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The latest idea to improve Ontario's booze sales? Allow pubs to sell six-packs and bottles
Restaurants Canada wants to change all that by bringing what's known as "off-sales" to the province, which means allowing licensed restaurants to sell beer, wine and cider to patrons who want to take it home.
Surrey supermarket marks debut of wine sales in B.C. grocery stores
The B.C. government has launched an era of wine sales in grocery stores with a pilot project in a Surrey supermarket touted for being convenient to customers, but criticized as a measure that will doom independent liquor retailers.
Lake Ontario Wine Trail presents: Roll out the Barrels
The Lake Ontario Wine Trail will host their annual "Roll out the Barrels" wine tasting event on Saturday and Sunday April 11th & 12th where guests can sample young wines and spirits at each of the participating wineries/distillery.
Patrick Brown 'open' to liberalized beer and wine sales
Progressive Conservative leadership rivals Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton also favour change. Brown says he wants details of the Liberals' plan to expand sales.
Retailers scramble to adjust to new B.C. liquor policies
New rules designed to 'level playing field' come under fire, cause confusion but prices not expected to change much for consumers
Recent changes in BC wine industry to help growth
The B.C. wine industry now has a new task force and a new sub-geographical indicator or sub-appellation - both of which will work to grow and promote the province's wineries
OpEd: Does Ontario want to kill off Canadian whisky icons?
A new policy from the provincial government may accidentally kill Canadian whisky icons such as Canadian Club, Wiser's, Crown Royal, Gibson's and, more recently, Forty Creek. It will certainly reduce your choice as a consumer.
Canadian Wine Maven Chronicles Her Journey From French Stereotypes
Sometimes the traditions sounded downright Old Testament
Montreal Is Hosting An All-You-Can-Drink Wine Festival This April
Not that you are necessarily going to "all-you-can-drink" natural wine, but the point is that you will be able to sample a whole range of vintages from some 15 international and local winegrowers visiting Montreal April 12 at the Société des arts technologiques [SAT].
Ontario treasurer says deficit down to $10.9B
Finance Minister Charles Sousa on Tuesday revised this year's deficit projection to $10.9 billion down from the $12.5 billion he projected last summer.
Tap & Barrel Recognized for Best Restaurant BC Wine List
Tap & Barrel has been voted for having the Best Restaurant BC Wine List in the Georgia Straight's Golden Plates Awards. The award validates Tap & Barrel's commitment to a wine list dedicated exclusively to the wines of BC on tap - the only wine list of its kind.
BC's new liquor laws: 4 things you should know on April 1
British Columbia is making some big changes to how liquor is sold in the province, and many of those changes take effect on April 1. Here are a few things to know about B.C.'s new liquor laws.
Bright and Crisp, Drink Wine From British Columbia
pH levels taken from a global pool of rieslings uncovered an interesting phenomenon: the semi-desert grape-growing region of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canad
Canada Says Wines Sold In Its Domestic Market Are Safe
LCBO tested more than 11,900 wines for arsenic levels, including 1,543 wines from California. All of them were below the maximum permissible limit of arsenic set by Health Canada...
Canada: Ontario poll shows huge support for beer, wine in supermarkets
Premier Kathleen Wynne's plan to allow beer and wine sales in grocery stores is being cheered by Ontarians, a new poll suggests
No April Fooling: B.C.'s liquor reforms spark frustration domestically and opposition from abroad
"Wholesale pricing makes a lot of sense because it enables our customers to know how much we're actually charging. But the way the government has rolled this out has been as clear as mud."
U.S. businesses plead with lawmakers to avoid trade war with Canada
Business interests are pleading with the U.S. Congress to avert a trade war with Canada that could squeeze Florida orange-growers, put a cork in California wine exports and sour the sales of American chocolate.
Credits for Cabernet
Tax credits entice investors in British Columbia custom-crush facility
Women making inroads in Canadian wine industry
Anecdotally, there seems to be a more even participation of men and women here. Perhaps it's because many women who are in top positions - as head winemakers, viticulturalists or CEOs - started wineries with their husbands, and are in family-run operations
Okanagan Valley Winemakers Unfazed by Nature's Attempt to Turn Up the Heat
"The biggest fear is that a late winter cold snap will kill fragile young buds, resulting in a lower yield."
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