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Southern farmers team up to create organic network
A group of small farmers network to provide field-grown organic vegetables to a growing number of Southeastern grocers who want more organic produce.
Wine expert helps diabetes research
"My nose is extremely discerning. I pay attention to it more.
Golisano Children's Hospital receives $2 million check from wine and food charity
The money was raised during the Southwest Florida Wine and Food Festival in late February
New winery in Townsend embraces East Tennessee
The logo for Cades Cove Cellars is a black bear with a wine glass for a snout. The winery in Townsend opened last month.
Florida students trying to take toxins out of wine
It's something that could take the "happy" right out of your happy hour. Tiny cancer-causing toxins are likely in that glass of wine you may enjoy. The problem starts in the vineyard where ochratoxin is secreted by vineyard mold. It's a mold that grows in a warm, humid environment
Atlanta Wine Collector Accuses London Merchant of Selling Fakes; Sues for $25 Million
Julian LeCraw Jr. says Antique Wine Company sold him a faux Ch√Ęteau d'Yquem 1787
First woman appointed as Baltimore Liquor Board head
Michelle Bailey-Hedgepeth chosen as executive secretary
ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Modernizes And Consolidates To Keep Pace With Florida Trends
A few years ago, you were in the middle of a massive modernization of your stores. Is that still ongoing?
North Carolina's A-B Tech brewing program to get a brewhouse and wine-making system
The Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College is getting a $195,000 grant from Duke Energy to expand the program and its equipment. The money will buy the program a 7-10-barrel brew house, a canning machine, a distillation system and a micro winery and "put money into a sensory analysis laboratory," said Scott Adams, director of the program. T
Virginia's Molon Lave has a place at Seder table with kosher wines
During the Passover Seder meal, four cups of wine are incorporated into the annual Jewish feast. The silverware, dishes and unleavened bread are closely supervised to conform with ritual demands - and so is the wine
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