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  Daily News for Wednesday, November 27th
What happens when you cross Thanksgiving with Hanukkah?

The coincidence this year of Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah is very unusual - it last happened in 1888. But in a way it's fitting, as American Jews have been embracing Thanksgiving for more than two centuries.

County exempts small farmers from some Paso Robles groundwater rules
Supervisors voted unanimously to exempt farms smaller than 20 acres from some of the rules that require evidence of contracts to do work on the farm in preparation for planting.
Online Health Law Sign-Up Is Delayed for Small Business
"We plan to offer online enrollment capability by November 2014, for coverage that takes effect in January 2015."
Two lawsuits challenge Paso Roble water ordinance
Two lawsuits seeking to have the Paso Robles water moratorium ordinance overturned were filed against San Luis Obispo County on Monday.
Sebastopol citizen group sues county, Paul Hobbs
Watertrough Children's Alliance alleges in court papers filed Monday that Agricultural Commissioner Tony Linegar erred in issuing a permit June 5 when the project should have undergone a full California Environmental Quality Act review.
Paul Hobbs Winery Says it's Defense of Watertrough Vineyard Process Important to Protecting Sonoma County Vineyard Regulations (Press Release)
"In order to start work on the Watertrough property we worked closely with the County to meet all the legal requirements to receive a permit, which is granted by a ministerial act of the County," said Christopher O'Gorman, a spokesman for the winery. "We complied with the requirements and therefore the County acted entirely properly in granting us our permit."
Treasury Wine Estates Ltd : TWE to simplify operating model and management structure (Press Release)
In the past, TWE's executive team included the leaders of five Brand Business Units and four Regional Business Units; under our new structure these nine roles will be condensed to three, with one Chief Marketing Officer and two Regional Chief Commercial Officers".
Napa: New investors propose a 2014 BottleRock
BottleRock's new backers warned that unless a deal can be struck to continue the festival in 2014, BR Festivals would have no choice but to file for bankruptcy, with creditors receiving little or no return on what they are owed.
Microbes May Add Special Something to Wines
Now American researchers may have penetrated the veil that hides the landscape of terroir from clear view, at least in part. They have seized on a plausible aspect of terroir that can be scientifically measured - the fungi and bacteria that grow on the surface of the wine grape.
Connecticut Wine Businesses Toast Rise In Popularity
Connecticut has experienced a rise in interest in state wineries and home wine making. "It's the fastest growing sector of agriculture in the state," said Jaime Smith for the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. "In 2006, we had less than 20 wineries and now we have 34."
Natural wines gain popularity, despite their funky flavors
"There's been this explosion of inerest in our wines from people who are tired of homogenized wine styles that erase individuality," says Jenny Lefcourt, the co-owner of Jenny & Fran├žois, a TriBeCa-based natural wine importer. She says her sales have doubled since 2008.
How the Coravin is Changing the New York Wine Scene
The Coravin has found increasing use at the wholesale level, and wine salespeople now frequently stop by restaurants with Coravin'd wine samples to show.
Woodinville near Seattle publishes new wine guide for its 100 tasting rooms
Woodinville Wine Country has published a new visitor tasting guide, in addition to an updated touring map, to help wine tourists navigate the area's 100 wineries and tasting rooms.
Vineyards that are putting Virginia on the fine-wine map
The three have little in common, except that they all learned the trade from Jim Law at Linden Vineyards. In just a few years, they have employed technological advances to make world-class wines, at times exceeding the quality of their mentor's.
Proposal would allow beer and wine to be sold outside Wrigley
The Chicago Cubs would be able to sell beer and wine in their new plaza outside Wrigley Field under a proposal introduced today by Wrigleyville Ald. Tom Tunney, 14th.
Instant Collection of Opus One Sold For $165,000
Initially on sale for five days only, there were no bites for the $165,000 collection and the offer was extended for another five days. The team at Sotheby's New York store also threw in an extra incentive: a private tour of Opus One followed by a dinner for six.
Beer, wine, liquor are seasonal hits in North Iowa
While Iowa sales hit a record high of $256 million in the last fiscal year, area liquor stores have experienced an uptick as well.
NZ's quest for low calorie wine
A new research programme aims to make New Zealand the world's leading producer of high-quality, lower calorie and lower alcohol 'lifestyle' wines.
Why China May Solve-Not Cause-The Global Wine Shortage
A new report by France's National Center for Scientific Research finds that China is going to be producing a lot more of its own wine in the years to come-in fact, double the amount it's producing now, in only five years.
During Prohibition bottom falls out of the Napa Valley grape market
Section 29 of the Volstead Act allowed 200 gallons (the equivalent of about a thousand 750 ml bottles) of "non-intoxicating cider and fruit juice" to be made each year at home. Initially "intoxicating" was defined as anything more than 0.5 percent, but the Bureau of Internal Revenue soon struck that down and this effectively legalized home wine-making.
Dominic Symington named new director of Primum Familiae Vini
Symington, director of Symington Family Estates, which counts Graham's, Cockburn's, Dow and the Madeira Wine Company among its brands, takes over from Julien de Beaumarchais de Rothschild.
Chateau La Lagune takes over neighbouring estate
Caroline Frey, owner of 1855 third growth Chateau La Lagune, has taken over the vines of neighbouring estate Chateau d'Arche.
Conflicts derail merger of law firms Pillsbury, Orrick
Had the merger been completed, the combined law firm would have been one of the 10 largest in the United States.
Grape growers say they can avoid a new glut
This planting boom is different because growers now have several options, particularly the nut crops: almonds, walnuts and pistachios.
'Single fault' in one gene can lead to alcohol addiction in laboratory mice
Scientists believe that similar variations in the same gene in people could significantly increase the risk of someone becoming an alcoholic.
Gallo looks to grow UK spirits business with launch of New Amsterdam Vodka
Californian wine producer, E&J Gallo, is strengthening its UK spirits portfolio with the launch of New Amsterdam Vodka that has enjoyed considerable success in the US since its launch in 2011.
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