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Grocery wine bill negotiations near breakthrough in Tennessee
After years of bitter legislative fights over efforts to allow Tennessee grocery stores to sell wine, groups representing liquor stores and supermarkets are nearing an agreement that would give the measure its best ever chances of becoming law.
Florida's Independent Retailers Brace For A Walmart Push To Sell Spirits - Shanken Daily
Currently, Florida's licensed spirits retailers can only sell beverage alcohol, other goods associated with entertaining (such as mixers) and tobacco
Local store owner wants to keep fighting liquor, wine ban in Ky.
A Federal Appeals Court has now reinstated the 76-year-old ban on Kentucky grocery stores, gas stations and other retailers from selling wine and liquor.
TN Grocery Stores Prepare To Sell Wine
Retailers are optimistic that Tennessee lawmakers are closer than ever to passing the bill, that was rejected in 2013.
Federal court upholds Kentucky ban on liquor sales in groceries
Kentucky's post-Prohibition era ban on wine and liquor at grocery stores is constitutional, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday, saying the state has every right to restrict the sales, "just as a parent can reduce a child's access to liquor."
Head of supermarket wine sales group in Tennessee leaving
The campaign manager for a group advocating for supermarket wine sales in Tennessee is leaving to become the CEO of the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors.
Planning board approves winery-cooperage
After listening to staffers and assurances from owners they would be good neighbors, board member John Scharch said he was satisfied this would bring jobs, be an asset to the community and not be as detrimental as some believe.
Virginia wines: how a few vineyards are putting the state on the fine-winery map
A new generation of Virginia winemakers has begun to produce wines that can compete with the best of those from California and Europe.
Kim Pinello quits job to pursue wine and horses business The Galloping Grape
Confucius said "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." A Virginia woman took those words of wisdom to heart. She gave up a job with full benefits to start her own business and pursue her twin passions: wine and horses.
Virginia legislature looking at tweak to winery licenses
That bill, S.B. 169, was introduced with language that would have limited special events at wineries to 12 per year, although steps were already being taken to amend that shortly after the session opened Wednesday morning.
Lundberg, Ramsey optimistic Tennessee wine bill will pass this year
Growing Tennessee's economy and keeping state government fiscally strong are top priorities cited by Northeast Tennessee lawmakers for the next legislative session beginning on Jan. 14.
Virginia Vineyards On Alert with Cold Moving In
At area wineries, workers are scrambling to save what is left of their vines before the cold arrives.
2014 Naples Winter Wine Festival, "Celebrate the Journey" to take place at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort Jan. 24-26
Festival ticket packages are $8,500 per couple; $20,000 for reserved seating at the same vintner dinner for two couples.
Vineyards are putting Virginia on the wine map
Thomas Jefferson was a failure. Yes, the man did some good work, writing the Declaration of Independence and running the country as our third president. Monticello is fairly impressive, too. But there is no way around it: As a winemaker, Jefferson was a disaster.
Company plans winery, cooperage and education center east of Brooksville
Zemplen Barrels Wineries will seek a special exception use permit from the Hernando County Planning and Zoning Commission this month. The partners in the company are proposing what county planners say would be the county's first commercial winery.
Grocery stores could sell wine in 2014, lawmakers say
Last year's bill to allow grocery stores to sell wine and liquor was shot down, but this year, a breeze of confidence is flowing through the state Capitol
TN speaker: Wine in grocery stores may pass this year
A bill sent to the Senate floor last spring would let supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores and other retailers with beer licenses place wine on their shelves.
Vino Spina! Birmingham lawyer branches out into the import wine business
Tommy Spina has partnered with some of his relatives from Sicily to form the new Sam Spina Importing Co., offering Sicilian wines that are being distributed throughout Alabama by Birmingham's International Wines & Craft Beer.
Lexington wholesaler helps bring a non-migraine red wine to Kentucky
Veglio Michelino e Figlio, a red wine from Italy, promises a dinner party without the prospect of a migraine the next day.
VA: Tareq Salahi accused of charging wine tour guests more than expected
Engles said that after purchasing a $1,500 tour through the site, his credit card was charged an extra $723 for the use of a minibus - a charge he said wasn't authorized.
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