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Canadians spending more on booze, especially wine
Statistics Canada has released a report about the year ending March 2013, and says Canadians spent $21.4 billion on alcoholic beverages, up 2.2 percent. Beer still has the biggest part of the market at $9.1 billion, little changed from a year earlier. Wine sales of $6.8 billion, on the other hand, were up 4.9 percent.
Ontario alcohol sales deregulation not worth the risk: Community groups
A group of community-based organizations came to Queen's Park today to tell MPPs from all three political parties that when it comes to alcohol sales deregulation, it's just not worth the risk. "Our stand against privatization/deregulation goes back to 1994; we strongly oppose the retailing of beer, wine and alcohol at convenience stores or gas stations," said arrive alive DRIVE SOBER Executive Director Anne Leonard.
Wine store claims B.C. Wine Institute wrongfully prevented sale of VQA store to Liquor Barn
The Tasty Grape Wine Store and owner Cindy Holland are suing the British Columbia Wine Institute for allegedly unreasonably denying an application to sell the BC Vintner's Quality Wine Store to Liquor Barn.
Canada's EPIC Winegrower's Association Announces Leadership Changes
The Essex Pelee Island Coast, known as EPIC, Winegrower's Association announced the election of Steve Mitchell, President, Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, as the association's new President during the recent Annual General Meeting.
Canadian company buys more land in Horse Heaven Hills
A Canadian company that recently scooped up a fifth of the remaining prime land in Washington's smallest wine grape growing area is the new owner of two vineyards in the state's largest. Aquilini Brands bought almost 700 acres of vineyards in the Horse Heaven Hills for almost $7 million earlier this week.
Opinion: Privatization of Ontario liquor stores means higher prices for consumers
Currently, the price for a pack of 24 of popular beer brands are $10 less at Ontario Beer Stores than average prices at private retailers in Alberta or B.C. Statistics Canada data also shows that alcohol prices increased by 16.9 per cent in B.C. and 28.2 per cent in Alberta more than Ontario between 2002 and 2013.
Beer Store steps up campaign against alcohol sales at Ontario stores
The Beer Store is trying to turn Ontarians against the idea of alcohol sales at the province's convenience stores and gas stations, warning it could increase the risk of sale to minors. "I think we all have a responsibility to look out for Ontario's kids and to protect our communities," The Beer Store manager and world curling champion Glenn Howard says in a new ad launched Monday. "At The Beer Store, it's a commitment we take to heart." The 30-second spot is the latest step in in an ongoing battle between The Beer Store and the Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA), which has been lobbying MPPs to bring beer and wine into corner stores.
Anthony Gismondi: It's time for truth in BC wines
Another grape-growing and wine-producing season is on us in British Columbia and there is little to suggest the vast Okanagan Valley will be carved into a number of smaller, sensible sub-regions that relate to the origin of where grapes and wines are produced before the next harvest. A small band of estate winery owners are indignant that the word Canada or the term Canadian appears on an enormous number of wine bottles sold in Canada that contain little or no Canadian-grown fruit.
LCBO likely cool to booze vending in Ontario grocery stores, Guelph analyst says
On Tuesday, big grocery chains heralded the news: LCBO Express kiosks were coming to select grocery stores. On Wednesday, they were equally enthusiastic, but mum as to which of their locations - if any - fit the explicit terms and geographic limits outlined in the Request for Proposal document on the LCBO's website:
VQA and ICEWINE Trademarks Transfer to the Canadian Vintners Association
"We are very pleased with the decision by the VQAC to recognize the CVA as the organization best positioned to protect the VQA and Icewine trademarks in Canada and abroad," said Tony Stewart, President of Quails' Gate Winery in British Columbia and CVA Chair.
LCBO kiosks to open in grocery stores
Finance Minister Charles Sousa announced Tuesday that the first LCBO Express stores will appear in large grocery retailers by the end of 2014. "This pilot will begin with 10 stores and we expect to have these up and running within a year."
Promoting Eastern Ontario's Craft Beers, Wines and Farms
The province is providing $111,000 through the Local Food Fund to help organize and promote the Gananoque Brewing Company Harvest Festival. The month-long celebration will start in late August and will feature brewery, winery and farms tours, hop picking, mill visits and a country market. The festival will attract visitors, boost tourism in the region and strengthen the market for local food and beverages.
A biodynamic producer in British Columbia has ground up meteorites to put on his vineyard
"I've always believed in trying new things," Macfarlane told Gulf Island Mail, "I know a lot of people are going to make a lot of jokes about it but I say 'why not?' I'm already pushing the boundaries with biodynamics, why not push them further?
Vancouver Sun BC proposes changes to land reserve
The B.C. government has proposed major changes to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC), opening the door for East Kootenay farmers to gain permission to use their properties for non-agricultural uses.
Canada: US wine exports booming
American wine exports - 90 per cent of which are from California - reached a record high $1.55 billion in revenue in 2013, up 16.4 per cent compared with the previous year. In all, California exports one fifth of its production and is on track to reach its goal of $2 billion in exports by 2020.
Global wine industry gambles on North America and China
The USA, Canada and China are to remain top investment targets for importers for the next 20 years according to a report by Wine Intelligence.
Veni, vidi, viticulture: Simone Castellarin koins University of British Columbia
Simone Castellarin grew up in the vineyards of Northern Italy. Now he wants to share his wine-growing knowledge with B.C. growers
British Columbia wine region a study in contrasts
Surprisingly, despite the relatively warm summer temperatures, one of the consistently outstanding qualities of both red and white wines was their lively acidity, which definitely made them more like our wines than those from either Washington or California
Sobering strike: Canada truckers' labour dispute hits wine, liquor businesses
Local wine merchants and distillers say unless they get their hands on the containers piling up at backlogged Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) terminals, local drinkers will soon have to find alternative social lubricants.
Canada-South Korea deal benefits farmers more than consumers
Canadian exporters of agricultural products such as beef, pork, canola and grains will be among the winners in the free trade deal with South Korea, but the benefits to Canadian consumers may not be as striking. However, International Trade Minister Ed Fast told CBC News Network's Power & Politics on Tuesday that the elimination of tariffs would be good for Canadian consumers.
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