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Southeast Michigan is close to putting Michigan's wine industry in the spotlight


While the bulk of the top wine restaurants reside on the West Coast, Ohio did have an entry among the best in the United States


That includes many vineyards who are already seeing blossoms on some of their grape vines


Vino Mobile Bar, nicknamed "Vinny," is the brainchild of Carmel resident Jenn Kampmeier, 42, who has started a dozen businesses since she was 7 years old. Her latest endeavor is bringing wine to concerts, parties, weddings and other events.


We are currently nearing the end of bloom in Concord, Niagara and some hybrid grapes. Some vinifera varieties are in full bloom (e.g. Riesling, Chardonnay), whereas others will begin shortly (e.g. Cabernet Franc).


Seven Ponds Winery will soon replace the name, complete with the addition of new Wisconsin wine varietals


The historic Lonz Winery, dormant for more than a decade, is finally prepping for her next debut: as the centerpiece of a scenic state park that officials hope will revive interest in once-bustling Middle Bass Island.


The Brown County Health and Wellness Foundation in conjunction with the Courthouse Square Association will host the third annual Ohio Wine and Food Festival on Saturday June 18, 2016 in the heart of downtown Georgetown.


On Broadway, Inc. learned the city would be enforcing a decades old law that only allows non-profits to have a liquor license, also known as a picnic license, for two events a year.


"If I'm carrying a picnic basket to Blossom from the farthest lot away because I'm the last person to get there, I'm not going to want to carry a bunch of bottles," says Banter owner and wine lover Adam Gullett. "That's the time and place for a can."


The weekend of May 14-15, temperatures dipped to below freezing for most of southeastern Minnesota and southern Wisconsin. This ruined large portions of grapes for many local wineries.


It's a busy time for Hopwood Cellars Winery. The Main Street business has announced a new distribution agreement with Monarch Beverage along with new labels for its bottles and adjustments to the wines offered.


Lawmakers in Ohio have voted to get rid of legislation that previously forbade the production or sale of beer above 12% abv.


Silver Oak's winery has sold out of its 2011 vintage and will be releasing its 2012 line this August.


As our region becomes ever more identified with wines and wineries, a growing number of people who would never been interested grapes have learned to enjoy this amazing beverage of culture, heritage, history and fine cuisine.


Michigan wines are winning more and more national awards, and there are more and more wineries to choose from, said Jenelle Jagmin, promotion specialist with the Michigan Grape & Wine Industry Council. Michigan wine producers won more than 500 awards at national competitions in 2015.


Temperatures dipped below freezing in much of those areas late Saturday and early Sunday, wiping out grape shoots that had emerged early due to a warm spring. The cold turned the water in the shoots cells to ice, killing the tissue, said Amaya Atucha, a University of Wisconsin-Madison assistant horticulture professor.


A California winery and a local company are urging the nation to come together - at least for a glass or two of wine. Matchbook Wine Co. and Wine Trends have joined forces for "Nationhood," a pair of wines that are available only in Northeast Ohio.


Over-the-Rhine might not be the first place you'd expect to find a winery, but by late summer, the neighborhood will be home to one.


Philippe Coquard was up all night in his vineyard Saturday night into Sunday morning. He tried moving the cold air around and away from the grapes, but it was no use

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