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The meeting left unresolved questions about allowing the serving of alcohol at state-sanctioned events in the Capitol, installation of automatic self-service wine dispensers in bars, consumption of bring-you-own-booze at private businesses and potential of banning sale of powdered alcohol products.


late spring frosts and hailstorms harmed grape crops in more than 60 percent of Nebraska's vineyards and reducing grape yields by 30 percent to 40 percent in Iowa


At this time of year Calico Skies Vineyard and Winery should have a sprawling field of budding grapevines; however, much of the vineyard is struggling to grow due lower than average temperatures.


SB 2324 has been signed into law by Governor Jack Dalrymple and will go into effect 8/1/2015. This bill results in reduced penalties for carrier violations in regards to direct shipments of wine to consumers within the state


The Society of Wine Educators will hold its 39th Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, August 12th - 14th, at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel


Gov. Sam Brownback proposed significant alcohol and tobacco tax increases in January to help close a budget gap


Last year, Ten Spoon Winery tried using a helicopter to push warm air down into the vineyard when the temperature dipped below freezing, but the frost still killed almost half of the grape harvest.


Haskell's is partnering with Boston tech company Drizly to take online and mobile alcohol orders for delivery in the Twin Cities area.


Groups who want Sunday sales say the 75-57 House vote shows the debate is slowly but surely shifting in their favor.


Montana is not an easy place to grow up. Harsh winters thicken the skin and harden the resolve. Compared with living in northern Montana, winemaking is pretty easy.


The family-owned business, which dates to 1934, closed six stores this week and is consolidating at its remaining store at 1114 W. 103rd St. in south Kansas City


Without the Sunday sales amendment, the House passed the Senate's omnibus liquor bill 127-4. The bill includes Sunday growler sales and the so-called "Bloody Mary Bill," which allows bars and restaurants to sell alcohol at 8 a.m. on Sundays rather than 10 a.m.


A century-old building on Main Street in Little Rock is getting a face lift and what's on tap for the inside is a first for the area


The Senate is set to vote Thursday on a liquor law bill that slightly chips away at a longstanding ban on Sunday takeaway sales. The bill allows craft breweries to sell 64-ounce growlers of beer on Sundays. But the broader ban on Sunday liquor store operations would remain in force.


It's a six-inch disposable plastic stick that looks a lot like a traditional "swizzle stick." When it's swirled in a glass of wine for a few seconds, the StiQit removes all of the sulfites without affecting the appearance, the aroma or the taste of the wine


"Unlikely," Bakk said succinctly, following Monday's Senate floor session. He said the measure's highest hurdle is in the House, which last took up Sunday sales as a floor amendment in 2013. It was soundly defeated, 106-21. A similar floor amendment also failed in the Senate last session, 42-22


At issue is whether grocery and convenience stores should be allowed to sell full-strength beer and liquor. Proponents of changing the law may take the fight to voters, rather than state lawmakers, as several attempts at changing the law have failed at the Capitol


Dean Volenberg is a new viticulture and winery operations specialist for University of Missouri Extension


Temperatures dipped quite low in February across the Northeast and Midwest, marking the second year in a row grape growers in these regions have had to deal with potential vine injury and bud loss.


Before Hurricane Katrina, he was promoted to sous chef at NOLA. For three months after the levees failed, he worked for Lagasse in Orlando, Fla. But Mr. Laskay returned to New Orleans and NOLA when he could

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