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Single vineyard designated wines are quite common in the world of zinfandel, and a lot of zinfandel comes from the Lodi region of California


Lodi's wine industry has offered help to Napa wineries damaged in Sunday's earthquake. That disaster help could also be a business opportunity for Lodi.


Don Parker, the founder of Lodi Vines says he has plenty of room to give to his fellow vitners in need


Later this month, look for more of my other writings about this fascinating region, including a focus on the exciting Native Lodi program. In the meantime, for more information about the Lodi AVA, Zinfandel, and other festive regional events happening throughout the state, visit, and .


Oak Farm Vineyards (Lodi, CA) has brought online its newly completed, 7,000 case/year production winery, just in time for the 2014 harvest.


Five artisan winemakers from Lodi are featured in the July issue of Wine Enthusiast magazine.


The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT®) is pleased to announce that LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards of Lodi, California has won the platinum medal in BRIT's 2014 International Award of Excellence in Sustainable Winegrowing competition. LangeTwins topped the field this year based on the winery's on-going programs that address the three elements of sustainability-environment, economic, and social-as well as wine taste.


The Lodi District Grape Growers Association will hold a local water seminar at 10 a.m. Aug. 7 at Oak Ridge Winery, located at 6100 E. Highway 12.


Have you ever tasted a glass of Lodi Zinfandel and wondered if you could make your own? It's quite possible with the help of organizations such as the Lodi Amateur Vintners Association


The amendment, released this week, also sets a public meeting to hear comments in an ongoing effort to change the county's ordinance


Aerial spraying of pesticides may have drifted onto Lodi vines; extent of loss is yet to be determined


Lodi Vintners will open the room in a little cottage at 3750 E. Woodbridge Road, the former home of Cycles Gladiator Wines, which closed down two months ago.


The 128-year-old vineyard owned by Jessie's Grove is the oldest in the Lodi area


" ... it is likely that residue levels will degrade substantially to levels below established glyphosate residue tolerances and below detectable levels for imazapyr."


It's possible that some Lodi and other San Joaquin County grapes may be rejected this year if they show residue of the broad-range herbicides Roundup Custom and Polaris SP


Craig Ledbetter expects production this year to be 5 percent to 10 percent below average. However, compared to the previous two years, his 2014 crop could be as much as 35 percent smaller


Like a 25-year-old zombie, the Delta Wetlands Project has lumbered out of the shadows again to threaten Delta farmland by flooding two islands for water storage, turning two others into habitat and eliminating 14,824 acres of productive farmland in the process.


The farmers and business executives were hosted in Lodi and Galt by the Northern California World Trade Center and Gayaldo International. Discussion centered on how regional producers can be drivers of innovation, global partnerships and economic growth.


Who'd have thunk? That a planting by a retired Lodi schoolteacher and longtime home winemaker would become the largest, most serious collection (over 40 cultivars!) of German and Austrian grapes in the U.S.


"We want to find out the full extent and reach of what happened."

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