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Some say the $325 a ton many central San Joaquin Valley farmers received in 2012 from wineries is not likely to be repeated


Grape Day highlights redeveloped vineyard acreage and upgraded facilities


Allocation of water from New Melones Reservoir triggered initial lawsuit


Nut farmers and other Modesto Irrigation District customers can wait to water crops as late as Oct. 3. That's two weeks later than initially planned, giving trees a better chance of surviving the drought and being healthy enough to produce again next year.


The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board in September of 2013 adopted new waste discharge requirements to protect ground and surface water from irrigated agricultural discharges for the Tulare Lake Basin area. That led to a plan to monitor groundwater and what impacts irrigation has on that groundwater.


County leaders will see proposals from their staff within a couple of weeks


The ground is sinking because farmers and water agencies throughout the Central Valley are pumping groundwater heavily from far beneath the Earth's surface to make up for the lack of rain. The problems caused by this sinkage are many, with no easy fix in sight.


There is no going back after a clay-laced underground collapses, says a new report warning California of irreparable harm from excessive pumping


Since 2009, the San Joaquin River has been celebrated as a path-breaking example of restoration. But this year, Central California's largest river has the dubious distinction of being on the conservation group American Rivers' "most endangered" list because it's so overtapped.


Certainties for life in California's Central Valley include death, taxes, and drought, says Sacramento environmental attorney Amanda MacGregor Pearson


Officials say there's no obvious sign of foul play, but it's hard to tell because the body was outside, in the sun for an extended period of time


The perfect storm of "smart farming" is about to be unleashed, with the world's population expected to surpass 9 billion people


Production of grapes, the county's No. 2 crop, increased in 2013, though the county report didn't include the average cost paid per carton. Still, grape sales in the county increased to $984.8 million that year, up from $863 million in 2012.


Like a 25-year-old zombie, the Delta Wetlands Project has lumbered out of the shadows again to threaten Delta farmland by flooding two islands for water storage, turning two others into habitat and eliminating 14,824 acres of productive farmland in the process.


Stockton can continue to pump water from the Delta this summer, ensuring that its new $220-million drinking-water plant -- funded by ratepayers -- won't be standing idle.


The drought situation is driving up prices nationwide for produce grown in the Golden State's Central Valley and other agricultural areas stricken by drought, such as Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. And among rising food costs, access to clean water and growing unemployment, the drought's hardest-hit victims are the country's poor.


As junior water rights holders throughout California's Central Valley have received stop-diversion orders because of the drought, holders of senior and riparian rights fear they could be next.


Fresno State University officials and donors break ground Friday on a 30,000-square-foot interdisciplinary research building where the university's brightest minds will collaborate to solve the most pressing agricultural issues facing the region and the world.


As reported in the March 27 issue of The Grapeline, this past winter researchers based at the University of California and Sacramento State University surveyed six groups of grape growers in various regions of the state as part of a project to develop techniques for earlier detection of grape vine canker diseases. That, in turn, could lead to more effective, longer-term control.


Officers had decoys stand outside seven stores

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