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while the previous generation can call on more extensive knowledge of the category, this new group, dubbed Generation Treaters by the report's authors, don't have the same level of understanding and tend to use third party validation ...


"Grocery stores are just starting wine sales in British Columbia," Kim Pullen, president of Church and State Winery, said Tuesday. "If the model expands, small B.C. wineries will be in trouble."


Recently, a small group of BC wineries spoke out against recent changes to new provincial laws that open up new sales channels to 100%-BC grown and produced wines.


City planner Ryan Smith says as part of their sales license, those stores will only be able to stock wine. That means other types of liquor like beer and spirits will not be available.


The coalition -- the B.C. Alliance for Smart Liquor Retail Choices -- feels that the sale of B.C. wines in grocery stores will eventually force small to medium sized B.C. wineries out of business.


A senior Conservative source says the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has provisions that protect the definition of ice wine. Only products that use the traditional production method of harvesting frozen grapes off the vine would be able to call themselves ice wine.


Retrospective tasting prompts leaders to reflect on progress, wine aging ability


The B.C. government allowed sale of wine on store shelves in April, but just two stores are selling so far


It will take years for the glacial liberalization of beer to reach a critical mass - and it's already behind schedule


The hot temperatures and lack of rain over the summer resulted in a record break start to the grape harvest in the Okanagan and throughout British Columbia.


Unfortunately, the government's sales quota means that any grocer selling higher volumes of six-packs (no singles available) will only be able to sell up to a maximum quota or run the risk of additional charges


The directory is a joint initiative between the Canadian Vintners Association (CVA) and BlackSquare Inc., who identified the need for a comprehensive Canadian wine industry resource. With more than 3 million visitors to Canadian wineries annually, and a national annual industry economic impact valued at more than $6.8 billion for grape wine alone, will further support industry growth and enhance public awareness of Canadian wine.


Wineries in Ontario seek to better understand water use to get more efficient


What is it going to take for us to learn to stop and smell the Rosés… or even notice what amazing red wines are being made here in British Columbia?


Canada is a beautiful and burgeoning wine-producing region, so it's no surprise that #WineLover Community has named their first Canadian ambassador. Meet Leeann Froese, who hails from British Columbia, one of Canada's most established wine regions.


With one of the warmest, driest and longest growing seasons on record in the Okanagan, excitement is starting to build around the 35th Fall Wine Festival.


British Columbia's wine producers are making wine that's good enough to attract international luminaries like Steven Spurrier, but many still face an uphill battle in translating praise from wine critics into export sales.


"As president of SAQ's technical and professional staff union, I sincerely believe that it is my duty to inform the public of a reality that is different from the one described by some supporters of privatization"


As recently as 15 years ago, the B.C. wine industry was languishing with fewer than 60 wineries. Today, it is thriving with more than 300.


With 2015 on pace to break last year's record for the planet's hottest year, the snowy Great White North has learned it's not immune to global warming.

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