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  Daily News for Tuesday, July 16th
U.S. table wine fuels wine industry's growth
Domestic table wines were a major driver of the wine market in 2012 despite a weak overall economy, says a new report from Technomic Inc., a Chicago, Ill.-based food industry information company.
How NASA Hopes to Better Monitor and Control Our Water Supply in the West
One brisk morning this April, Thomas Painter, a snow and water scientist for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, stood on the tarmac at Mammoth Yosemite Airport, in California's Sierra Nevada, watching as a Twin Otter taxied down the runway.
Winemaker Katy Caryl Lovell Passes Away
Beautiful, benevolent, gracious and gifted, our dearly beloved Katy Lovell, winemaker at Poetic Cellars in Soquel, CA, and mother of three, left us all too soon on July 10, 2013. She waged a brave battle against pancreatic cancer, following a two-year struggle with Lyme disease. To the end, she embraced life with a passion and positive attitude that inspired everyone she touched.
Treasury Wine's Future Red Or White
TWE writes down US inventory - management still operating on blind faith - value lies only in corporate action
Treasury to destroy large amounts of 'old and aged' wine in US
Penfolds, Beringer and Lindemans owner Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is planning to destroy large amounts of wine in the US after shipments fell by up to 2m cases.
$32 million of wine is going down the drain because the US doesn't have a taste for it
One of the world's biggest wine companies can't seem to get US demand right, and it's costing them millions of dollars and thousands of gallons of wine.
TWE boss David Dearie has a serious challenge in fixing US problems
If Treasury Wine Estates boss David Dearie had a charmed run in the notoriously tough wine market, it has now ended with the sharemarket turning positively hostile against him.
Pour Results: $145 Million of Wine, Down the Drain
One of the world's biggest vintners has a roaring hangover from poor U.S. sales, leading it to destroy thousands of gallons of wine past its prime.
What would you do with Treasury's $35m worth of unwanted wine?
A wine company is about to tip hundreds of thousands of litres of plonk down the plughole. What should they do with it instead?
Terlato and Colavita introduce new global wine brand
Lake Bluff, IL.-based Terlato Wines, a producer and marketer of wines, and Colavita, a producer of extra virgin olive oil, are jointly launching a collection of premium Italian wines under the Colavita brand that will be distributed globally.
Q&A With Bob Wilmers of American Friends of the Center for Wine and Civilizations
He organized the nonprofit American Friends of the Center for Wine and Civilizations for those wishing to provide financial assistance for the development the Center for Wine and Civilization/Cité des Civilisations du Vins center.
Reclaiming the Earthy Grapes of St.-Joseph
If wine can be said to have a soul, you can feel it here in the heart of St.-Joseph. For centuries, farmers grew grapes on the impossibly steep granite hillsides of this appellation, just west of the Rhône. The vines were planted on terraces that clung precariously to the incline, supported by ancient stone walls.
Why the world doesn't want Australia's cheaper wine anymore
AUSTRALIA makes a lot of wine. A lot of it's cheap. A bit of it probably might be called nasty by fancy expert tasters, but overall Australia has established an international reputation as a reliable producer of reasonably good quality, great-value drinking.
People News Recap from 7/9 - 7/15
Wine industry people on the move from July 9 to July 15
Sonoma's Ledson Hotel Celebrates 10 Years (Press Release)
Fifth generation winemaker, master craftsman and philanthropist Steve Ledson is thrilled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the esteemed and critically acclaimed Ledson Hotel, located on Sonoma's historic downtown plaza.
Wine Notes: Oregon wineries need to retain local authenticity
For five decades, Oregon's wineries were mom-and-pop operations. Even the state's largest producers were small family companies.
Chateau Angelus suggests price rise gamble paid off
Putting your prices up when all around you are dropping theirs is usually a sure fire way to lose out in a competitive market, but one vineyard has stood by its strategy and it's paid off.
PR: Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference: Wine delegates sniff out secrets from coffee
In sessions today, wine delegates will hear from experts from Australia, the UK, France, The Netherlands and New Zealand as they present information to help the industry protect its natural assets, extract value from the vineyard and winery and grow grapes in challenging climates.
Truett-Hurst wine company grows rapidly
Since its inception six years ago, Truett-Hurst, LLC, has established itself as a fast-growing wine company focusing on the $7 to $14 per bottle (superpremium) and over-$14 (ultrapremium) per bottle categories.
Australia: Experts at Wine Industry Technical Conference sheds new light on tastes
Having a drink with friends makes a wine taste better than if you're on your own. Sounds logical, but now scientific experiments have shown different psychological states result in a range of physiological changes.
Top Wines in the Asian Media
Singaporean blogger "Wine Xin" picked out this wine as part of a tasting that highlighted the breadth of styles and grape varieties on offer from the Australian state of Victoria.
UK: Harrods opens revamped wine department with eye-popping prices
Bottles on sale include Louis Roederer Cristal champagne for £18,000 and £987,500 collection of whiskies
SSB - Statistics Norway : More wine, less beer and spirits
The registered turnover of wine was nearly 75 million litres in 2012; an increase of almost 800 thousand litres, or 1.1 per cent from 2011. Alcopops also shows a growth, while sales of beer and spirits went down.
Wine: Olive oil's McEvoy Ranch dips into pinot
Wine and olive oil have a symbiotic relationship, and in places like Italy, where no table is complete without a jug of each, most wine estates have at least a smattering of olive trees. Typically, vines are planted at the base of the trees to provide support. In turn, the trees protect the grapes from excessive wind and sun.
Jim Clendenen to be honored
Jim Clendenen will be honored on Friday, July 19, as part of the annual Chardonnay Symposium, the only event in the U.S. focused solely on that golden grape.
PR: Concannon Vineyard Hosts Eleventh Annual Petite Sirah Symposium
S I Love You is honored to have Concannon Vineyard continuing its support for the annual Petite Sirah Symposium. Concannon, home of America's First Petite Sirah®, is a natural location for the continuing growth of this historic variety.
[San Joaquin] Commissioners to consider winery marketing
County planning commissioners Thursday are expected to take up the controversial topic of temporarily halting the addition of new, so-called "marketing events" at wineries in rural San Joaquin County.
Wine consumption rises in 2012
Despite a slow-to-rebound economy and constraints in supply, American wine consumption increased in 2012, according to data just released by Technomic, a research and consulting firm for the food industry, the Chicago Business Journal reports.
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