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Duke gives $250,000 for brewery and winery training at BRCC
Duke Energy awarded $249,867 to and Blue Ridge Community College to help train new and current workers in the growing brewery, winery and cider-making industry in Henderson and Transylvania counties.
Tennessee governor signs wine in grocery stores bill, so what's next?
The supermarket chain Kroger said it is encouraged by Thursday's developments, but it admits more work is left to be done. The company said it is working with other grocery chains to come up with a strategy that will drum up support for the wine issue across Tennessee
South Carolina considers ending ban on Election Day alcohol sales
Now, the South Carolina House Judiciary Committee has given its preliminary approval to a bill that would allow alcohol sales on Election Day.
Bottoms Up: The Liquor & Wine Business in South Florida
South Florida may not have the valleys and vineyards of Napa Valley nor the hollows and oak barrels of Kentucky but the wine and liquor industry is here in its own unique way. Think mango wine not chardonnay, rum not bourbon and you've got the idea.
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Expected To Sign Wine-In-Grocery Bill
The governor's office has the signing ceremony set for just after 11am Thursday morning
Over 1,500 Attend 3rd Annual Eastern Winery Exposition
The third annual Eastern Winery Exposition (EWE) concluded its three-day conference and wine industry exposition with another successful show at over 1,500 total attendance (over 1,000 attendees and 500 exhibitor staff). EWE featured a sold-out trade show with 249 booth spaces with 179 exhibiting companies.
Wine in grocery stores passes Tenn. legislature
Wine drinkers moved closer to being able to pick up a bottle of their favorite at their neighborhood supermarket, as state lawmakers agreed Monday night to lift restrictions on sales in food stores. The Tennessee Senate voted to send wine-in-grocery stores legislation to Gov. Bill Haslam for signature, capping an often difficult seven-year debate that pitted grocery stores and their wine-loving customers against small business liquor store owners and the powerful distributors who have controlled alcohol sales in the state since the end of Prohibition.
Tennessee's supermarket wine sales bill headed to governor
Gov. Bill Haslam's stance on the issue has warmed since the 2010 governor's race, when he expressed reservations about the proposal that would directly affect the Pilot Flying J truck stop chain owned by the Haslam family
Wine in Tennessee grocery stores faces final vote
Senate is scheduled to vote tonight
Florida Retail Leader Charles Bailes Responds To The Walmart Challenge
After the recent introduction of two new bills in the Florida legislature that would allow spirits to be sold alongside wine and beer in supermarkets and retail stores, Florida's independent retailers are seeing the move as a call to arms. The two new proposals, in the Senate (SB804) and the House of Representatives (HB877), are being supported by Walmart and opposed by the Florida Independent Spirits Association
Wine bill hits wall in West Virginia
A bill that would allow for wine sales at NCAA Division I athletic stadiums in West Virginia, meaning Milan Puskar Stadium in Morgantown, failed to make it out of the Senate Finance Committee before a Monday deadline.
Editorial: Closing of pioneering winery Westbend Vineyards in North Carolina will leave a void
Today, more than 100 wineries in North Carolina make some or all of their wines with European grapes, many with distinction.
Bill proposed to allow liquor sales in grocery stores in Florida
The bill is still making its way through committee. No clear date has been set for a vote.
Jovial Paula Deen draws supportive crowd at Florida wine and food festival
Known as "the Queen of Southern cuisine," Deen has sold over 8 million copies of her 14 cookbooks
AL: Local bill would give Montgomery Co. wine distributors same protection as beer distributors
The House Montgomery County Legislation Committee on Monday passed two bills, including one that would give wine distributors doing business in Montgomery County the same protection beer distributors have.
TN: House approval of wine bill not the last hurdle
The Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that would let grocery stores sell wine, in perhaps the biggest overhaul of the state's liquor laws since the end of Prohibition.
Alaska and Alabama are taxing booze hard
They are the only states that claim a spot among the top five with the highest excise taxes each for beer, wine and spirits, according to the free market-oriented Tax Foundation.
West Virginia: The wine and cheese (Mountaineer) crowd?
Wine could be an option for Mountaineer football fans this fall in a bill being considered by state lawmakers. The state Senate Judiciary Committee approved a measure Wednesday afternoon that would allow wine sales at NCAA Division I athletic stadiums in West Virginia.
TN: House to vote on wine in grocery stores today
The Tennessee House of Representatives is expected to vote this morning on legislation that would let supermarkets, convenience stores and big-box retailers sell wine.
VA: Bill to Promote Agriculture-Based Tourism Passes Through General Assembly
Both bills aim to do the same thing: allow agriculture- and forestry-based businesses - like tree, flower, nut, fruit or vegetable farms - to host agritourism events without being restricted by localities. The bill stipulates any agritourism activities must not create a "substantial impact on the health, safety, or general welfare of the public."
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