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Bright and Crisp, Drink Wine From British Columbia
pH levels taken from a global pool of rieslings uncovered an interesting phenomenon: the semi-desert grape-growing region of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canad
Canada Says Wines Sold In Its Domestic Market Are Safe
LCBO tested more than 11,900 wines for arsenic levels, including 1,543 wines from California. All of them were below the maximum permissible limit of arsenic set by Health Canada...
Canada: Ontario poll shows huge support for beer, wine in supermarkets
Premier Kathleen Wynne's plan to allow beer and wine sales in grocery stores is being cheered by Ontarians, a new poll suggests
No April Fooling: B.C.'s liquor reforms spark frustration domestically and opposition from abroad
"Wholesale pricing makes a lot of sense because it enables our customers to know how much we're actually charging. But the way the government has rolled this out has been as clear as mud."
U.S. businesses plead with lawmakers to avoid trade war with Canada
Business interests are pleading with the U.S. Congress to avert a trade war with Canada that could squeeze Florida orange-growers, put a cork in California wine exports and sour the sales of American chocolate.
Credits for Cabernet
Tax credits entice investors in British Columbia custom-crush facility
Women making inroads in Canadian wine industry
Anecdotally, there seems to be a more even participation of men and women here. Perhaps it's because many women who are in top positions - as head winemakers, viticulturalists or CEOs - started wineries with their husbands, and are in family-run operations
Okanagan Valley Winemakers Unfazed by Nature's Attempt to Turn Up the Heat
"The biggest fear is that a late winter cold snap will kill fragile young buds, resulting in a lower yield."
Canada Brings a Taste of British Columbia to China This Spring
British Columbia Events Showcase "East Meets West" Culinary Collaboration in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong
BC's Hainle Vineyards is pulling out its ice wine vines (CBC)
Owner Walter Huber says pinot noir commands higher prices than ice wine
Northern Lights Estate in Prince George to become B.C.'s northernmost winery
"Initially they suggested that I should seek psychiatric help and once they got over that and saw this guy is actually serious about this, they were very excited," said Pat Bell, the former Liberal MLA behind the project.
Ontario's Beer And Wine Liberalization Plan Panned As Dangerous To Women, Unfair
No sooner did the news break than various political forces began to align against the move, with a provincial workers' union calling the idea a potential threat to public safety, while a lobby group attacked the plan as evidence of an anti-small business bias among the governing Liberals.
Brutal winters leave untold damage in Niagara wine crop
The snow is melting but it will still be a few months before Ontario winegrowers know just how much havoc the second straight brutal winter wrought on their vineyards.
Hainle Vineyard pulling out of ice wine for pinot noir
The winery helped the Okanagan Valley become world renowned for the dessert wine.
Free Trade Turning Point in BC Wines' 25-Year History
In the most recent edition of Wines of British Columbia's The Vine newsletter, the organization celebrated its 25th anniversary with a column highlighting the powerful influence of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Australian wine producers complain to Premier Christy Clark about liquor reforms that favour B.C. products
The chair of the Australian Grape and Wine Authority has written to Premier Christy Clark raising objections to reforms that favour B.C. wines
B.C. Wineries Eye Price Hikes
A new wholesale pricing model, shifting exchange rates and envy of Washington state prices
Heavy grape damage after extreme cold won't kill wine supply
Devastating winter weather that caused heavy damage to grape buds won't immediately cripple local wine production, according to members of the Windsor-Essex wine industry.
Colio Estate Wines honours Winemaker, donates $100,000 to student scholarship programs
Colio Estate Wines announced today that it will be donating $100,000 towards the creation of two academic scholarships at St. Clair College and Brock University, in memory of their late Master Winemaker, Carlo Negri.
More British Columbia wines coming to Ontario
British Columbia is increasing the amount of wines available at the LCBO. Wine expert Angela Aiello is here to talk about how unique B.C. wines are.
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