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Remodeling, new products aim at attracting tourists


Frequenters of farmers markets may soon be able to imbibe from local wineries' varieties if a bill that passed the Ohio House of Representatives on Thursday also clears the Senate.


... a polysaccharide, much like gum Arabic, a widespread food and cosmetic ingredient that is only found in Africa


Frequenters of farmers markets may soon be able to imbibe from local wineries' varieties if a bill that passed the Ohio House of Representatives on Thursday also clears the Senate.


2015 was a record-setting year for liquor sales in Ohio.


Central Michigan University meteorology students are sharpening their skills in a way that will benefit Northern Michigan wineries.


Kayleigh Kriss of Mix 94.1-FM was the honoree Thursday at the Grape Possibilities Wine Tasting and Auction for promoting the Arc of Ohio-Stark County's programs and services for those with developmental disabilities and their families


Arlington Heights is revisiting its ban on venues serving alcohol unless they have a full-service kitchen because of a Starbucks' request for a liquor license.


We asked a group of sommeliers around Chicago to look into their crystal Zalto Burgundy glasses to predict what they see as the top wine trends coming in 2016. There were five trends that stood out ...


Wineries are buzzing about a dessert wine that's unique to colder regions like Northern Michigan.


Monarch Beverage has spent millions of dollars over the past eight years trying to join one of the state's most elite corporate clubs: the handful of companies with state permits to distribute hard liquor


VinSense LLC has received a one-year, highly competitive STTR Phase I grant worth $224,949 from the National Science Foundation. CEO Larry Ebert said the grant will fund expansion of the company's technology and commercialization efforts.


This Chardonnay was grown in the estate vineyard and hand harvested in the late summer of 2013. The vines were cropped to one ton per acre.


Data will be most useful to the winery in the winter and spring, when grapes are most susceptible to damage. Baxter said wineries want to know how long to keep grapes out in the winter, and when the last frost or freeze will be in the spring.


Bonobo Winery recently installed a weather station in its vineyard, hoping to better forecast the cold weather that can plague Old Mission Peninsula wineries


Starbucks has applied for permits to sell beer and wine at some Indy locations. These five coffee shops already do.


An order of nuns has filed a federal lawsuit after officials denied a plan to expand their in northern Illinois convent to include a winery, brewery, nursing home and more


Starting Jan. 1, Illinois will eliminate the requirement that anyone arrested for DUI must be kept off the roads for at least 30 days.


State law prohibits alcohol wholesalers from supplying both beer and liquor, forcing them to choose between the two. Monarch's suit argued Indiana's restrictive alcohol laws violate parts of the U.S. Constitution, specifically the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.


The wine industry has exploded across Illinois over the past 20 to 30 years. The state now boasts more than 100 wineries. Many have become popular tourist destinations, offering food, live music and overnight lodging. Some host murder mystery dinners, weddings and festivals.

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