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What would liquor sales look like in a post-LCBO world?
A new C.D. Howe report released Wednesday revived the debate over the oligopoly that controls booze sales in Ontario. But what would a liberalized regime actually look like for the consumer? Ontario could look to other provinces - or its own (ignored) expert report - for a few ideas.
C.D. Howe report findings support Wine Council's model for private wine shops
The recently released report by the C.D. Howe Institute calling for major change in Ontario's alcohol retailing system agrees with the Wine Council of Ontario's position that lack of competition is resulting in less choice for consumers and reduced government revenues.
Study says Ontario is shortchanging itself with monopoly on booze
Ontario's governing Liberals are shrugging off a new report claiming consumers could pay less for booze and the province could brew more profit from alcohol sales if the government opened up the business to more retailers.
Okanagan College Unlocks the Secret to Local Wine Success
Professors at Okanagan College have conducted extensive research to find out what motivates wine visitors to come to the valley, and what is needed to ensure they return. Along with the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society and the British Columbia Wine Institute the team discovered the "greatest influence on visitor motivation."
Beer and Wine in Stores Would Boost Ontario Taxes: Report
Breaking down Ontario's prohibition-era liquor laws to allow local stores to sell alcohol would lower prices while generating more revenue for the government than current "quasi-monopolies," according to a new report.
Canadians Want The Government to Remove Wine Barriers
A new Harris Decima poll shows that Canadians want the federal government to remove the limitation on importing wine from other provinces. About half of Canadians say they drink wine at least occasionally and nationally 17 per cent say they drink wine regularly, while 36 per cent say they drink wine occasionally.
Ontario: Locally-made wine may be in farmers' markets next year
The fallout from this year's harsh winter may allow a Lambton County winery to sell wine next year at farmers' markets.
Windsor: Farmers' market wine sales slow to start
A provincial pilot project to sell VQA wines at farmers' markets may need more flexibility to be beneficial, local wineries say. "Everybody, all the members are committed to it, and we're sticking with it, but I think it's going to take some time," said Ann Wilson, president and general manager of Oxley Estate Winery.
Skinnygrape wine brand embraces PET
Another alcohol brand has looked beyond glass to offer a new line in PET packaging. Andrew Peller Limited has introduced skinnygrape spritzers in a 330ml barrier PET bottle from Amcor Rigid Plastics. The beverage was previously only available as a low-calorie wine in a 750ml glass bottle
Red Wine and Blue Gold: Ontario's embrace of water conservation in winemaking
"You simply turned on a tap, and the water went down the drain, and that's all you had to know about water management 20 years ago."
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