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  Daily News for Thursday, November 15th
WSU Research Gives Brett a Chill
Combination of temperature and sulfur dioxide shuts down unwanted yeast in wine.
Vintners announce new wave of grants from wine auction
Vintners will give $1.1 million to 11 local organizations that help at-risk families become self-sufficient and provide safe environments.
US retail sales hit by Hurricane Sandy
US retail sales posted their first drop since June as the effects of Hurricane Sandy were on display, while wholesale prices retreated in October for the first time in five months as energy and vehicle costs declined.
Peter Mondavi Sr. Celebrates His 98 Years in Charles Krug Ceremony
Peter Mondavi Sr., turned 98 years old last Thursday, Nov. 8, and celebrated with birthday cake and bubbly, and a rousing happy birthday song, at the St. Helena winery he and his brother Robert Mondavi purchased in 1943.
Link between global warming and drought questioned
The world has been suffering more droughts in recent decades, and climate change will bring many more, according to received wisdom. Now it is being challenged by an analysis that questions a key index on which it is based.
Cheers! How drones are helping the wine industry
hi-tech photography is set to play an even greater role in viticulture
Brennon Leighton of Charles Smith Wines on God's Perfect Food, Shy Wines, and Washington's New School of Chardonnay
"How can we make the best Chardonnay that Washington can produce? What does that look like to us and how do make it happen?"
Gracianna Winery gets listed on Amazon wine marketplace
The winery is offering its selection of wines including 2011 Zinfandel, 2011 Pinot Noir, 2011 Chardonnay, 2010 Zinfandel, 2010 Pinot Noir and others.
US Court verdicts against Diageo
US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has asked Diageo Chateau and Estates to stop the sales and marketing of Stark Raving wines in Sonoma County, California.
2012 Vintage Report: California
Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Not in California, where most winemakers report an easy growing season with plenty of high-quality grapes
UK pub and restaurant sales dip by 1.7%
Bad weather at the end of September also had an impact on recent figures holding back sales growth in the previous month, with collective like-for-likes up just 0.7 percent which followed a 2.1 percent like-for-like increase for the sector in August.
M&S appoints new wine buyer
Marks & Spencer has confirmed the appointment of Sainsbury's Dror Nativ to its wine buying team.
Italian wines to make a splash in Hong Kong in December
Asia's biggest showcase of Italian Wines, 'Great Wines of Italy' will draw trade and consumers to Hong Kong's Island Shangri-La hotel on Dec. 4.
Raventos i Blanc to quit Cava appellation
Signs of a confidence crisis among Cava producers are growing after leading sparkling winemaker Raventos i Blanc announced it will leave the appellation.
FBI defends Kurniawan house search
The US Justice Department has accused Rudy Kurniawan of attempting to suppress evidence and has filed a motion defending its search of the alleged wine fraudster's home.
Vinotherapy: Wine-derived products claim healthy skin benefits
Proponents say that using skin products derived from wine have terrific benefits for the skin, such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
Beer, wine soon to be on tap in Maryland's last dry town
Damascus is currently the state's last dry town, which prohibits the sale of alcohol. The passage of a referendum Nov. 6 to allow such sales came after 80 years of challenges to the restriction.
Book dives into Pelee Island history, including its wine origins
"Southern Exposure, How Pelee Island Winery Brought Winemaking Back to its Birthplace" is a soft-cover book that reveals the curiosity and serendipity that led to vineyards in the middle of Lake Erie.
Harper Government Invests in Canada's Wine Industry
MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay, on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, will be in Richmond, British Columbia, on Thurs., Nov. 15, to make an announcement in support of the Canadian wine industry and to highlight the benefits of Growing Forward 2's Innovation and Growth Agenda.
Abbey Creek Winery opening makes splash in Oregon's North Plains
Faustin makes Abbey Creek wine from grapes grown on family-owned land just off Germantown Road. Like Faustin's wine-making career, this is a second act for the grapes.
Washington Monthly: Industry giants are threatening to swallow up America's carefully regulated alcohol industry, and remake America in the image of booze-soaked Britain.
In 1980, forty-eight breweries served the fifty states, and the largest of them had only a quarter of the market. Today, again, the market is overwhelmingly dominated by two: Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors
Utah bill: One liquor license per chain instead of per restaurant
Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow restaurant chains to hold a single "master" liquor license for all locations rather than applying for a permit at each eatery
Dean of education has his hands full at CIA Greystone
"It is a very fun, very challenging place to work just keeping up with the pace."
Trione Winery enhancing family empire
Seeing the chance to update a landmark 1908 stone building next to the ranch, they built the Trione Winery in 2005
Opinion: Prop 37 supporters blame defeat on several wrong reasons
Any hint at celebration will merely serve to stiffen the resolve of anti-GMO proponents. In fact, Prop. 37's defeat seems to have re-energized their commitment
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