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Brutal winters leave untold damage in Niagara wine crop
The snow is melting but it will still be a few months before Ontario winegrowers know just how much havoc the second straight brutal winter wrought on their vineyards.
Hainle Vineyard pulling out of ice wine for pinot noir
The winery helped the Okanagan Valley become world renowned for the dessert wine.
Free Trade Turning Point in BC Wines' 25-Year History
In the most recent edition of Wines of British Columbia's The Vine newsletter, the organization celebrated its 25th anniversary with a column highlighting the powerful influence of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Australian wine producers complain to Premier Christy Clark about liquor reforms that favour B.C. products
The chair of the Australian Grape and Wine Authority has written to Premier Christy Clark raising objections to reforms that favour B.C. wines
B.C. Wineries Eye Price Hikes
A new wholesale pricing model, shifting exchange rates and envy of Washington state prices
Heavy grape damage after extreme cold won't kill wine supply
Devastating winter weather that caused heavy damage to grape buds won't immediately cripple local wine production, according to members of the Windsor-Essex wine industry.
Colio Estate Wines honours Winemaker, donates $100,000 to student scholarship programs
Colio Estate Wines announced today that it will be donating $100,000 towards the creation of two academic scholarships at St. Clair College and Brock University, in memory of their late Master Winemaker, Carlo Negri.
More British Columbia wines coming to Ontario
British Columbia is increasing the amount of wines available at the LCBO. Wine expert Angela Aiello is here to talk about how unique B.C. wines are.
Big breweries give cold shoulder to Ontario...
Canada's big, foreign-owned brewers shun the Ontario Liberal Party's major fundraiser as premier threatens to end the Beer Store's private monopoly
Large grocers will get wine, beer under Liberals' plan: Cohn
The Liberal government plans to liberalize sales of beer and wine in hundreds of large supermarkets across the province
Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Inc. Announces Three-Year Partnership to Offer EastDell Estates Wine on All VIA Rail Trains in the Ontario - Quebec Corridor
VIA Rail awarded Diamond a three-year contract to provide its EastDell Estates wines for the Ontario and Québec routes. VIA Rail now offers the popular EastDell Estates Pinot Grigio and EastDell Estates Black Cab wines in its Economy class.
Opinion: Canada is becoming a country of restaurant chains, and that's not necessarily a bad thing
Our neighbourhood rejoiced when a Cuban diner opened up nearby in the fall of 2013. The room was cheery and smartly run, with original, inexpensive cooking. My wife and I often brought our son there for after-school dinners. We'd have the tostones rellenos or the guava-braised short ribs with rice and beans and house-made hot sauce.
Shores of Erie Wine Festival court proceedings deferred
Amherstburg police have laid a total of 11 charges under the liquor act in connection with the single-car rollover that killed Emily Bernauer, 18, on Sept. 6, 2014.
This Pirate Sells Treasures From Trader Joe's to Canadians
The shelves are stocked floor-to-ceiling with trademark Trader Joe's food items, cheeky chalkboard wisdom greets customers at the entrance and the sign outside trumpets the name in familiar red lettering in front of a nautical mural featuring a tin of sardines and a sea turtle
Ontario's Beer Bottleneck Is Under Siege by Brewers and Buyers
The antiquated retail system, which accounts for the bulk of sales in the province, is at the center of the beer wars in Ontario
Fruit winery owner challenges Ontario's grape-only wine strategy
'We seem to be forgotten,' says Halton Region fruit wine producer following announcement of funding renewals for VQA and vineyard improvement programs
Ontario: Kathleen Wynne pledges 'more rational' wine and beer sales
Premier Kathleen Wynne says she is "making an assumption that there are aspects of the liquor system in Ontario . . . that are not as rational as they could be."
Laws threaten $1B B.C. wine biz
The BC Liberal government's incompetent liquor industry meddling will lurch towards potential wine price increases on April 1. Even worse for winery owners, private and public liquor stores, wine agents and restaurants - the government is keeping its retail pricing plans mostly a secret that's deeper and darker than a bottle of old vines zinfandel
Booze monopoly doesn't mean better service for Ontarians 8
With a Blue Ribbon panel in Ontario currently looking at "monetizing" provincial assets, it struck me that this panel, the provincial government, and possibly some Ontarians, are asking all the wrong questions, particularly when it comes to the sale and distribution of wine and beer
Winemakers Reject Quebec Icewine Standard
The Canadian Vintners Association (CVA), representing over 90% of all wine produced in Canada and almost 100% of Canada's genuine Icewine production, and Vignerons Indépendants du Québec (VIQ) are deeply disappointed in the Québec government's new Icewine certification system for "Vin de Glace du Québec.
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