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Great expectations for B.C. wines this year
It's a new year in the Okanagan and as the sap begins to push, the dreams of most producers turn to thoughts of the best growing season ever. Much has changed over the last decade but if you are thinking the wines are better than ever it is more than that
Hard liquor producers want in on Ontario supermarket sales
If Ontario allows beer and wine sold in supermarkets, liquor should be too, says Spirits Canada
Impact of Shores of Erie Wine Festival cancellation said to be 'massive'
"I would say the Shores of Erie, that weekend is as good as a month of sales here in retail," said Stephen Mitchell, the president of the Sprucewood Shores Winery and the Essex and Pelee Island Coast Growers Association. Kelly O'Rourke, the director of the festival, said the economic benefit on the region was $2.8 million in 2014, based on the Ontario Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model (TREIM).
Nova Scotia wine producers worried about impact of deep snow
Depth of snow means vineyard crews haven't been able to get out into the fields to prune and tie up the viines
Folks in Ontario May Soon Be Allowed To Buy Beer For Home Consumption
Ontario may soon allow its restaurants, clubs and pubs to sell beer for home consumption. In the whole Canada, there are only six provinces that allow these establishments as part of their liquor license to sell beer for home consumption.
Independent B.C. supermarkets feel squeezed out of auction for wine licences
Under it's far-reaching liquor policy changes, the province is proposing to to put into play a limited number of VQA licences, which will allow grocery stores, like Houser's East Vancouver Super Valu, to sell made-in-B.C. wine.
Central Okanagan Wineries Credit Warm Weather for More Visitors
"We're way up from last year," said Andy Gebert, co-owner. "I think it's the good weather in the Okanagan, everybody likes to come and take in spring. After the winter it's nice to see visitors coming back and enjoying the Okanagan with all the great restaurants and of course the wine."
The Shores of Erie International Wine Festival cancelled
The Shores of Erie International Wine Festival has been cancelled, according to the event's director, Kelly O'Rourke. She would not give any further details.
Will Ontario allow "off sales" for beer & wine?
The industry group Restaurants Canada says six provinces, including Quebec and British Columbia, already allow restaurants and bars to sell beer for home consumption as part of their liquor licences.
Dreaming of California Wines
California wine is coming to Ottawa
A Case of Canadian Wine
The Okanagan region of British Columbia yields successful wines
The latest idea to improve Ontario's booze sales? Allow pubs to sell six-packs and bottles
Restaurants Canada wants to change all that by bringing what's known as "off-sales" to the province, which means allowing licensed restaurants to sell beer, wine and cider to patrons who want to take it home.
Surrey supermarket marks debut of wine sales in B.C. grocery stores
The B.C. government has launched an era of wine sales in grocery stores with a pilot project in a Surrey supermarket touted for being convenient to customers, but criticized as a measure that will doom independent liquor retailers.
Lake Ontario Wine Trail presents: Roll out the Barrels
The Lake Ontario Wine Trail will host their annual "Roll out the Barrels" wine tasting event on Saturday and Sunday April 11th & 12th where guests can sample young wines and spirits at each of the participating wineries/distillery.
Patrick Brown 'open' to liberalized beer and wine sales
Progressive Conservative leadership rivals Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton also favour change. Brown says he wants details of the Liberals' plan to expand sales.
Retailers scramble to adjust to new B.C. liquor policies
New rules designed to 'level playing field' come under fire, cause confusion but prices not expected to change much for consumers
Recent changes in BC wine industry to help growth
The B.C. wine industry now has a new task force and a new sub-geographical indicator or sub-appellation - both of which will work to grow and promote the province's wineries
OpEd: Does Ontario want to kill off Canadian whisky icons?
A new policy from the provincial government may accidentally kill Canadian whisky icons such as Canadian Club, Wiser's, Crown Royal, Gibson's and, more recently, Forty Creek. It will certainly reduce your choice as a consumer.
Canadian Wine Maven Chronicles Her Journey From French Stereotypes
Sometimes the traditions sounded downright Old Testament
Montreal Is Hosting An All-You-Can-Drink Wine Festival This April
Not that you are necessarily going to "all-you-can-drink" natural wine, but the point is that you will be able to sample a whole range of vintages from some 15 international and local winegrowers visiting Montreal April 12 at the Société des arts technologiques [SAT].
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