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A local winery that suffered serious crop damage held a grand re-opening last weekend under new management


Van Buren County in southweVan Buren County in southwestern Michigan is getting state funding to clean up a former winery for use as a brewery's new location.stern Michigan is getting state funding to clean up a former winery for use as a brewery's new location


It's a combination of a temporary hold on state liquor-agency contracts and the grocery giants paying a premium to get existing contracts from smaller retailers


A Green Township winery offers a convenient and elegant place to dine and unwind after shopping for fresh locally grown produce this fall at nearby farm markets in southern Mahoning County


The Syllas bought the winery effective March 20 from John Patrick Gill, who had opened it in 2004 atop a ridge in rural Trempealeau County. They use Gill's recipes for the winery's 19 wines, six of which have won medals in competitions


The Attorney General will exercise her prerogative to dismiss any cases brought against a winery that was in compliance with the three requirements of the proposed regulations


Red Top Winery will be along Snow Road west of Lauer Road when it opens next year. Owner Rockie Rick further owns the Gravity Winery along Lauer, which has been open for four years


to build on its long-standing culinary excellence and provide training for students to advance in the industry as sommeliers, wine experts and managers


The crowd, a lively, predominantly under-35 mix, enjoyed hanging out with wine/beer/spirit-sipping friends, occasionally singing along to the DJ mix of piped-in '70s and '80s tunes and chatting with, or listening rapturously to, some of the best chefs in Chicago and beyond


Cellar 422, a wine shop and bistro at 422 Main St. in downtown Lafayette, will open for business in mid-September, owners Michelle Wise and Marla Milner said.


Wine drinking is on the rise nationally, and its growing popularity is taking root in Ohio, according Donniella Winchell, executive director of the Ohio Wine Producers Association. There now are 233 wineries in Ohio, up from 124 in 2008.


Mackinaw Trail Winery and are teaming up for a "crowdsourced" wine project that will give consumers a direct role in the winemaking process - a first for Michigan.


As quality continues to improve and get noticed around the Midwest, a few efforts have reached the pinnacle of success.


The Ohio Department of Commerce said Sunday that revenue from liquor sales in 2015 were up by 7 percent to just over $982 million


Vines and Rushes has been booming, too, Prellwitz said. The winery draws tourists from Heidel House Resort and Spa in Green Lake, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac. They're open seven days a week and host events 40 weekends every year on top of ongoing events during the week.


Recent hailstorms hit Northwest Michigan hard. Grapes, tart cherries, and apples orchards were hit by high winds and nickel- to quarter-sized hail, says says Nikki Rothwell of Michigan State University Extension.


Recent sampling of southwest Michigan vineyards indicates a lower pressure of grape berry moth than last season, but there are still regions in southwest Michigan with locally high infestations that should be controlled to prevent harvest-time fruit contamination. This is a good time to scout vineyards to determine where those host spots are and take action to prevent further increases


Customers late last week still buzzed about the violent Aug. 2 storms as Gabourie rang up six-packs of beer and half-gallons of milk. Gabourie reported the mood in Maple City remained upbeat throughout the week as electricity returned and life readjusted to normal pace.


The owners of a northern Michigan winery say their log home was destroyed by fire soon after power was restored following last weekend's storm.


It's been more than 10 years since Chateau Chantal on Old Mission Peninsula sought grapes off its vineyards to make wine. But that's a good prospect in the coming months after a Sunday, Aug. 2, storm lashed the vineyard's 95 acres of grapes with hail, further damaging a crop already withered from two harsh winters.

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