducts of making glass


Lindsay Jordan steps in for Madera, Merced and Mariposa counties in California


A group that owns South Valley farmland has reached an out-of-court settlement with an irrigation district by agreeing to keep pumped groundwater within a specific area instead of exporting it across the Valley


Fresno's ambitious water project has qualified for a state loan big enough to make a sizable dent in the typical home's monthly bill


The next train wreck in California's drought is headed for the San Joaquin Valley this week when federal leaders forecast how much river water farmers can expect to irrigate nearly 3 million acres this summer


PureSense Environmental bought by Jain Irrigation


"I want to share with you WAE 2015 through the eyes of a few young people"


Delta residents suspect state officials are dissembling


The annual exposition attracts international visitors and people from across the United States


A federal judge ruled Monday that the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians should be led by a group that was elected in 2010, the last undisputed tribal council election


.... Should you have any questions please contact Jennifer Jolley


Three winemakers have plans for Sanger-area locations, joining the ranks of at least two dozen boutique wineries in the central San Joaquin Valley


The new allocation replaces the initial allocation of 10 percent announced on December 1


The inaugural class of the new Fresno State Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Upper Division Honors Program is starting the spring semester this week with 15 students, the university says

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