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WineOnline Moves In With SHOP.CA
The Company's wholly-owned subsidiary has entered into a Marketing Agreement with SHOP.CA for SHOP.CA to provide an online marketing platform for the wines offered for sale by WineOnline under license. No other wine manufacturer or distributor will be given an online marketing platform on the SHOP.CA e-Commerce site.
Ottawa microbrewers eagerly eye Ontario's Beer Store debate (with video)
But more and more brewers say they're facing a glass ceiling for their business model. The culprit? The current provincial liquor regime. The main symbol of their frustration, at least from the viewpoint of microbrewers? The Beer Store.
Starbucks' plan to serve alcohol draws mixed reactions
Word that Starbucks plans to begin offering wine and beer in select locations in Canada by the end of the year is drawing mixed reactions from coffee lovers in Charlottetown
California Wineries Talk Tough to Canada
Trade officials call proposal to sell B.C. wines at grocery stores unfair
Wines of British Columbia: California Wine Industry Trade Concerns Unfounded
British Columbia is in full compliance with international trade regulations regarding the sale of BC wine in grocery stores, according to the BC Wine Institute.
Okanagan Wine Festival: A snowy getaway for wine lovers
Although the flagship event is the Sun Peaks Progressive Tasting, we also checked out other events that the festival
California wine group seeks Obama administration's help in fighting three B.C. liquor policy changes
The Wine Institute advocates on behalf of 1,000 California wineries and businesses, according to its January 21 letter to the premier.
Wastewater Treatment Saves Winery $4,000 on Sewer Surcharges
A new wastewater treatment system has saved a Canadian winery $4,000 annually on sewer surcharges and removed as much as 97 percent of biochemical oxygen demand from the winery's wastewater, Storm Water Solutions reports.
California wine producers claim B.C. liquor reforms violate NAFTA, GATT, and EU-Canada Agreement
"Wine Institute requests that the initiative be withdrawn or modified to allow for equal access of all wines at B.C. grocery stores."
The foolishness of BC's grocery store wine model
Government is feverishly working to alter its formerly sacred legislation permitting the movement of licences from around the province to allow grocery stores to acquire or engage in partnerships with those who have licences to somehow make the grocery store model work. They could have issued grocery store licences, but that would have made too much sense.
Canada: Political donations won't influence changes coming to Beer Store, Kathleen Wynne says
The major breweries' political donations are small beer when it comes to influencing the future of the private Beer Store monopoly, warns Premier Kathleen Wynne.
Renaissance Yeast Inc. to Exhibit New Hydrogen Sulfide-Preventing Yeast Strain for Pinot Noir at Unified 2015
As part of its activities at Unified, Renaissance Yeast will be offering free trial sample packs of its Vivace and Andante hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-preventing wine yeasts to Unified attendees. All the company's yeasts are naturally developed and non-GMO.
BCSC fines woman $33-million for operating Ponzi scheme
A former notary public in British Columbia has been fined $33-million after a hearing panel concluded she conducted a $100-million Ponzi scheme fraud involving false claims about raising financing for a high-end local winery.
DTC Progress in Nova Scotia; BC Moves to Pre-Tax Pricing
t will proceed with its previously announced plans to permit inter-provincial DTC shipment of wine to consumers in that province
Record Attendance At 10th Annual London Wine And Food Show
With an attendance over 15,000, the London Wine and Food Show moves into a new threshold and will help attract international exhibitors to take part in events in the District.
Public opinion finally turns on the Beer Store as lobbyists' influence on Queen's Park exposed
As recently as a few months ago, it was hard to imagine anything successfully smashing through the status quo of Ontario's liquor retail regime. But things are suddenly looking up. Chris Selley and NOW's Jonathan Goldsbie discuss the sudden and potentially seismic shift in public sentiment.
Niagara Icewine Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary
The events kick off on Jan. 9 at the Niagara Fallsview Casino that will play host to the first Icewine Festival that started it all in 1995, the Niagara Icewine Festival Xerox Gala. Wine enthusiasts, foodies, and music lovers unite to experience several Icewine related events, from formals, to outdoor Ice village settings, intimate winery settings, and vineyards covered in a winter wonderland.
Late, Late Harvest Brings Sweet Results
The first grapes picked in 2015 were from last year's vintage but, for Ontario's ice wine makers, it's worth the wait.
Reevely: 'Overconsumption is the problem,' Ottawa's health unit warns about Ontario alcohol policy (with video)
Making it easier for Ontarians to buy booze is popular and makes more money for the government, but it'll probably kill some people. Ottawa's top public-health doctor is frustrated that nobody talks about the second part. It never comes up when the province boasts about letting wine be sold at farmers' markets, or promoting craft breweries.
B.C.'s Higher Markups Worry U.S. Exporters
The latest obstacle is a shake-up in B.C. liquor regulation that will see a new markup structure kick in April 1.The new markup structure will establish a single wholesale price for all retailers and see the per-liter markup shift to 89% on the first $11.75 of value and 67% on any additional value.
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