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  Daily News for Wednesday, July 17th
Feds continue search for indicted Napa wine exec
Chris Edwards Accused of Stealing $900,000 from the Wine Tasting Network
French wine in cans
Friends Beverage Group, LLC is innovating the wine industry with a new beverage category imported from the south of France - the Friends Fun Wine In A Can Collection. Friends "Fun Wines" are low-alcohol (6 percent ABV) Sangria and Moscato wines made from premium French grapes.
Inglewood Estate and winery sold for about $20 million
The son of Costco co-founder and former CEO James Sinegal has purchased the historic Inglewood Estate, accompanying vineyard and winery in St. Helena for somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million.
Press Release: Winery Exchange and JT Wines Enter into Agreement for FLASQ Wines Sales and Distribution
Winery Exchange and JT Wines announced today an exclusive, multi-year agreement for select regional and national account sales and distribution of FLASQ Wines. Targeted for millennials and wine enthusiasts with active lifestyles, FLASQ boasts quality California wines packaged in quick-chilling, shatterproof and 100 percent recyclable aluminum half-bottles (375ml).
Australian winemaker destroying $35 million worth of wine in U.S.
Treasury Wine Estates, the maker of Beringer wines, is dumping up to $35 million worth of wine that's past its prime.
Treasury Wine Estates under pressure after A$160 million write off
Treasury Wine Estates has come under pressure to justify its continued presence in the Americas after announcing it will be forced to spend tens of millions of dollars to destroy excess wine in the US.
Wine mystery doesn't hold water
The real mystery is not how they came to be there or even why $35 million (yes, that's $35 million) of wine will be flushed down the toilet or buried in landfill, it's why we only heard about it this week. How do you misplace that much wine without management knowing? Surely the chief bean counter should know, but he was quietly replaced last month with no explanation.
Press Release: Australian wine exports continue to grow at higher price points (PDF)
Australian bottled wine exports grew across higher price points during the last financial year, along with the average value of bottled and bulk wine exports, according to the latest Wine Export Approvals Report June 2013, released by Wine Australia today.
Making wines for a new climate
Genetic research helping to crossbreed new grape varieties could help Australian winemakers get a scientific edge on their competitors.
Silicon Valley event makes its debut
Today, there are 22 wineries in the Santa Clara Valley AVA, and they all came together for the first time to create a consumer event to showcase their vineyard bounty.
Winemaker Katy Caryl Lovell Passes Away
Beautiful, benevolent, gracious and gifted, our dearly beloved Katy Lovell, winemaker at Poetic Cellars in Soquel, CA, and mother of three, left us all too soon on July 10, 2013. She waged a brave battle against pancreatic cancer, following a two-year struggle with Lyme disease. To the end, she embraced life with a passion and positive attitude that inspired everyone she touched.
Dunne on wine: Chatom Vineyards owner ready to sell
With mixed feelings, Gay Callan is bracing herself to step away from the wine business. After three decades as an ebullient presence on the Calaveras County wine scene, she has her ranch and her winery, Chatom Vineyards, on the market, and she is more or less ready to move on.
Japan: Yamanashi wines seek regional cachet
Hopes are growing that select wine made in Yamanashi Prefecture will earn wider global recognition after a National Tax Agency decision Tuesday designated "Yamanashi" as a geographical indication for wine.
Obesity Beats Wine Consumption For Risk To Liver Health
According to a research at the Linkoping University, Sweden, obesity is worse that moderate wine-drinking for your liver. The researchers noted that in addition to the condition of being severely overweight, insulin resistance is more harmful to one's liver than an occasional drink.
Norwegian Wine Monopoly Sets Eye on Alcohol Sales at Airports
Alcoholic beverage sales in the Wine Monopoly (Vinmonopolet) stores falls, while there is an increase in duty free shops. So, the Wine Monopoly (Vinmonopolet) wants to take over alcohol sales at airports.
Bogus branding leads to wine kit seizure
Police have stopped the sale of fake 'Made in Italy' wine kits in the UK, as part of an operation involving Interpol, Italy's interior ministry and the country's food police.
Franschhoek embraces bulk wine, embarrassingly
hings just get better and better for Franschhoek in its bid to establish itself as the St. Emilion of SA wine. Not. First the wine writing fiasco then Wine Spectator declares Stellenbosch the culinary capital of the winelands and now IBETA Bulk Trading Floor™ announces a bulk wine trading exchange to be based at Allée Bleue's Le Grand Hall. IBETA, easily confused with WIETA.
Sussex is just vine: County could become wine-producing capital of UK
Corks are popping after experts revealed sunsoaked Sussex could become the wine-producing capital of the UK. In a study, scientists at Plumpton College pinpointed the county's coast as a prime hotspot for new vineyards.
Diageo appoints new corporate relations director
Diageo has announced that Ian Wright, corporate relations director since 2004, is to leave the company. Wright is to be succeeded by Charlotte Lambkin, currently group communications director of BAE Systems.
Brock names new senior wine scientist
Belinda Kemp has been named the new senior scientist in oenology at Brock University's Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI).
Don't be afraid to chill your red wines
The upshot is Canadians tend to serve our red wines too warm and our whites too cold. Of course, as in all things related to wine appreciation, it's a matter of taste.
Judge wine on character, not grape name or category
You know how when there's something you know something about, and you talk with someone who's interested in that something but has her or his facts a bit screwy, but thinks she or he knows quite a bit, and you want to correct the misinformation but don't want to come off like a jerk, so you're caught between fake-smiling and letting it go, or bringing the knowledge hammer down, and in the aftermath you resent yourself for either the fake abiding or the heavy-handed pedantry?
Wine, beer and liquor companies warn water shortage could threaten growing industry
Everyone jokes that there's a Starbucks on every corner in Seattle, but pretty soon there will be a brewery, winery or distillery next door to every coffee shop, offering boozy libations to offset all that caffeine.
Chris Howell & Cain Vineyards: Making Wines That Matter
Chris Howell, the talented General Manager and Winemaker of Cain Vineyards in Spring Mountain, shares his views on wine, grape growing, winemaking, Napa Valley, Spring Mountain and a two part interview. Here is Part I.
Dear premiers, it's time to let Ontarians order B.C. wine
On June 28, supporters of the grassroots FreeMyGrapes campaign from across Canada had planned to open commemorative bottles of Canadian wine to mark the one-year anniversary of Bill C-311. This federal legislation had rectified an 84-four year old, prohibition-era law that made it a criminal offence for Canadians to carry or ship wine across provincial borders.
NZ: Allan Scott secures China deal
New Zealand Winegrowers sees China as a key growth market, and Marlborough wine companies believe the Chinese wine-drinking culture is still evolving.
Australia: Tamar wine region digital museum recognised
YEARS of finding, photographing and uploading the history of vineyards in the Tamar Valley has resulted in reward for Humbug Reach owner Sally McShane.
Coca Cola-Flavored Wine Attempts to Win Over Younger Drinkers
Hausmann Famille, a branch of the French winemaker Châteaux en Bordeaux is trying to claw back some of wine's former popularity in France by introducing cola-flavoured wine to interest younger generations.
Australian winemakers tap into China's thirst for wine
China's thirst for Western wine is proving a boon for international vignerons.
Consumers: WineTech gets a boost as Balderton invests $10M in the Danish "Yelp for Wine" app Vivino
Balderton announced today a $10.3M Investment in Vivino, a Danish startup that launched the now #1 wine app on iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The app, which allows users to leave reviews of wines by scanning the wine bottle, now counts over 2 Million scans per month, up from 80,000 scans when they launched in April 2012.
Press Release: Social Wine App Website Launched
DrinkChick, Incorporated has launched - the website for the social wine application Crushed. Crushed is a social wine application that makes wine fun and is one of the first social wine apps created that will allow users to know what wines your friends are drinking.
Bottoms up! Vivino uncorks $10.3m in follow-on funding to grow its wine-scanner app globally
Just seven months after wine-centric startup Vivino nabbed a $1m Series A round, the Danish company has announced a follow-on round of funding that sees it garner another $10.3m for its coffers.
Real Estate: The Flood Gates are Opening
Everything looks like it is all turning for the better. Three years ago, everything looked dead. Now, as the sun has come out, the buds are breaking, and we are starting to feel the sun's warmth on our skin, we are seeing buyers coming out in droves.
Weird science makes for a pleasing pong
Tapping the glass on the table I observe: "This smells and tastes like I remember when I tasted it from barrel." I am with De Bortoli Yarra Valley winemaker Sarah Fagan. "It may be the finest white I've ever tasted from your cellar," I add - high praise, as I'm known for being something of a critical git.
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