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How global warming is impacting the Canadian economy
With 2015 on pace to break last year's record for the planet's hottest year, the snowy Great White North has learned it's not immune to global warming.
Wine: The Judgment of BC
Seemingly out of nowhere, Oliver winery C.C. Jentsch has emerged to win two major prizes. This week, C.C. Jentsch's 2013 Syrah was rated No. 1 at the Judgment of B.C. in Vancouver.
Snowy Canada Suffers Drought, Heat, Fires as Earth Gets Warmer
Droughts in Canada are less severe than in balmier climes because the long, cold winters suppress evaporation from the soil. Yet with temperatures as much as 5 degrees Celsius (9 Fahrenheit) above normal this year, the dryness has been anything but mild, affecting industries from the oil sands to wine makers.
One group that's benefiting from BC's drought? Wineries
"The weather has been perfect so far," said Grant Stanley, director of viticulture and winemaking at 50th Parallel Estate in Lake Country, north of Kelowna, where the growth cycle is a few weeks ahead of schedule. "We're thinking this could be a great harvest."
Confessions of an inter-provincial wine smuggler
Whenever I travel across Canada, it's rare that I don't have a case of wine to share with family and friends and it usually involves crossing a provincial border. I have travelled home to Saskatchewan with 24 bottles of wine as luggage on a flight and have never been afraid of being caught. When I find great bottles of wine that my family and friends will enjoy I pop them in the mail. I am essentially the Han Solo of Canadian wines and beer.
Interprovincial liquor limits face constitutional challenge
Lawyers for a man arrested for transporting too much booze from Quebec to New Brunswick argued in court Tuesday that the trade barriers restricting the flow of alcohol and other goods across provincial borders are unconstitutional.
Booze restrictions can turn travellers into law breakers in Canada
As Ontarians travel their own country this summer, they could be breaking the law just by bringing home too much booze.
Moral frenzy at heart of BC booze battle
Just a few years ago in Vancouver, the only way to get someone to legally serve you alcohol on a Sunday was for a priest to give you a bit of wine during communion.
A growing thirst for Ontario cider
The growth of the industry has been immense, with the Ontario Craft Cider Association projecting sales of Ontario cider to reach $35 million by 2018, with employment in the sector increasing to 350 jobs. More importantly, he said, it would provide a shot in the arm to Ontario's "struggling apple industry" as cideries buy 10 per cent of all apples grown in the province.
Early harvest hits Okanagan's 2015 vintage
The heat has been unprecedented in the city, and it's been no different in the countryside. If you look at the average timing of the growing season over the last couple decades, 2015 is currently (and exceptionally) three weeks ahead of schedule; at some wineries, harvests that usually start in September have already begun.
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Veteran Wine Professional Peter Burrow Appointed President of Evolution Fine Wines
January 29th a distributor in British Columbia and Alberta of hand-selected, artisan wines from across the globe
Tonnellerie Cadus Announces Hire of Ian Hartnett
January 5th Ian Hartnett brings with him 15 years of wine industry experience in cooperage.
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