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Waiting for the smoke to clear: B.C.'s own vintage 2015
Unless Prime Minister Stephen Harper is planning on working in B.C. vineyards soon it might behoove his government to get real about foreign workers and the role they play tending British Columbia vineyards. A different story with the same ending could be said of Premier Christy Clark and her government, which has displayed an astounding lack of knowledge when it comes to the global wine business and our place in it
Canada's Okanagan Valley: The best wine region you've never heard of
Dotted with gleaming lakes, surrounded by majestic mountains and abundant in grapes that produce some of the best wines in North America, British Columbia's Okanagan Valley is a beloved summer vacation spot for Canadians.
The New Okanagan, Canada's premier wine region is on the move
Join Vancouver Sun wine writer Anthony Gismondi for a trip through the stunning Okanagan Valley as he visits six wineries along its 200-kilometre length. Gismondi will take you deep inside the wineries, prized cellars and vineyards, revealing why the Okanagan is one of North America's premium wine regions.
College winery pioneers rare vines in Niagara
"Some of the grape varieties are thousands of years old, originating in the cradle of the vinifera wine and the viticultural/winemaking ground zero 6,000 to 8,000 years ago in the Caucasus Mountains," said Ron Giesbrecht, faculty and coordinator of the College's wine programs who initiated the project that saw college practicum students and staff plant the Georgian vines on June 24.
Tim Hortons co-founder, Jost team up for new Nova Scotia wine venture
In 3 years, Fox Harb'r estate vineyard will produce its first sparkling white wine
Creating consistency in Ontario wines
Vineland-developed technology allows winery to create full-bodied, rich, complex flavour
CedarCreek Estate Winery steals star winemaker from New Zealand
The winery announced the appointment of internationally acclaimed winemaker Alexis Moore, a preeminent wine figure from New Zealand.
Beyond the Barrel: Jamie Evans
A deep passion for winemaking saw Jamie Evans move from crafting wine in his basement, to him heading to Niagara to pursue his passion as a full-time endeavour
Adamo Estate winery launches its first collection of wines
As the next generation of Adamo owners have moved forward, they have taken on another venture, aiming to establish Hockley Valley as Ontario's 'next important winemaking region' with their new 77-acre vineyard and 20,000 square foot facility dedicated to making wine.
Nova Scotia Opens Borders to Import Wine
Diana Whalen, Minister responsible for the Liquor Control Act, announced today, June 25, that Nova Scotians can now import locally grown and produced Canadian wine for personal use without going through the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.
BC Wine Institute Welcomes New Board of Directors
Nine voting BCWI Directors represent British Columbia wineries of all sizes, including large wineries (selling more than 700,000 litres annually), medium wineries (selling more than 60,000 litres annually), and the many small wineries.
Red tape holding back wine sales in grocery stores
There's still only one grocery store selling BC wine on its shelves more than three months since the model was unveiled by the province, but there's actually supposed to be two
Ontario wineries cheesed about reform delay
Winemakers concerned they will reportedly have to wait longer to get their product into supermarkets
Renaissance Yeast Inc. to Present on H2S-preventing Wine Yeast Technology at 16th Annual Enology & Viticulture Conference in Penticton, BC, Tuesday, July 21
Dr. Matthew Dahabieh, Head of Research at Renaissance, will present an hour-long industry seminar on yeast fermentation to prevent hydrogen sulfide (H2S) contamination in wine at the 16th Annual Enology & Viticulture Conference in Penticton, BC on Tuesday, July 21.
College pioneers rare vines in Niagara
On June 24, College practicum students and staff planted Georgian vines at the Niagara College Teaching Winery's on-campus vineyards, located at the College's Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus.
Story image for ontario wine from blogTO (blog) Wine won't be sold in Toronto supermarkets this year
Premier Kathleen Wynne's top business advisor Ed Clark had already foregrounded a delay in overhauling provincial wine regulations, but apparently the process is even more complicated than the former president of TD Bank had initially envisioned.
College pioneers rare vines in Niagara
Rare grape varieties from the oldest viticultural region in the world have arrived in Niagara and have taken root in Niagara College's teaching vineyards.
Court of Master Sommeliers to Bring Its Leading Educational Programs to Edmonton, Alberta
Attendees will partake in an intensive, two-day instruction
Nova Scotia wine industry says import changes will help in future
Consumers can now buy directly from wineries in British Columbia and Manitoba
Some Ohio grape growers able to save crop
There was no vintage for M Cellars in 2014, and the winery took a tremendous loss. But this year, thanks to some innovative techniques learned from Canadian wine growers, his harvest should be huge. The techniques could help all the area's wine grape growers.
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