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Constellation Brands, Inc. announced today that it has finalized the joint venture with Owens-Illinois and has completed the acquisition of Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV's state-of-the-art glass production plant, which is located adjacent to Constellation's brewery in Nava, Coahuila, Mexico. Constellation has also purchased from ABI a high-density warehouse, land and rail infrastructure at the same site.


For the past year, the Nobelity Project, which Pipkin started about 10 years ago, has been bringing water to schools in the African country, whether it's via rainwater collection, pipelines or wells, Pipkin said.


Three craft breweries are involved in a constitutional challenge in Texas over a recently-passed law that prohibits alcohol producers from selling distribution rights.


Three craft breweries are involved in a constitutional challenge in Texas over a recently-passed law that prohibits alcohol producers from selling distribution rights.


The sales pitch for permitting alcohol sales in the rest of Mauriceville was the same as in other jurisidictions that have gone from dry to wet in recent years: competition, economic development and the promise of new businesses, particularly chain restaurants.


Teitelbaum was a major figure in the hospitality industry, serving as a writer, educator and consultant to restaurants and airlines, including American Airlines, where she selected wines for in-flight consumption


Dallas has lost one of the most important forces in the food and hospitality business. Diane Teitelbaum, mostly known for her work as a wine consultant, wine educator, appraiser, and writer, has passed away. She was 68


The solar system will provide up to 85 percent of the winery's annual power needs and pay for itself in about eight years.


When the grape leaves started to shrivel, Bending Branch Winery recognized the problem: Herbicides had drifted into the vineyards from a neighboring farm


The biodynamically farmed wines of Hawk and Horse Vineyards are now represented in four new markets: in Texas by New Vintage Wines; in Florida by Wines By Sophie; in Maine by Tannery Street Wine Company; in Colorado by European Wines & Spirits.


The report presented to Utah's liquor control board Tuesday morning shows that from mid-2012 to early 2014, only 13 of 44 stores met a goal of selling and restocking all inventory every month.


Though he is known more widely for his music career with Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, Keenan has dedicated his attention these last ten-plus years to helping grow the health of the Arizona wine industry.


Business owners say Utah's restrictive liquor laws are hurting business and are turning off tourists


A majority of Utahns favor removing the barrier known as the "Zion Curtain" that shields restaurant patrons from liquor bottles and the pouring of alcoholic drinks, according to a new poll.


The owners of Firelight Vineyards have created a Kickstarter campaign with the goal to raise $60,000 by November 22nd. With these funds, the business owners plan to renovate a quaint building in the historic town square of Valley View, Texas, and open a production winery and tasting room


Jim Hogan wants to be your Texas agriculture commissioner, but he is not going to work for it


The 2013 "Arizona Vineyard Survey," whose results were released last month, states that "a majority of growers intend to expand operations in the next one to three years." By the end of 2016, an additional 350 acres are planned, and 235 of those are in the Willcox area.


For millions of Americans, a glass of wine is a perfect complement to a meal. If the drink is from a local winery, so much the better. But should U.S. taxpayers help fund the making and marketing of that locally produced product? Even if it's a chile-infused wine from southern New Mexico? That's one of the 100 targets in the "2014 Wastebook," the compilation produced each year by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., that takes aim at what Coburn says are examples of some $25 billion in "silly, unnecessary, and low priority projects" the federal government spent your money on.


....McLoughlin planned to affix this winning name to them and release the bottles to a public that would be eager to try the wine judged the state's best. But McLoughlin would not end up selling a single bottle of Death to a single wine drinker. Instead, he said, he would sell off the wine in bulk to the operators of a gift shop along a tourist-heavy street in Sedona, where it would be sold - relatively anonymously - under a different label. One that did not include McLoughlin's name.


... he couldn't pass up the opportunity to sell all the wine at once, rather than wait for it to sell at his tasting room

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