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At one time, Fresno County raisin grape grower Bob Brar pumped water from the ground to supplement deliveries of surface water to his 120 acres of drip-irrigated Thompson seedless vines near Fowler, Calif.


Brain previously held the winemaking lecturer position at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is one of Central California's most respected vintners


"They're everywhere, even in places I haven't seen them before," says PCA Sara Savary, with Crop Care Associates


Contra Costa County farmer Matt Fernandes is all smiles when describing conditions in early June for the Cecchini Family Vineyards' 35-acre wine grape crop.


Judging strictly by appearance, it's difficult to detect anything amiss in the wine grape vineyards of California's San Joaquin Valley just prior to the official start of summer on June 21.


A farmer who refused to hand over half his raisin crop to the government as part of a New Deal-era price-support program won a major victory before the U.S. Supreme Court, as it decided the constitutional prohibition against uncompensated seizures extends to agricultural produce, according to Forbes magazine.


Citrus and avocados have been the two leading crops in north San Diego County. But, several thousand acres of citrus and about 10,000 acres of avocados have been taken out of production because farmers can't afford to irrigate.


Under the agreement, the farmers must turn in plans for using 25 percent less water.


The California State Water Resources Control Board have approved a proposal from riparian water right holders in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to voluntarily cut back water use in exchange for assurances they would not face further riparian curtailment during the June through September growing season.


Modesto Irrigation District investigating two suspected cases of water banditry


While agriculture may seem small compared to the entire California economy, it has a big impact on commerce in the San Joaquin Valley, long the nation's leading region for agricultural production.


Isolated hail storms in the San Joaquin Valley on May 7 caused spotty damage to some crops in the region.


A group of powerful California farmers who are volunteering to use less water amid the crippling drought have for years operated under an antiquated state system that relies on self-reported, error-riddled records to enforce cutbacks.


The California 5th District Court of Appeal has ruled that the state's "Mandatory Mediation and Conciliation" process is illegal


Without rain in the forecast, there are indications that the fire season, typically occurring June through October, could be one for the record books


Impacts San Joaquin Valley growers


Adam Gray on Wednesday was booted off the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee, one day after an unlikely victory when the committee narrowly approved his legislation aimed at protecting communities near the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers


By the first of April, the shoots in Thompson seedless and other raisin-type vineyards in Fresno County, the heart of California's raisin industry, had reached approximately 18 to 24 inches in length. This followed bud break in the first week of March, reports George Zhuang, the county's University of California Cooperative Extension viticulture farm advisor.


Moldauer's latest complaint against Constellation Brands, Inc., the owner of Mission Bell Winery, was, among other problems, filed in the wrong court, a Washington-based judge ruled last week.


Eclectic group of new agents join cadre of California grape-growing advisors

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