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Canadian Winery launches Sparkling Wine in a Can
Called 'Origin Sparkling Wine', it aims to offer bubbly-lovers the option to buy just a small amount of wine - 8.5 ounces - without having to get a whole bottle every time
Controversy around Ontario's appellation system regulated by the Vintners Quality Alliance
The VQA is Ontario's appellation authority, which guarantees provenance, and regulates production, authorized grapes, and labeling
Exploring Canada's Fertile Wine Region
Wine country on the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, Canada, may sound a little incongruous. But the area about a half-hour west of Buffalo is home to a wine region of depth, diversity and distinction.
Top 12 BC wine stories of 2015
Wines from British Columbia are now receiving the international recognition they deserve thanks to more experience in winemaking, improved viticulture management, and top-notch scientific research on soils and climate.
Playing the currency markets; Wines from Portugal and South America
The Canadian dollar took a beating last year, and continues to languish against most currencies. While this is good news for exporters, it's nothing but strife for importers, who must continually wrangle with their suppliers and distributors over whose belt gets tightened to maintain steady prices.
B.C. wineries look for clarity in wine labelling
When it comes to wine labels, John Skinner is all about seeking the truth. The owner of Penticton-based Painted Rock Estate Winery has been fighting to ensure wines produced in other countries are labeled accurately.
Feature: Canadian icewine eyes expansion in Chinese market
Joseph Pohorly, the founder of Joseph's Estate Wines in Niagara-on-the-Lake, is one of the pioneers to make Canadian icewines in 1980s. He upgraded the hand press to mechanical which helped advance the icewine making in Niagara.
Cold Weather Brings Ice Wine Harvest
Wineries are buzzing about a dessert wine that's unique to colder regions like Northern Michigan.
Ontario Feels Alberta's Pain, Lowering Canada Consumer Sentiment
Pessimism bubbling around Alberta's oil patch is being shared by the industrial heartland of Ontario, lowering Canadian household confidence for the eighth time in nine weeks.
B.C. wineries look for clarity in wine labelling
ow do you know that "made in B.C." wine was actually made in British Columbia? Anne Drewa explains how a bottle may not be as the label advertises, and what changes wineries are calling for
Finger Lakes ice wine harvest late this winter
Thick-gloved workers briskly picked frozen bunches of grapes that would be pressed into extra-sweet juice within hours out in the cold air. Hunt Country Vineyards makes a sweet wine that has become a specialty for a number of vineyards dotting upstate New York hillsides - albeit one dependent on the increasingly noticeable vagaries of winter.
The Ottawa man who tends to his French vineyard
Frédéric Brouca, an Ottawa resident who makes wine from his own vineyard in southern France, was headed for a career in business. Born in France, he studied in Lille at one of the country's top business schools. But, as he tells the story, after graduating and being offered a banking job, he got into a car with his father and told him he was going to turn the job down as he just didn't see himself working in a bank.
How Niagara College's brew school has boosted Ontario's craft industry
The two-year course covered the science of brewing (the growth rates, metabolism and different strains of yeasts, for starters), marketing skills such as the art of packaging (a cool logo doesn't help if loose bottle caps allow oxidizing air into the bottles), and, most importantly, hands-on experience managing a working brewery.
These 3 Toronto Starbucks may start selling wine and beer
Coffee giant applies for liquor licenses for three of its cafes in upscale neighbourhoods
Penticton bypass will benefit more than just Peachland, say proponents
"We've kind of dubbed the bypass the South Okanagan Connector," Peter Warner, president of the Highway 97 Task Force Society, said Sunday. "The bypass would obviously make Peachland a quieter and more pedestrian-friendly place, but it would also reduce the travel time for people in Penticton and Summerland who drive to the Coast," Warner said.
Interest in Viognier growing across Pacific Northwest
Viognier is one of the most finicky and difficult wine grapes to grow. Pick it a little too early, and it comes out green and flavorless. Pick it a little too late, and the resulting wine can be flabby, oily and generally unpleasant.
Too Warm For Ice Wine: Warm Winter Weather Impacts Ice Wine Production
Unseasonably warm winter temperatures impacted the ability for Finger Lakes wineries to produce popular products like ice wine. (With video)
Ice wine festival helps fill Niagara Falls, Ont. hotels
The annual Niagara Ice Wine Festival will take over the Scotiabank Convention Centre from Jan. 29 to 31. The event is designed to not only showcase Canadian produced ice wines, but also help attract weekend visitors to Niagara Falls during a traditionally slow part of the winter months.
NY Times piece toasts Niagara wine scene
Niagara's wine country could hardly buy better publicity. A recent New York Times piece has extolled the virtues of the region, in a food feature titled Exploring Canada's Fertile Niagara Wine Region.
Changing climate ferments fear in Ontario icewine industry
A late deep freeze this winter may have lifted the spirits of Ontario's icewine industry, but the province's grape growers say bigger questions about the impact of a changing climate are creeping up on their business.
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