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Quebec liquor store union sorry for offensive video
Union says it will review video shot in Alberta and make necessary changes
Niagara-on-the-Lake readies for winery promotion
Taking advantage of a new supply of seasonal wines, the Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake this weekend will be starting a month-long special promotional event during what is traditionally a slower time of the year for tourism.
Canadian wines the 'last frontier' for HK
Canadian wines have a chance to capitalise on its strong links with Asia, as the realisation of its wine industry's growing quality spreads.
Wine Tourism Summit is a first for Canada
On Nov. 8, Penticton will be celebrating Wine Tourism Day with the first-ever Canadian Wine Tourism Summit, joining in a worldwide series of events and promotions to encourage travel to the world's wine regions.
The new face of B.C. wine: Why Chinese buyers are pouring into the Okanagan's vineyards
Demand for wine among China's growing and more sophisticated middle class is booming. The country has quickly become the world's leading market for red wine, according to London-based International Wine and Spirit Research
How Okanagan's wine industry is taking on the world
"It is genuinely an awesome place to grow grapes."
Quebec winemakers feel cheated by SAQ subsidy letdown
Vintners in Quebec say the government hasn't followed through on its end of the Origine Qu├ębec deal
British Columbia wine industry slows rate of plantings
British Columbia's wine industry grew slowly in terms of vineyard plantings during the past three years, yet the modest 4 percent increase since 2011 is actually good news, according to the BC Wine Institute.
Washington wine industry pushes for more Canadian sales
Washington wine is being promoted in Quebec's government-controlled retail stores now, and a recently announced $97,000 U.S. federal grant will support two more years of promotion.
Washington wants to boost wine sales in Canada
Washington State Wine Commission officials hope to increase a taste for Washington wine in the state's top international market - Canada
2014 Acreage Report Shows BC Wine Industry Maturing
After years of major growth in vineyard acreage throughout the province, this survey's statistics have relatively stabilized, indicating that wineries and vineyard owners have made the decision to devote their resources to increasing the quality of wine they are producing, rather than simply expanding their vineyard acreage to cover more land.
Wine Council of Ontario names new President
The Wine Council of Ontario announced that Richard Linley will be taking over the helm as President of the non-profit trade association. Richard previously served as Senior Director, Government Affairs at the Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) where he had national responsibility for the development and execution of government relations strategies in the areas of legislative and regulatory affairs.
UK and US still top for Aussie wine exports
The UK, US and Canada remain the top three destinations by volume for Australian wines, according to a recent report.
Ottawa threatens tariffs against US ketchup, chocolate, wine
On Monday, a WTO compliance panel ruled that the United States' revised country of origin labelling (COOL) policy for beef and pork "violates" the technical barriers to trade, or TBT, agreement "because it accords imported Canadian livestock treatment less favourable than that accorded to like domestic livestock."
Constellation Brands (STZ) to Issue, Redeem Senior Notes
This offering, which is anticipated to close on Nov 3, 2014, comprises two sets of notes. The first set worth $400 million, due 2019, carries an interest rate of 3.875%, while the remaining $400 million notes, due 2024, bear a charge of 4.750%.
Canada to step up wine exports to new markets: envoy
Canadian wineries plan to spend more effort exploring foreign markets, including Taiwan, in a move to promote Canada's high-quality grape wines and ice wines globally, Canada's representative to Taiwan said Sunday
B.C. Wine Subappellation Moves Ahead
The three-member board of the B.C. Wine Authority (BCWA) last week asked the province's agriculture minister to formally approve and establish the Golden Mile Bench Designated Viticultural Area (DVA), the first subappellation within the larger Okanagan Valley DVA.
Ottawa threatens tariffs on U.S. wine, juice and ketchup after WTO ruling
Canada is looking at slapping duties on iconic U.S. products ranging from California wine to ketchup after the World Trade Organization found the country's meat labelling laws offside for a second time in two years. A WTO appeal panel ruled that a U.S. law that requires grocery stores to list the country of origin on meat products discriminates against Canadian and Mexican livestock. The decision was made public Monday.
Warm outlook for Canadian ice wines in Taiwan amid push to raise exports
The director of Canada's Taipei trade office said in an interview with CNA that the North American nation has 'successful wines that can surprise people'
Visiting the 'Napa of the North,' Nova Scotia wine country
HALIFAX, Nova Scotia - Our VIA Rail train from Montreal pulled into the historic Beaux-Arts station in Halifax, across the street from a statue of Lt-General Edward Cornwallis, the first British governor of Nova Scotia.
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