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Tennessee food-store wine bill likely headed to House floor vote Feb. 20
Despite its easy passage on an unrecorded committee voice vote, there was some pushback by committee members on anti-competitive measures written into the compromise bill.
Mississippi House approves liquor, wine sampling in stores
Participants would be limited to four tastes or liquor or wine, but the samples would be small: one-quarter ounce of liquor and one and a quarter ounces of wine.
Senate approves port wine bill for Georgia
The chamber passed a measure Thursday that would raise the legal percentage of grape-based alcohol made in Georgia to 24 percent.
Tennessee House panel advances supermarket wine bill
The proposal would allow cities and counties to vote on grocery store wine sales as early as November, but wouldn't allow supermarkets to stock wine until at least July 2016.
Virginia: Wine-threatening weevil intercepted at Norfolk port
Common in Europe, the leaf-roller weevil is known to be associated with grapevine, pear and other broadleaf trees and can affect the development of grapevines
Wine in grocery stores bill passes Tennessee Senate
Tennessee is one step closer to permitting the sale of wine in grocery stores after Tennessee Senate voted 23-8 Thursday morning to approve a bill that would let grocery stores, big-box retailers and convenience stores sell wine.
Grape Growers Conference Brings Steep-Slope Viticulture and Wine Making Specialists to Madison County
On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, the Sustainable Appalachian Viticulture Institute, the French Broad Vignerons, and the Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard will host the 4th Annual Grape Growers Conference at the Madison County Cooperative Extension Office in Marshall NC.
Widow and son take over Adams Vineyards in Willow Spring NC
dams is making it work with the help of her 43-year-old son, Quincy, who became the winemaker
Tennessee is one step closer to permitting the sale of wine by grocery stores and other food retailers, despite some dissent from local lawmakers
A bill allowing the sale of wine in grocery stores, big box stores and convenience stores passed the Tennessee Senate Thursday in a 23-8 vote
Lawmakers release new wine-in-grocery stores deal
Tennessee lawmakers took up a new measure that would allow wine-in-grocery stores but prohibit them from selling on Sundays
Could the wine battle be moving ahead? Splinter legislation takes shape in Nashville
Two wine bills diverged in the state Capitol Tuesday, and that made all the difference for the effort to allow wine sales in food stores
The dotted line from wine in grocery stores to liquor sales on Sunday
The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, the nationwide trade association of liquor producers, is urging that Tennessee's wine-in-grocery-stores legislation - up for a crucial committee vote tomorrow - be revised to allow liquor stores to sell on Sundays
Emergencies Declared As Deep Freeze Hits Deep South
Temperatures closer to what's normal for this time of year aren't expected until Thursday
Miss. craft brewers want to sell beer on site
Battle over state laws on where you can drink beer pits small breweries against big distributors.
Eastern Winery Exposition Exhibit hall sells out for first time
Attendee Pre-registration is also 34% ahead of last year
Harford legislators introduce bill to allow 'at-will' termination for liquor board staff
following a lawsuit filed by the former board administrator to block potential personal action against her
Naples Winter Wine Festival: Drinking wine for a good cause
"In its 14th year, it's the most successful charity wine auction in the world, with the proceeds going to under-privileged and at-risk children in Collier County, Fla. Since 2001, the festival has raised over $110 million"
Tennessee supermarket wine bill up for key votes next week
The full Senate is scheduled to vote next week on a proposal to allow wine to be sold in Tennessee supermarkets
TN: Proposed supermarket wine deal draws criticism
A proposed deal to allow supermarket wine sales in Tennessee is drawing criticism for trying to exclude big box retailers and convenience stores.
Wine cellar added to Naples funeral home
it's the first wine cellar at a funeral parlor in the entire country
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