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Tallgrass more than doubled production


Rivals of the big-box retailer are returning fire in an unfolding price war


A new study released Tuesday predicts that Iowa's craft beer boom is only getting started: The research projects local breweries will more than triple production between 2014 and 2019.


Association's first conference embraces hybrid grapes and fruit wines


Colorado is one of the last places in the country where rainwater barrels are still largely illegal because of a complex system of water rights in which nearly every drop is spoken for. And when legislators here tried to enact a law this spring to allow homeowners to harvest the rain, conservationists got a lesson in the power of the entrenched rules that allocate Western water to those who have first claim to it. Even if it is the rain running down someone's roof.


Proceeds from the sixth annual Pinot, Pigs & Poets supporting Omaha nonprofit Completely KIDS reached $275,000, event organizers announced.


Each store carries 8,000 wine, 3,000 spirit and 2,500 beer options, and employs 50 people.


THE Marquette grapevines clinging to a steep, rocky hillside in the southeastern Adirondacks are among a host of new grape varieties that have enabled a boutique wine industry to take root in areas of the US Northeast and Midwest that were previously inhospitable.


Cornell and the University of Minnesota have developed hybrid grapes that withstand brutal winters and disease - and provide the quality and consistency needed to produce fine wine in places like Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Ohio.


They moved to Colorado and continued to expand the business, founding the Denver International Wine Festival and then the Denver International Wine Competition. Other events have been added along the way, including this year's rosé festival.


everybody who's anybody shows up in Aspen. The chefs there are a who's who of the food world ...


three restaurants not only serve wines that cost less than $10 by the glass, but purvey some admirably off-the-beaten-path sips ...


This is part of a monthly series introducing you to Colorado wineries.


Because of the hard freeze earlier this week, some rhubarb stalks are "toxic." It's the plant's reaction to the abnormal freezing temperatures we suffered across the region. The NDSU Plant Sciences Department is getting calls about it and they have some advice about rhubarb leaves.


Tammy Stowe McClure competed in Kansas City for American Ninja Warrior, but she won't know if she made the cut until the show airs


The meeting left unresolved questions about allowing the serving of alcohol at state-sanctioned events in the Capitol, installation of automatic self-service wine dispensers in bars, consumption of bring-you-own-booze at private businesses and potential of banning sale of powdered alcohol products.


late spring frosts and hailstorms harmed grape crops in more than 60 percent of Nebraska's vineyards and reducing grape yields by 30 percent to 40 percent in Iowa


At this time of year Calico Skies Vineyard and Winery should have a sprawling field of budding grapevines; however, much of the vineyard is struggling to grow due lower than average temperatures.


SB 2324 has been signed into law by Governor Jack Dalrymple and will go into effect 8/1/2015. This bill results in reduced penalties for carrier violations in regards to direct shipments of wine to consumers within the state


The Society of Wine Educators will hold its 39th Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, August 12th - 14th, at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel

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