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The auction house's Hong Kong sales reached US$28.8 million, up 13 per cent year on year and representing 44 per cent of its global sales of US$65.3 million. London ranked second while New York, where takings rose 23 per cent, ranked third.


The School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has been working in close collaboration with the international wine industry to develop a distinctive programme, The Master of Science (MSc) in International Wine Management, to groom the next generation of global industry leaders.


Australian government data shows total wine exports to China rose 8 percent last year to 40 million litres, valued at A$224 million ($183.34 million). That's a significant turnaround from 2013 when wine exports plunged 16 percent.


Good Drop Wine Cellars is the only winery in India specialising in fizzy wines. The company aims to broadbase wine consumption in the country and has priced its range of wines affordably in the domestic market, pitching it against beer


The great Lebanese winemaker Serge Hochar, who died recently, produced wonderful wine right through his country's civil war. Here's a tribute to his courage and good taste


As someone who has been working in the Chinese wine industry for quite some time, it is not uncommon to meet winery owner/export manager/brand manager who are desperately talking about trying to enter Chinese market and get on track with this fast growing industry. But like the old saying, it is always easier saying(in this case, planning) than doing. Chinese market is more sophisticated than other market in many ways, and spending days reading marketing research material simply won't cut it. I would like a share some Chinese insight into entering the Chinese market which many wineries might neglect one thing or two.


A woman sniffs a glass of wine during a tasting event in Beijing. Reuters


Chinese buying is underpinning a nascent recovery in Bordeaux wine-estate prices, boosting demand for mid-level vineyards while top properties have rebounded to levels last seen in 2000, according to broker Michael Baynes.


Chinese businessman William Wu has bought control of Swartland Winery for an undisclosed fee, marking rising interest from China in South African wine.


With more younger consumers rejecting the alcoholic drink of their ancestors, sake sales have steadily tanked in Japan, another victim of globalization. Forty years ago, Japan had 4,000 sake breweries, but only 1,500 remain.


The Cal-China Wine Cultural Exchange (CCWCE), a new, nonprofit organization based in Napa, is to begin making a smooth exchange of information on tourism, trade and technical wine-related issues easier.


Dozens of Indian wineries weighed down by debt plan to ask for £20m of government money to help them survive.


Indians who like alcohol usually choose whiskey as their drink. But, slowly, wine is growing more popular in the country. India's first vineyard, a farm where grapes used to make wine are grown, is named Sula. It began operations 15 years ago.


The Global and Chinese Sparkling Wine Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global sparkling wine industry with a focus on the Chinese situation.


A next-day service delivering top wine brands across China and beyond could be a reality within a year.


A pioneering generation of sommeliers is trying to build the profession in the growing Chinese wine market


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has taken to necking copious bottles of snake wine in a bid to get his wife pregnant.


Soon after China and Australia sign their free trade agreement, Australian wine, which will get preferential treatment and potentially even zero tariffs from China, will likely see explosive growth and may even replace France as the top exporter of wine importer to China, the Shanghai-based China Business News reports, citing Cong Riguang, general manager of the Shenzhen Wine Association.


ProWein's 2014 China trade fair, the world's leading international trade fair for wine and spirits in Shanghai, welcomed a record number of visitors to its three-day event last week.


Agreement also opens China's services sector to Australian businesses, but fails to reduce tariffs on other agricultural commodities including rice, wheat, cotton, sugar and oilseeds

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