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Here's a Map of the World's Drunkest Countries
As the map below from the World Health Organization shows, Russians and their neighbors drink more than almost everyone else in the world. Canadians drink more than Americans, keeping pace with most European countries.
Stag's Hollow Winery flies under the radar in the Okanagan
I still run into people who think that Stag's Hollow Winery-one of the woefully underappreciated gems in B.C. wine-is brand-new. I've written about them a number of times-including their rosé in last week's column-but the good folks at Stag's Hollow can't seem to shake their underdog, under-the-radar image.
Ontario Winery bill gets corked
Raise a Glass to Ontario Act 114 aims at cutting red tape for local brewers, cideries, wineries and vineyards by eliminating transportation and warehousing regulations, as well as allowing producers to sell products from other wineries or breweries at their on-site stores. "This bill is now going to end up in the vacuum because of the election that was just called," Smith said. "But it's still a very important piece of legislation that signifies we need serious changes in the way we sell alcohol in the province."
Prost! Ontario wine sales coming to St. Jacobs market May 10
Wine sales are coming to theSt. Jacobs Farmers' Market starting May 10. Two Niagara Region wineries will have bottles of Ontario-made product for sale at outdoor booths. "We see this as a great opportunity to get access to market and to be able to sell to our consumers," said Paul Pender, at Tawse Wineryin Vineland.
Truett-Hurst, Inc. Announces Canadian Distribution Agreement
with Trialto Wine Group, Ltd. ("Trialto") based in Vancouver, Canada
VQA wines pour into farmer's markets
In a report to councillors Monday, the city's economic development department said allowing VQA wines at the St. Catharines market "aligns well with the expectations of the visitor experience."
Blackboxx helps winemakers transcend bounderies and protectionism
Blacksquare founders Mathew Protti and David Gluzman developed Blackboxx, an online ecommerce platform that, since 2011, has been enabling winemakers to transcend boundaries and government protectionism by selling their products on the Internet. In the process, they have helped create new markets and a surge in sales for small estate wineries in Canada and around the world.
Nova Scotia wine association puts a cork in marketing plans
"We've regrouped," said Stewart Creaser, president of the Winery Association of Nova Scotia
Feds buoy wine research with $2 million in the Okanagan
It takes two hands to count all the research projects the BC Wine and Grape Council will support thanks to an influx of funding from the Canadian government announced on Earth Day. Kelowna-Lake Country MP Ron Cannan visited Grey Monk Estate Winery, Tuesday, for a press conference trumpeting a $2 million dedication from the five-year Growing Forward 2 initiative, fostering innovation in agriculture.
Convenience stores selling alcohol would lead to more underage drinking: The Beer Store
"The research is very clear: allowing convenience stores to sell beer, wine and hard liquor would lead to harmful consequences in our community," said Jeff Newton, President of Canada's National Brewers.
B.C. Industry Prepares for Shake-Up
Small and mid-size wineries want equal representation in British Columbia Wine Institute
Harper Government Invests to Improve Quality of B.C. Grape and Wine Sector
This investment builds on previous support of $2 million provided to BCWGC under the Developing Innovative Agri-Products (DIAP) initiative, for a project to help improve irrigation and nutrient management to achieve the highest vine and fruit quality
Spring Blossoms at Fort Berens Estate Winery
For Fort Berens, this spring brings new growth to their team, the blossoming of their winery construction project and a bountiful spring release of their favourite and new varietals.
Bumper crop in BC creates oversupply of certain grape varieties
Some growers lower prices, consider replanting with different types
BC Wine Institute Announces Governance Review
"When our current structure was put in place there were 131 grape wineries in BC, today there are 235. While that growth has propelled the BC wine industry to contribute $2 billion a year to the BC economy, the current board of directors believes now is the time to give pause and ensure the BCWI is structured properly for our continued success in the future."
Scientist hopes he invented the next grape thing
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre scientist Bernard Goyette has invented a chamber that allows winemakers to dry grapes appassimento style while controlling climate, air flow and humidity using a unique method.
BC apple growers face land constraints
While Washington growers continue to expand their acreage, many B.C. growers are landlocked and disenchanted by the high costs of apple production coupled with variable returns. In the last 25 years, the area planted to apples in British Columbia has shrunk from 22,000 acres to 8,420 acres today. B.C. Tree Fruits Cooperative, which handles most of the province's wholesale apples, packs about 4 million boxes annually.
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre scientist Bernard Goyette has invented a chamber that allows winemakers to dry grapes appassimento style while controlling climate, air flow and humidity using a unique method
process is one where grapes grown in cool climates with shorter growing seasons are harvested before they suffer frost bite, but are allowed to ripen further indoors
Tinhorn Creek Vineyards president Sandra Oldfield is transferring the role of head winemaker to Andrew Windsor, 35
an Ontario-born vintner with a master's degree in enology from Adelaide University in Australia
Canadians spending more on booze, especially wine
Statistics Canada has released a report about the year ending March 2013, and says Canadians spent $21.4 billion on alcoholic beverages, up 2.2 percent. Beer still has the biggest part of the market at $9.1 billion, little changed from a year earlier. Wine sales of $6.8 billion, on the other hand, were up 4.9 percent.
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