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The 2013 "Arizona Vineyard Survey," whose results were released last month, states that "a majority of growers intend to expand operations in the next one to three years." By the end of 2016, an additional 350 acres are planned, and 235 of those are in the Willcox area.


For millions of Americans, a glass of wine is a perfect complement to a meal. If the drink is from a local winery, so much the better. But should U.S. taxpayers help fund the making and marketing of that locally produced product? Even if it's a chile-infused wine from southern New Mexico? That's one of the 100 targets in the "2014 Wastebook," the compilation produced each year by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., that takes aim at what Coburn says are examples of some $25 billion in "silly, unnecessary, and low priority projects" the federal government spent your money on.


....McLoughlin planned to affix this winning name to them and release the bottles to a public that would be eager to try the wine judged the state's best. But McLoughlin would not end up selling a single bottle of Death to a single wine drinker. Instead, he said, he would sell off the wine in bulk to the operators of a gift shop along a tourist-heavy street in Sedona, where it would be sold - relatively anonymously - under a different label. One that did not include McLoughlin's name.


... he couldn't pass up the opportunity to sell all the wine at once, rather than wait for it to sell at his tasting room


Through the new Baja Wine Club you can enjoy some Baja wine bliss through their monthly tasting events.


Ten years ago the idea of Texas becoming a major player in the wine industry would have garnered a few laughs, but since 2001 the Texas wine industry has grown from a mere 46 to more than 250 wineries, and a multi-billion dollar industry that ranks fifth in the nation in wine production. The wine industry also brings in more than $500 million in tourism to the state of Texas.


Texas wineries are at an inflexion point in the industry's history. They are quality-competitive with like-for-like varietals from other states, but that fact is not known outside the state. As a result, out-of-state sales are much lower than they could be. Obviously, a good product is not sufficient to sell nationally. Something else is needed. What lessons does Gruet's success have for Texas wineries in expanding their sales footprint outside the state?


We are in the middle of the official Texas Wine Month. Grapes have been harvested with fermentations perking away in various wineries throughout the state of Texas. Celebrations are going on in honor of Texas Wine Month. If you are looking for something to do relating to Texas wines, try these Texas-sized events:


Market Street » Program lets diners sample without committing to an entire bottle.


The Austin County Fair celebrates local Texas wines with a Saturday Wine competition with 10 wine judges (including yours truly) sampling non-commercial wines made by residents of Austin County.


Freshly pressed grapes are fermenting in the Texas Hill Country as harvest wraps up just in time for Texas Wine Month in October. Winemakers are filled with excitement of the unknown promise another vintage holds.


In honor of Texas Wine Month this October, Proguard is running a promotion for a limited time only. This promotion gives customers three months of storage rent-free when they pre-pay for three months, and is only available until the end of the month


City council lays groundwork for future businesses with zoning amendment.


Shake hands with and drink the wine of Arizona's own grape farmers and wine producers in the picturesque setting of Phoenix's historic The Farm at South Mountain this fall.


The owner of a popular Montrose cafe and wine bar has secured space around the corner to open a brewpub as well as a separate events venue.


will ... Partner with the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association, High Plains Winegrowers Association and Botanical Research Institute of Texas to increase the production of wine grapes, as well as increase the quality of Texas wine


In yet another sign that Houston is becoming one of the leading "wine destination" cities in the United States, California winemaker and festival co-founder Jasmine Hirsch (above) revealed yesterday that the controversial "In Pursuit of Balance" tasting will be held in Houston on March 30, 2015. It's the first that the event has been held outside of San Francisco or New York.


Not only may a wine have 0% Texas grapes to qualify as 'Texas Made' for the state fair wine garden, it does not even have to be made in Texas. Someone could buy finished wine on the California bulk market and ship it here in a tanker truck. Then, bottle and label it in Texas


With some of the state's last fruit remaining on the vine, the remnants of Hurricane Odile swept into Texas recently, bringing intense rainfall and flooding in many areas.


Producers of Texas grapes and wines, many of them new farming families, are taking advantage of an expanding market for Texas wine products.

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