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Maryland-based Total Wine & More and Target are the newest companies seeking to grab a share of the state's alcohol sales, following the footsteps of many grocery chains and big discount retailers, Minnesota Public Radio News reports.


The recent drought and earthquake had many thinking Palisade wines would flood the western states, but instead Grand Valley wineries target in-state buyers to keep business booming.


State Supreme Court case questions whether police can give tests without a warrant


But plenty of obstacles remain before this can become law, as stakeholders continue to push for more concessions


The compromise deal would allow wineries to ship directly to South Dakotans. In return, they'd have to pay at least part of the tax current alcohol wholesalers have to pay, and the state would publish a list of all the wine labels registered for direct shipment. The law would require age verification at both purchase and delivery and forbid wine shippers from selling wine below cost.


Arkansas is one of 10 states that allow dry counties, according to the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association. An additional 15 states are "partially dry."


The recent heat wave in the Midwest has sped up the harvesting process for local wine producers. In addition, the heavy amount of rainfall throughout the spring has cost some vintners a significant amount of money.


After months of research into non-GMO options, and years spent setting up partnerships with local farmers and purveyors, the kitchens at Chef/owner Bradford Heap's two restaurants, Colterra in Niwot, and Salt the Bistro in Boulder, no longer serve anything that contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs.) Most of their beverages are GMO-free as well.


"It's the location of the vineyard-the ones up north got hurt a little more than the ones in southern Minnesota."


Community members are practicing their grape stomping abilities for a good cause. The annual Harvest Fest is taking place Saturday at Jacobs Winery in Kirksville.


Hand on, low overhead. Con Pekrul keeps it simple as head vintner, head bottler, and bottle washer at the Plain View Winery. "This is pretty much how my day is filled," says Con as he 'fills' bottle after bottle from a big, plastic bucket.


Microwineries are rare in the Twin Cities despite a boom in microbrewing and distilling. The fledgling company will offer a selection of meads, berry- and rhubarb-based wines, apple cider, dandelion wine and lilac wine, however.


Owners of Sovereign Estate Wine says business has expanded so quickly they need to stay open later and expand its calendar. Some neighbors are leery.


Owners of Sovereign Estate Wine says business has expanded so quickly they need to stay open later and expand its calendar. Some neighbors are leery.


Statistics published by the Persistent Drunk Driver Committee, a monitoring body formed legislatively (Persistent Drunk Driver Act of 1998), show that the "western slope," also known as Colorado's wine country, had the highest average blood alcohol content (BAC) for DUI arrests in 2013.


more customers could be parading in this fall, as the store, which also sells liquor and craft beer, ramps up activities


A large piece of property that was once owned by an established Arkansas winery is finally up for sale


It's grape harvest time in Kansas, and the state's growing wine industry is expecting a big crop this year.


Kansas has 35 registered wineries and vineyards, according to the Kansas Grape Growers & Winemakers Association.


Warehouse Winery, St. Louis Park, MN, specializes in the blending of Minnesota's finest cold-hardy grapes with freshly selected varietals from Northern California and aging them in oak barrels. The winery markets more than 19 blends and straight-up Minnesota and California varietals.

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