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Richard Hilske and his family started their winery, Cellar 426, in Ashland a couple of years ago with one thing in mind: grow their own grapes to make homegrown wine in the Cornhusker State.


Would-be wine makers at Waters Edge Winery can put a bottle into the filling machine and watch as it fills with their favorite white, red or fruit wine. They also can affix their own, custom-designed label on each bottle and cork it by hand at the Oklahoma City winery in Automobile Alley.


an put a bottle into the filling machine and watch as it fills with their favorite white, red or fruit wine. They also can affix their own, custom-designed label


patented process for making beer in a liquid concentrate form


It's pledging to provide downstream states every gallon they're legally entitled to, but not a drop more


Montana's beer and wine distributors are major contributors to the economy, with impacts throughout the state and across industry sectors, reports the Bureau of Business and Economic Research


another twist on the Christmas spirit, or spirits


Two Rivers Winery owner Bob Witham says that the weekend was a surprise from the spring tasting event where most of the drinkers were from out of town


we struggle to comprehend Iowa's skittish approach to marijuana


Well, Whispers has more news from a member of the family that helped establish winemaking in Arkansas.


That's the mantra instilled in students who take classes with the Grape and Wine Institute


Sen. Roger Reinert thinks Minnesota should treat Sunday liquor sales the same way it treats its 2 a.m. bar close time. Under state law, bar owners don't have to stay open that late - but they have the option to if they want


These historical items are derived from Hutchinson News articles


The biodynamically farmed wines of Hawk and Horse Vineyards are now represented in four new markets: in Texas by New Vintage Wines; in Florida by Wines By Sophie; in Maine by Tannery Street Wine Company; in Colorado by European Wines & Spirits.


A new petition is circulating in favor of full-strength beer and wine in all grocery stores statewide. Currently, grocery stores can only carry 3.2 percent alcohol beer and only one location per company can get a liquor license. The license limit also applies to liquor store owners


Speaking to more than 30 winemakers Friday at the Arkansas Association of Grape Growers 2014 conference Friday at Arkansas Tech University at Ozark, horticulture professor john Clark of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture talked about several experimental wine grapes that have been bred specifically for the Arkansas River Valley wine-growing region


White Wind Winery will be able to expand into more commercial uses at its 140-acre Miami County location after county commissioners, during their Oct. 29 meeting, approved changing the area's zoning from business park to commercial, a move that could also bring more commerce to the area.


In the past 18 months or so, the state has taken two steps in an effort to help out the Arkansas wine industry. The first was a law passed by the state Legislature allowing direct shipping from Arkansas wineries to customers, and the second was the erection of highway signs publicizing the Arkansas Wine Country Trail and the location of state wineries that give tours of their operations.


"We want Minnesota-grown fruit as much as possible, but we can't grow everything in Minnesota," Scott said. "We're not just bringing in any old fruit -- it's been custom-selected by Sam to be quality fruit. It's hard to find really good grapes and Sam worked really hard to find the right place."


Voters will decide Nov. 4 whether to turn the state's dry counties wet

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