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Ontario: Kathleen Wynne pledges 'more rational' wine and beer sales
Premier Kathleen Wynne says she is "making an assumption that there are aspects of the liquor system in Ontario . . . that are not as rational as they could be."
Laws threaten $1B B.C. wine biz
The BC Liberal government's incompetent liquor industry meddling will lurch towards potential wine price increases on April 1. Even worse for winery owners, private and public liquor stores, wine agents and restaurants - the government is keeping its retail pricing plans mostly a secret that's deeper and darker than a bottle of old vines zinfandel
Booze monopoly doesn't mean better service for Ontarians 8
With a Blue Ribbon panel in Ontario currently looking at "monetizing" provincial assets, it struck me that this panel, the provincial government, and possibly some Ontarians, are asking all the wrong questions, particularly when it comes to the sale and distribution of wine and beer
Winemakers Reject Quebec Icewine Standard
The Canadian Vintners Association (CVA), representing over 90% of all wine produced in Canada and almost 100% of Canada's genuine Icewine production, and Vignerons Indépendants du Québec (VIQ) are deeply disappointed in the Québec government's new Icewine certification system for "Vin de Glace du Québec.
BC Announces Supermarket Wine & Liquor Sales Rules
The BC Government has announced its initial rules regarding the sale of wine and liquor in supermarkets in this policy directive, Phased-In Implementation of Liquor in Grocery Stores, and this press release, Lottery Announced for Liquor Store Relocation
Canada Berries winery benefiting from growing Chinese wine market
China has overtaken France and Italy as the world's largest consumer of red wine
Changes at JoieFarm, acclaimed British Columbia winery
Founders Heidi Noble and Michael Dinn have divorced, and Dinn has sold his interest in the winery to Noble. Based on an amusing photo that accompanied the press release and comments by the two founders, the split was amicable.
Essex County wineries hope cold doesn't hurt rebound year
The bud-killing January 2014 freeze left most local vineyards without grapes this summer and this winter's extended cold weather has winemakers here worried again.
Aquilini family presses on with Washington state wine venture
When the Aquilini Investment Group successfully trumped other bidders for 670 acres of vineyard land in Washington state in November 2013, there was a lot of speculation about its plans.
The landscape of Ontario's liqour
In the week of Feb. 17, the Ontario government announced it was setting aside plans for the expansion of LCBO kiosks in future grocery store test markets. It has caused a row with critics because in April 2014, the expansion plans were previously announced by that same Wynne government. For years, the LCBO privatization debate has ebbed and flowed in the public discourse. There are those who would love to see the Quebec or American style models, so let's take stock of Ontario's liquor situation.
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Veteran Wine Professional Peter Burrow Appointed President of Evolution Fine Wines
January 29th a distributor in British Columbia and Alberta of hand-selected, artisan wines from across the globe
Tonnellerie Cadus Announces Hire of Ian Hartnett
January 5th Ian Hartnett brings with him 15 years of wine industry experience in cooperage.
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