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Gas station convenience store owners are upset about legislation headed to Gov. Rick Snyder that would let grocery stores with gas stations sell beer and wine


Ephraim, along the water in peninsular Door County - a popular destination dotted with small towns, resorts and wineries - is dry, but it might not be for much longer. Organizers have gathered enough signatures from among the 300 or so residents to spark a referendum on the issue April 5, the same day as the state's presidential primary.


If you attended a wine event or took a wine class in Chicago in the past 25 years or so, chances are very good that Patrick Fegan was responsible. Fegan died Thursday at Mercy Hospital in Chicago. He was 68.


The legislation, which is still in committee, would also clear the way for companies that run alcohol delivery apps to make deliveries for retailers in the state


An MSU research team conducted an experiment in Leelanau County last summer. They randomly selected 143 visitors to the tasting room at 45 North Vineyard and Winery and asked them to taste four different out-of-state wines. They asked how much they'd be willing to pay for a bottle of each. The mere knowledge that a particular wine had won an award bumped the theoretical willing-to-pay price up by an average of $1.58 per bottle


The words wine and winery elicit roughly the same response from me as a squirrel sighting does from my dog. So, imagine my anticipation once the signage went up at Walkerbilt Road and U.S. 41 in North Naples for the new Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant that opened this week.


ePour Technologies launches its patented wine-by-the-glass system using two nine-liter bags.


Chateau Chantal's 2013 ice wine will be served along with a menu that includes Alaskan halibut casseroles, a roasted apricot galette with Appalachian cheese and baby lamb chops with Yukon potato Dauphinoise,


Second-generation winemaker wins Lifetime Achievement Award


the changes close loopholes and toughen licensing requirements for ignition interlock mechanics and businesses


Walker's Bluff in Carterville hopes to build a 300-room hotel, indoor water park and conference center at the winery


Valley Vineyards is the second largest vineyard and sixth largest winery in Ohio


The Grape Berry Moth Precision Application of Reduced Risk Insecticides project looked at various spray methods and found precision spraying works just as well as full cover sprays to control grape berry moth


Joe Henke launched the winery and restaurant in 1996 - before the term "urban winery" was even coined


Triffon has centered her career in Detroit: first in top restaurants, now as master sommelier for the high-end Plum Market food chain


Good Harbor Vineyards' Taylor Simpson to serve two more years


This was a State-sanctioned rip-off and is a glaring example of the misuse of governmental power for the benefit of one politically connected lawyer. ... Now there is a new sheriff in town


Duke Elsner, Small Fruit Educator for the MSU Extension says fruit farmers and wine makers don't like to see the fluctuation in temperatures during the winter


Hazel Park restaurant Mabel Gray and chefs Garrett Lipar, Andy Hollyday and Nick Janutol are named as semifinalists in the nationwide race


Feb. 18 is National Drink Wine Day.

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