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Icewine Festival transforms Wine Country Ontario into a Winter Wonderland
As the temperatures begin to drop in Wine Country Ontario, winemakers prepare for the Icewine harvest while they watch in anticipation of the necessary - 8o C required for picking. It's an exciting time and visitors from all over the world have begun to anticipate the start of Niagara's Icewine Festival. While the harvest date of Icewine changes every year, the time for its biggest celebration is always the same, taking place over three weeks in January, right in the heart of Niagara.
Okanagan wine expert and Niagara vineyard owner get into a fist fight on CBC radio
What was supposed to be a friendly conversation between two Canadian wine experts turned ugly this week on CBC radio.
Opinion: Ontario beer deal like a pain in the gut?
The deal - crafted 14 years ago by the Harris Tories and kept on the books by the current Liberal one - makes the foreign-owned Beer Store the only outlet in the province allowed to sell beer in packs larger than six.
Critics say new B.C. wholesale pricing model will lead to more expensive wine and job losses
Analysis says as of April 1, 2015, a $30 bottle of wine would sell for $34 to $40. A $40 bottle would go for between $47 and $56, and a $100 bottle would sell for $125 to $151. Only at the lowest end-$8 and $10 bottles-might consumers pay a little less
Saskatchewan liquor store privatization a $46 million a year giveaway
Saskatchewan already paying a price for liquor store privatization
Announcing Monte Creek Ranch: Kamloops' newest winery celebrates a taste for adventure
The ranch aims to follow in the footsteps of the area's early explorers and uncover what the land can offer. With vineyards at the edge of cool climate viticulture, they are set to reveal Canada's next wine growing area.
Former Ontario wine executive reignites business for Port wine producer
Wineries in North America appreciate the validation that comes from foreign investment-especially when Old World names such as Drouhin, Antinori and others commit to developing properties in new wine regions
Portable chamber a game changer for wine industry
Vineland-developed technology gives more control to winemaker
VQA Wine Tasting Truck Back by Popular Demand
Wine Country Ontario has extended the tour of its VQA Wine Tasting Truck to take the wine tasting experience directly to consumers across Ontario. The mobile tour showcases Ontario VQA wines and encourages Ontarians to sample and discover what's great about local in a unique, educational and fun way!
LCBO to sell its biggest, most expensive beer ever
Quebec's Unibroue makes a big, pricy splash with 50 six-litre bottles of Fin du Monde, on Thursday at Toronto's Summerhill location.
Cold Snap Speeds Ice Wine Harvest
Washington and British Columbia winemakers call November pick the earliest in years
South Okanagan winery redefines winemaking excellence
"I believe that they've not only accomplished but also exceeded their goal in producing Canada's finest wine,"
Diamond Estates Wines and Spirits Inc. Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2015 Results
The Company generated a profit in Q2 2015 of $116,320, a substantial improvement from the Q2 2014 loss of $2,431,770. Sales for Q2 2015 were $5,863,300 compared to $5,255,155 for Q2 2014, representing an increase of 11.6%.
Drunken birds crash land on boozy berries
Boozed-up birds are falling from the sky in Canada after getting drunk on frost-fermented berries.
Ontario's Hottest New Online Wine Service kwäf Signs Nuscreen Digital as Marketing Agency for 2015
Together, Dick Snyder, owner and editor of CityBites Magazine and wine enthusiast Justyn Szymczyk, are on path to change the way people enjoy good wine with kwä, an online source for high quality sommelier-selected wines that are not available at the LCBO.
Whistler Sommelier Steps Off the Mountain to Make Okanagan Wine for Charity
Whistler's Samantha Rahn, wine director at Araxi Restaurant and Sommelier of the Year 2013, releases Samantha Syrah, a wine she made at Okanagan Crush Pad winery through their Okanagan Wine Campus program, with proceeds to the BC Hospitality Foundation.
BC Announces Latest liquor changes
April 1, 2015, will mark the first day that grocery stores are allowed to sell liquor through the store-within-a-store model
B.C. to allow alcohol in grocery stores from April 1, 2015
Other changes going into effect that day affect government B.C. Liquor Stores, which will be allowed to offer walk-in coolers, to stay open for longer hours and to open Sundays.
British Columbia Vineyard Valley's College Offers Wine Workshops
Okanagan College, located in B.C.'s premier winemaking region of Okanagan Valley, has released a list of wine-related workshops which will take place starting this month and extending through October to January.
Canada Adapts to Kegged Wines
British Columbia company opens outpost in Ontario
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