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What are you drinking? It depends on where you are in BC
New information provided by the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch's data team reveals the top 30 products sold by the branch in each of 28 regional districts in B.C. in 2015, and it brings to light some surprising trends across the province. -
Telling women of reproductive age not to drink is fear mongering
Alcohol poses serious risks during pregnancy. There is no known safe amount. And some women don't find out they are pregnant until they are several weeks along. But in reality, this message is a form of dangerous and unnecessary fear mongering that will, in all likelihood, make matters involving alcohol and pregnancy even more confusing and contentious than they already are.
Canadian expat in Hong Kong finds new career in wine industry
Hamilton native Braedon Links moved to China in 2009, became involved in local issues and found a new career.
Ontario brothers giving 'cheap, garbage-y' wine a makeover
This tendency has presented something of a challenge to Yannick and Greg Wertsch, brothers and owners of Between the Lines Winery, a six-year-old enterprise in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., that produces and sells wines from a retail store in the family barn as well as through a wine club and in restaurants.
BC fruit wine sales fall in first year of farmers market sales
Sales for B.C. fruit wine, by volume, fell 2.7% while fortified dessert wine (not including ice wine) sales fell 2.1% in the year that ended in June 2015, compared with the previous year.
Most Canadians enjoy a tipple, but many don't know health risks: top doctor
In a new, data-rich report on national alcohol consumption released by his office on Wednesday, Taylor invites parliamentarians, policy-makers, liquor producers, retailers and the 22 million other Canadians who reportedly drink to reconsider what they think they know about wine, beer, coolers and spirits.
Canadian dollar back above 72 cents US as oil rallies
The Canadian dollar gained more than a full cent today, closing at 72.61 cents US, up 1.32 cents from Thursday. It was the loonie's first finish above 72 cents US since the start of the year.
Corby Spirit and Wine Announces Quarterly Dividend and Reports
Net earnings of $6.1 million (or $0.22 per share) increased $0.4 million or 6% for the three month period ended December 31, 2015 compared to the same quarter last year. On a year to date basis, net earnings of $12.4 million increased $1.7 million or 16% for the six month period ended December 31, 2015, when compared to the same period last year.
More than 80 Per Cent of Canadians Consume Alcohol
Canada's chief public health officer has released a report on alcohol consumption and it suggests that 80 per cent of Canadians drink.
Research Pays Off in Ontario
Report says CCOVI contributed $91.1 million during 2015
Research Pays Off in Ontario: Report says CCOVI contributed $91.1 million during 2015
Toronto management consulting firm MDB Insight examined the activities of the institute, located at Brock University, and determined that its economic contribution to the province in 2015 was $91.1 million (all values in Canadian). This includes 307 jobs within the industry and ancillary sectors
Canadian Winery launches Sparkling Wine in a Can
Called 'Origin Sparkling Wine', it aims to offer bubbly-lovers the option to buy just a small amount of wine - 8.5 ounces - without having to get a whole bottle every time
Controversy around Ontario's appellation system regulated by the Vintners Quality Alliance
The VQA is Ontario's appellation authority, which guarantees provenance, and regulates production, authorized grapes, and labeling
Exploring Canada's Fertile Wine Region
Wine country on the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, Canada, may sound a little incongruous. But the area about a half-hour west of Buffalo is home to a wine region of depth, diversity and distinction.
Top 12 BC wine stories of 2015
Wines from British Columbia are now receiving the international recognition they deserve thanks to more experience in winemaking, improved viticulture management, and top-notch scientific research on soils and climate.
Playing the currency markets; Wines from Portugal and South America
The Canadian dollar took a beating last year, and continues to languish against most currencies. While this is good news for exporters, it's nothing but strife for importers, who must continually wrangle with their suppliers and distributors over whose belt gets tightened to maintain steady prices.
B.C. wineries look for clarity in wine labelling
When it comes to wine labels, John Skinner is all about seeking the truth. The owner of Penticton-based Painted Rock Estate Winery has been fighting to ensure wines produced in other countries are labeled accurately.
Feature: Canadian icewine eyes expansion in Chinese market
Joseph Pohorly, the founder of Joseph's Estate Wines in Niagara-on-the-Lake, is one of the pioneers to make Canadian icewines in 1980s. He upgraded the hand press to mechanical which helped advance the icewine making in Niagara.
Cold Weather Brings Ice Wine Harvest
Wineries are buzzing about a dessert wine that's unique to colder regions like Northern Michigan.
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