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B.C.'s Higher Markups Worry U.S. Exporters
The latest obstacle is a shake-up in B.C. liquor regulation that will see a new markup structure kick in April 1.The new markup structure will establish a single wholesale price for all retailers and see the per-liter markup shift to 89% on the first $11.75 of value and 67% on any additional value.
Harvest time arrives for Niagara's icewine producers
"The wind is pretty brutal, but it's rare we get to do this during the day," Paul Speck, president of Henry of Pelham, said Monday afternoon just hours after the winery started to haul in its estimated 150 tonnes of reisling, cabernet franc and vidal grapes. "We're going to go around the clock to get this done."
Time to harvest the ice wine
Jamie Slingerland of Pillitteri Estates Winery has been harvesting frozen grapes in his Niagara-on-the-Lake vineyards for 16 hours straight: "This is the week to do ice wine and think everybody's going to get their ice wine wrapped up this week."
Slipping To The Bottom Of Magnotta's Barrel (Opinion)
What I think it means is that provincial liquor boards require a certain percentage of Canadian wine to be used in this category of wine. That the LCBO website lacks transparency to advise us what this category is sends shark attack flags to be raised on my beach.
BC winter storm turns Okanagan into #Snowkanagan
As B.C.'s first winter storm of the year continues to plow through the province, the snow has piled up in the Okanagan, prompting Twitter users to hashtag the wine-growing region #Snowkanagan instead. The storm hit the southern interior Sunday night, and is expected to bring more snow and possible freezing rain west of the valley on Tuesday.
Okanagan Cracks List of Best Places in Canada to Visit in 2015
The site released its '20 Best Places to Visit in Canada in 2015' list with travel journalists naming Toronto as the place to visit this year.
Quash The Beer Store quasi-monopoly, say half of Ontarians in new poll
Twenty-seven per cent in new Forum Research poll say shopping experience tanks
Canada: How The Beer Store lobby wins friends and influences politicians
How do three giant multinational brewers maintain their monopolistic stranglehold over retailing in perhaps the most profitable beer market in the western world?
Canada's Sparkling Wine Renaissance
Production in Ontario alone more than doubled since 2004
One Man's Fight to Free Up Canada's Beer and Liquor Laws
Beer, wine and liquor consumers, mark your calendars: May 12, 2015 is when new purchasing options may start opening up for you. That's the date that was set last week for the trial of New Brunswick resident Gerard Comeau to commence.
Kettle Valley Winery proves reds can work in British Columbia
The wine industry is filled with tales of wineries starting because a hobby got out of hand, but Kettle Valley Winery owners Bob Ferguson and Tim Watts took it way beyond what most would consider viable - or sane.
Merchants fear new B.C. wine laws will put a stopper on consumer spending
Justice Minister Suzanne Anton will announce yet more changes to provincial wine sales on Friday as part of her government's makeover of the liquor industry. But industry insiders say consumers will still be hit with higher prices and less choice for quality wines as a result of the Minister's tinkering
Kettle Valley Winery proves reds can work in British Columbia
But once you do, you'll be in for an amazing treat: some of the finest red wines around. That's right: red wines in a region best known for stunning whites
British Columbia's Corcelettes Estate Winery Set For A Big Move
Corcelettes Estate Winery is set to start the new year off with a bang. Having recently acquired Herder Winery and Vineyards, 2015 marks the start of a new era for Corcelettes Winery. Early in the new year, the Corcelettes team will begin the move from their current location in Cawston to their new location, the previous home of Herder Winery in Keremeos.
Investment opportunity in South Okanagan wine company
Encore Vineyards Ltd, spearheaded by British Columbia's most renowned wine industry pioneer, Harry McWatters, is offering an ownership opportunity to people interested in becoming a part of a fully-integrated wine company.
Niagara Icewine Festival adds big-top Niagara Falls gathering to month-long celebration of frozen grapes
Oenophiles will have another way to celebrate their favourite beverage in the new year with the inaugural Niagara Icewine Festival events in Niagara Falls, Ont. A three-day event is being held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre from Jan. 23 to 25.
Icewine Festival transforms Wine Country Ontario into a Winter Wonderland
As the temperatures begin to drop in Wine Country Ontario, winemakers prepare for the Icewine harvest while they watch in anticipation of the necessary - 8o C required for picking. It's an exciting time and visitors from all over the world have begun to anticipate the start of Niagara's Icewine Festival. While the harvest date of Icewine changes every year, the time for its biggest celebration is always the same, taking place over three weeks in January, right in the heart of Niagara.
Okanagan wine expert and Niagara vineyard owner get into a fist fight on CBC radio
What was supposed to be a friendly conversation between two Canadian wine experts turned ugly this week on CBC radio.
Opinion: Ontario beer deal like a pain in the gut?
The deal - crafted 14 years ago by the Harris Tories and kept on the books by the current Liberal one - makes the foreign-owned Beer Store the only outlet in the province allowed to sell beer in packs larger than six.
Critics say new B.C. wholesale pricing model will lead to more expensive wine and job losses
Analysis says as of April 1, 2015, a $30 bottle of wine would sell for $34 to $40. A $40 bottle would go for between $47 and $56, and a $100 bottle would sell for $125 to $151. Only at the lowest end-$8 and $10 bottles-might consumers pay a little less
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