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Owner Gary Ludwig says even though they harvested more than 2 tons of grapes this weekend, the winters we've seen over the last couple of years have been rough for crop production.


"It looks like we will have a good harvest - quantitatively this year."


while the MLBA's stance on Sunday sales remains the same, he's taking the organization in a new direction, with business owners becoming the face of the MLBA rather than simply lobbyists


There, on a rural property southeast of East Grand Forks, sits a small building near the bank of the Red Lake River. Visitors sat on a patio while sipping wine made from grapes grown just a few hundred feet away


The Winebow Group, a national importer and distributor of fine wine and craft spirits, announced today the acquisition of Grape Beginnings of Minnetonka, Minnesota. The companies will combine their efforts in Minnesota and operate as Grape Beginnings, a member of The Winebow Group


From the cozy porch of their Garretson farmhouse, California winemaker Jerry Lohr and his wife, Jolene, look out over a green lawn, a winding gravel driveway and acres of corn. It's a piece of their home state that they love. With a breeze in the summer air, the two enjoy the beauty of the South Dakota prairie with a glass of wine.



The latest wines are produced from four new hybrid grape varietals - Valjohn, Southern Cross, By George and Plymouth.


The Monthly Wine Duo membership level costs $45 per month and consists of one bottle of barrel select blend and one premium wine


At more than 8.2 million acres, the proposed Loess Hills District sprawling across western Iowa and a slice of northwestern Missouri would far surpass any federally recognized winemaking region in California. It could also add some fizz to an area currently home to 13 bonded wineries, vineyards that pay a federal excise tax.


Next week, the Minnesota Grape Growers Association and the University of Minnesota in St. Paul will hold the 7th annual International Cold Climate Wine Competition and show off their best products


It was a fascination that persisted into adulthood as he finished schooling, moved to Fargo and started teaching chemistry at North Dakota State University.


A grape-breeding project that already has pumped more than $400 million into northern states' economies and created as many as 13,000 jobs is trying to grow wine grapes where summers are short and winters brutal. Scientists who are breeding the grapes say the wine is improving every year.


Hot as the August temperatures are, research has been ongoing for wine grape growers, studying ways to breed cold-hardy grapes and how best to cultivate them.


Entrepreneur Christian Hageseth is set to open the Colorado Cannabis Ranch in Denver in early 2016. But unlike a winery or brewery, you won't be able to sample the goods at the weedery due to Colorado's public consumption laws.


Since 2002, when owner Jeff Peterson opened North Dakota's first licensed winery, Pointe of View Winery (, until today, the list of producers has grown to 12, with two more getting licensed this year and two more in development


It was only a matter of time before someone attempted to create a business around a cannabis grow like the beer and wine industry has with breweries and wineries. (Come on, we already have weed-friendly hotels, cannabis camps and marijuana delivery drones.)


"Last year we had 1,680 people and we are expecting close to 2,000 this year"


Sterling brings several years of on-premise experience to the position. He previously worked for Glazers Domaine & Estates in Texas for 14 years as the on-premise wine specialist before becoming sales manager for Select Wine Distributors in Louisiana, where he's worked since 2011.


Minnesota's harsh, unpredictable climate made it difficult to grow reliable wine-worthy grapes, and only a few followed the pioneering vineyards' lead

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