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A century-old building on Main Street in Little Rock is getting a face lift and what's on tap for the inside is a first for the area


The Senate is set to vote Thursday on a liquor law bill that slightly chips away at a longstanding ban on Sunday takeaway sales. The bill allows craft breweries to sell 64-ounce growlers of beer on Sundays. But the broader ban on Sunday liquor store operations would remain in force.


It's a six-inch disposable plastic stick that looks a lot like a traditional "swizzle stick." When it's swirled in a glass of wine for a few seconds, the StiQit removes all of the sulfites without affecting the appearance, the aroma or the taste of the wine


"Unlikely," Bakk said succinctly, following Monday's Senate floor session. He said the measure's highest hurdle is in the House, which last took up Sunday sales as a floor amendment in 2013. It was soundly defeated, 106-21. A similar floor amendment also failed in the Senate last session, 42-22


Dean Volenberg is a new viticulture and winery operations specialist for University of Missouri Extension


At issue is whether grocery and convenience stores should be allowed to sell full-strength beer and liquor. Proponents of changing the law may take the fight to voters, rather than state lawmakers, as several attempts at changing the law have failed at the Capitol


Temperatures dipped quite low in February across the Northeast and Midwest, marking the second year in a row grape growers in these regions have had to deal with potential vine injury and bud loss.


Before Hurricane Katrina, he was promoted to sous chef at NOLA. For three months after the levees failed, he worked for Lagasse in Orlando, Fla. But Mr. Laskay returned to New Orleans and NOLA when he could


The Pinot, Pigs & Poets Committee, in collaboration with the Nebraska Pork Producers Association, has announced the sixth Annual Pinot, Pigs & Poets to be held at Happy Hollow Club on June 4. All proceeds benefit the Completely KIDS weekend and after-school food programs.


A new feature length documentary film will explore the challenges, opportunities and struggles of building a new wine region in the heartland and producers are excited to launch a major fundraising campaign today, lasting through April and May.


The owner of a Jackson winery will go to county commissioners on Tuesday to ask them to let him continue operating out of a barn on his property in a residential subdivision.


The company expects to invest about $1 million building out the spaces for each of the stores, which will include about 8,000 wines, 3,000 spirits and 2,500 ...


A group of liquor store owners filed a class action lawsuit against the state of Montana, and a judicial order issued Wednesday partially sides with the plaintiffs.


In a hearing on a bill to allow grocery and big-box stores to sell full-strength alcoholic beverages, Sen. Rob Olson, R-Olathe, took issue with one of the bill's biggest supporters, Mike O'Neal, former speaker of the House and now president and CEO of the Kansas Chamber.


A proposal to prohibit the import of California wine has withered after an Arkansas lawmaker he won't continue to seek retribution over egg regulations.


Both sides are major donors to political campaigns and have actively lobbied the Legislature on the issue.


Senate committee takes up debate on Tuesday


On Thursday, the House approved House Bill 1934 by Rep. Dan Douglas, R-Bentonville, which would "prohibit wine from being imported into Arkansas if it is produced in a state that imposes standards on agricultural products that impose a substantial burden on Arkansas' agricultural industry."


House and Senate each waiting on other


The House voted 57-19 to advance to the Senate a bill that outlaws wine imports from any state that imposes a "substantial burden" on the Arkansas agriculture industry

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