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Add the state's growing wine industry to the list of agricultural collateral damage from record rains that washed away Memorial Day weekend


Flooding follows torrential rains on Memorial Day; Texas legislature passes wine and viticulture research funding


Critical choices face wineries in trendy, but parched, Valle de Guadalupe


A bill that would repeal a state law prohibiting wineries in Clark and Washoe counties from importing wine from other states or serving alcoholic beverages on premises has been signed by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval.


The Bingham family has evolved into one of Texas' iconic grape growers. This family has deep roots in farming on the Texas High Plains. The Binghams originally were involved in cotton and peanut farming, being one of the few organic farmers on the Texas High Plains.


The wine superstore carries "thousands of labels" of wine, said Karrie Shehan, a wine supervisor at Total Wine in Sunset Valley. - See more at:


Sommelier-Selected Medal Winners Featured on Website and at TEXSOM Conference


"How people have moved here from all over the country, it's really allowed the restaurants and the farms and the food community to grow," Shawn Cirkiel with Olive & June said. "People are more educated, they're willing to try new things and it's become a really exciting time to be a part of Austin."


The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC), grappling with a $500,000 cut, will continue to use attrition as a way to balance its budget, a move that frustrates many employees of the highly profitable agency and has one lawmaker seeking a legislative remedy


after a trip to the US in January, it was clear the Lone Star State offered the ideal market for the re-emergence of SA premium wines


The bill would repeal a state law prohibiting wineries in Clark and Washoe counties from importing wine from other states or serving alcoholic beverages on their premises


The site aims to be not just an online wine sales platform, but also an all-inclusive online community "connecting wineries, vineyards, restaurateurs, collectors, and enthusiasts." Right now, the site lets users search through a database of thousands of wineries in more than a half dozen countries, but in the future Kasperski and Motamedi hope to list hundreds of thousands of wineries all over the world.


West thought it curious that an employee put up a sign in their checkout lane that read "No alcohol products in this lane"


Proposed House Bill 409 would require all Texas bars and restaurants deriving more than 50% of their revenue from alcohol sales to carry liquor liability insurance, according to Food & Beverage Insurance Agency.


New regulation may open opportunities


"You know what I do more than anything else? I just spread the word about the grape"


They're suing the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, saying that they're violating the 14th amendment by imposing "arbitrary and irrational discrimination."


At least four wineries in the Elgin area anticipate significant losses thanks to freezing temperatures last month, according to their owners.


Total Wine & More will open a store in Sunset Valley May 21 at 5601 Brodie Lane and a second location later this summer at the former Toys R Us location in Lakeline Mall Plaza south of Cedar Park at 11066 Pecan Park Blvd., Ste. 117.


unless a winery uses 25% Nevada grapes, it cannot produce more than 1,000 cases of wine a year ...

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