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Assessing Ripeness Through Sensory Evaluation
Wine Business Monthly - November 2006
by Mark Greenspan. Nov 2006 Issue of Wine Business Monthly. Your fruit is at 24 Brix, and your winery representative informs you that you might be able to pick in about two weeks. Your claims that sugar levels are good are met with head bobs of understanding that morph into head shakes indicating, "Sorry, the fruit is not ...

Letter to the Editor: A Different Perspective on Irrigation
Wine Business Monthly - September 2013
Dear Editor,. As a subscriber to Wine Business Monthly and a loyal reader, I read with great interest your article written by Dr. Mark Greenspan, “'Small Drink' Irrigation Better Choice for Coastal Winegrapes,” Wine Business Monthly, June 2013. I am with Fruition Sciences, a company expert of vine water use monitoring .

Vineyard Mapping Technologies, Practices and Applications
Wine Business Monthly - June 2016
Vineyard mapping technologies and applications were discussed during a session at the Innovation + Quality (IQ) conference presented by Wine Business Monthly (WBM) at Charles Krug Winery on March 2. WBM columnist Dr. Mark Greenspan of Advanced Viticulture moderated the session and gave a brief overview of ...

Investigating the Relationship Between Yield and Quality
Wine Business Monthly - February 2006
Investigating the Relationship Between Yield and Quality. After decades of scientific research, why are we still asking the same questions about yield? Maybe it's because we are using science to answer the wrong questions. by Mark Greenspan. Feb 2006 Issue of Wine Business Monthly. It's the subject of many heated ...

Irrigation is not Important
Wine Business Monthly - May 2009
by Mark Greenspan. May 2009 Issue of Wine Business Monthly. Apparently irrigation is not important. UC Davis professor of viticulture Larry Williams made the bold, brash and shocking statement at the end of his presentation at the annual Recent Advances in Viticulture and Enology (RAVE) research conference held on ...

Keeping Pruning Simple and Effective
Wine Business Monthly - January 2017
Jan 25, 2017 ... by Mark Greenspan · Jan 2017 Issue of Wine Business Monthly. It may seem like a mundane topic to write about, but this is the time of year you are out pruning, so why not write about it? It's the first viticultural practice performed for the growing season. Well, arguably, post-harvest irrigation and fertilization ...

Stimulate Your Vines
Wine Business Monthly - May 2016
by Mark Greenspan · May 2016 Issue of Wine Business Monthly. I'll admit I've changed my mind on many viticultural things during my career. To name just a few of them: using soil moisture monitoring in vineyard water management (I now use them extensively); high-density vineyard plantings (in some situations but let's be ...

Understanding Grapevine Water Management: An Evolutionary ...
Wine Business Monthly - March 2011
Understanding Grapevine Water Management: An Evolutionary Process. Looking back on irrigation management -- Hey, can't a guy change his mind? by Mark Greenspan · Mar 2011 Issue of Wine Business Monthly. As a so-called (by others ) and self-proclaimed “expert” in vineyard water relations and water management , ...

2016 WBM Vineyard Survey Report: Water Management
Wine Business Monthly - November 2016
2016 WBM Vineyard Survey Report: Water Management. Looking for trends from several years of surveys. by Mark Greenspan · Nov 2016 Issue of Wine Business Monthly. In case you haven't been paying attention, Wine Business Monthly issues an annual survey on vineyard practices. The 2016 survey covered issues  ...

Taking the Macro View on Foliar Fertilization
Wine Business Monthly - August 2015
by Mark Greenspan · Aug 2015 Issue of Wine Business Monthly. For years and years I have been stressing to my clients, and in these WBM columns1, that foliar fertilization is a cost-effective and often necessary method of applying micronutrients to vines, but the method was not useful or recommended for macronutrients.
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