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Small B.C. wineries say grocery store sales could wipe them out
"Grocery stores are just starting wine sales in British Columbia," Kim Pullen, president of Church and State Winery, said Tuesday. "If the model expands, small B.C. wineries will be in trouble."
BC Wine Institute Responds to BC Alliance for Smart Liquor Retail Choices
Recently, a small group of BC wineries spoke out against recent changes to new provincial laws that open up new sales channels to 100%-BC grown and produced wines.
Wine Could Soon be Available at Three Kelowna Grocery Stores
City planner Ryan Smith says as part of their sales license, those stores will only be able to stock wine. That means other types of liquor like beer and spirits will not be available.
A coalition of B.C. wineries to ask for moratorium on grocery store wine sales
The coalition -- the B.C. Alliance for Smart Liquor Retail Choices -- feels that the sale of B.C. wines in grocery stores will eventually force small to medium sized B.C. wineries out of business.
Ice wine producers may be surprise winners in trade agreement
A senior Conservative source says the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has provisions that protect the definition of ice wine. Only products that use the traditional production method of harvesting frozen grapes off the vine would be able to call themselves ice wine.
B.C. Wine Industry Looks Outward
Retrospective tasting prompts leaders to reflect on progress, wine aging ability
B.C. wine in grocery stores: winemakers say delays unacceptable
The B.C. government allowed sale of wine on store shelves in April, but just two stores are selling so far
How Ontario put water in its wine for beer sales: Cohn
It will take years for the glacial liberalization of beer to reach a critical mass - and it's already behind schedule
Earliest Start to B.C. Grape Harvested on Record
The hot temperatures and lack of rain over the summer resulted in a record break start to the grape harvest in the Okanagan and throughout British Columbia.
Ontario's Soviet-Era Alcohol Quotas Punish Businesses for Profitability
Unfortunately, the government's sales quota means that any grocer selling higher volumes of six-packs (no singles available) will only be able to sell up to a maximum quota or run the risk of additional charges
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Canada's First #Winelover Ambassador Announced
September 8th Meet Leeann Froese, who hails from British Columbia, one of Canada's most established wine regions.
Veteran Wine Professional Peter Burrow Appointed President of Evolution Fine Wines
January 29th a distributor in British Columbia and Alberta of hand-selected, artisan wines from across the globe