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According to the complaint, Balfanz allegedly purchased - on multiple occasions - numerous expensive wine bottles from a Burnsville business, but they would ring up for drastically cheaper. In one instance, Balfanz purchased four bottles of wine that rang up for $9.99 each, but in actuality two were valued at $79.99 and the other two were valued at $84.99.


A bar in Oklahoma has found itself in hot water after police discovered they had been infusing vodka with bacon.


It appears that a petition drive has been successful in forcing the Kansas City Council to either repeal a controversial new ordinance governing issuance of new liquor licenses or put the law to a public vote


The McGuires are part of a fledgling movement to build on Montana's potential to grow good grapes and produce fine wines


Kansas' Prairie Fire Winery brought home five medals from the 2016 Amenti Del Vino International Wine Competition, which was held in Mystic, Conn., the end of May


Don't be fooled by Jerry Presley's guest editorial in the June 2 Coloradoan.


State lawmakers agree to phase in retail sales of wine, beer and spirits


With the 34th annual Food & Wine Classic weekend behind us, The Aspen Times reflects on some of the highlights from the weekend.


Although this past winter may be considered more mild, severe cold the two winters prior in the Midwest and Northeast have increased concern for crown gall, a disease that can cause total vine collapse. But there are methods to prepare for and remedy losses, a Penn State University Extension specialist says.


The Distilled Spirits Council of the US pushed for a ballot initiative for this November to allow voters to decide whether changes are needed in CO, and chain stores like Wal-Mart and Safeway have been behind a move to change the rules.


The proposal would make it impossible for existing grocery stores to obtain an alcohol license if they are within 500 feet of a licensed liquor store.


Grocery stores with pharmacies or liquor-licensed drugstores can only have one location in the state where they can sell full-strength beer, wine or spirits. That applies to chain grocery retailers like King Soopers, Safeway, Target and Wal-Mart, as well as locally-owned grocery stores. Such grocery stores have been trying to change the law for years. Lawmakers have unsuccussfully tried to persuade their colleagues to allow those sales at least four times in the past decade.


Colorado Mesa University will offer the only viticulture and enology program in the state starting in the fall, providing western Colorado's grape-growing and wine-producing industries a much-needed pool of trained potential employees.


The 10,000-square-foot building is under construction adjacent to the winery's tasting room, according to owner Tony Kooyumjian.


Sure, Colorado's got the whole continental divide thing going for it. Plus the mountains, the elevation, the scenery, and the avid outdoor sports enthusiasm that it inspires.


A measure to give voters a chance to permit the sale of wine and strong beer in supermarkets and convenience stores was approved Monday by the Oklahoma Senate and sent to the House for final passage.


A measure to give voters a chance to permit the sale of wine and strong beer in supermarkets and convenience stores was approved Monday by the Oklahoma Senate and sent to the House for final passage


The business is owned by four partners, including brothers Mike, Ken and Don Flesch, and Henry Slodkowski.


Tourist and wine lovers, both from the Grand Valley and out of state, participated in the 13th Barrel into Spring wine tasting event


Like Charlie Brown trying to kick the ball away from Lucy, efforts to pass Sunday liquor sales were met with the same predictable results in the Minnesota House of Representatives. It failed, badly

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