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Canada to step up wine exports to new markets: envoy
Canadian wineries plan to spend more effort exploring foreign markets, including Taiwan, in a move to promote Canada's high-quality grape wines and ice wines globally, Canada's representative to Taiwan said Sunday
B.C. Wine Subappellation Moves Ahead
The three-member board of the B.C. Wine Authority (BCWA) last week asked the province's agriculture minister to formally approve and establish the Golden Mile Bench Designated Viticultural Area (DVA), the first subappellation within the larger Okanagan Valley DVA.
Ottawa threatens tariffs on U.S. wine, juice and ketchup after WTO ruling
Canada is looking at slapping duties on iconic U.S. products ranging from California wine to ketchup after the World Trade Organization found the country's meat labelling laws offside for a second time in two years. A WTO appeal panel ruled that a U.S. law that requires grocery stores to list the country of origin on meat products discriminates against Canadian and Mexican livestock. The decision was made public Monday.
Warm outlook for Canadian ice wines in Taiwan amid push to raise exports
The director of Canada's Taipei trade office said in an interview with CNA that the North American nation has 'successful wines that can surprise people'
Visiting the 'Napa of the North,' Nova Scotia wine country
HALIFAX, Nova Scotia - Our VIA Rail train from Montreal pulled into the historic Beaux-Arts station in Halifax, across the street from a statue of Lt-General Edward Cornwallis, the first British governor of Nova Scotia.
Squeezing LCBO, Beer and Hydro One for cash: Cohn
How do we get a handle on the LCBO - and free our alcohol sales from the foreign-owned Beer Store monopoly? How do we give Hydro One a jolt?
The Bar Code: Wines From British Columbia Are Making a Comeback
In many ways, the Okanagan Valley is ideally suited for wine production. As in eastern Washington, the summers are hot and dry and the northerly latitude ensures lots of sun during the day.
Wine entrepreneur ready to pop a cork over tech costs
WineAlign, a Web-based business that helps oenophiles select the perfect wine for any occasion, has spent $511,000 in software development fees since starting up in 2008. "And that's just development," says founder Bryan McCaw. "Not testing, quality assurance or anything else. The total is probably double that."
British Columbia Recycles Its 15 Billionth Beverage Container at Encorp Pacific's 20th Anniversary Event
"This is a British Columbia success story about what can happen when we all work together for the greater good of the environment," says Mary Polak, Minister of Environment. "A big congratulations to Encorp Pacific for the progress they've made, and to all British Columbians who have helped reach this milestone."
EDITORIAL: Harvesting innovation in Nova Scotia
This harvest of success, which has expanded in recent years, includes everything from craft beers and various wines to cold-pressed pumpkin oil and pears grown in brandy bottles on trees.
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Mary McDermott Joins Township 7 Vineyards & Winery As Winemaker
August 25th Rising Star from Niagara Moves to Okanagan Valley
Bradley Cooper Joins Naramata Winery as Winemaker
August 11th Cooper came from Township 7 Vineyards and Winery after nine vintages
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