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iTek Team Demonstrates Acqua Knife at UC Davis Weed Day

Posted on July 24, 2018

PRESS RELEASE -- On July 12th 2018 Itek Wine's team demonstrated at UC Davis Weed day the innovative Acqua Knife weed abatement cultivator made by Italian company Caffini as an organic alternative solution from using herbicides.

The Acqua Knife machine uses clean water at extremely high pressure to pulverize weeds and their roots. The machine was created 6 years ago and has already found its niche with European growers of organic orchards and vineyards. Caffini is an Italian company who builds farm sprayers since the 1920s.

ITek Wine is a winemaking equipment and service supplier based in Paso Robles, CA. Its CEO Manu Fiorentini has conducted several trials of the Acqua Knife in the Central coast for the past 8 months.

"The demand for chemical free solutions keeps growing both because of recent changes in the regulation with the European Union and because more data shows crops can grow healthier without pesticides or herbiceds. Caffini felt compelled to research their best approach using their knowhow toward this goal. The Acqua Knife is now in its 4th generation after several years of R&D and has been well received across a variety of crop farmers in several countries.

"I am very excited to have the opportunity to introduce for the first time in North America this patented technology from Caffini. The results are impressive and my team and I continue doing demonstrations, so please get in touch with us should you want to see the machine in action.

There are now two versions of the Acqua Knife, a Single head or a Twin head. The Twin head is mounted in the front of the tractor for optimized operator control and increased coverage area per row of vineyard. " -Manu Fiorentini, Founder and CEO ITek Wine, Inc

“Each year at UC Davis Weed Day, we try to give California weed managers a glimpse into the research being conducted on herbicides, weed biology, ecology, and genetics, and technology related to the control of undesired plants. This year, the ITekWine team demonstrated the Acqua Knife water jet cultivator in one of our research vineyards. The machine, which uses high-pressure water jets to shallowly till the soil and pulverize existing weeds sparked a great deal of interest and discussion from the Weed Day attendees about how this specific devise as well as other technology-driven approaches weed control can lead to reduced dependence on hand labor and synthetic pesticides in California specialty crops. The Acqua Knife demonstration was a great addition to our day-long discussion of weed management technology – thanks!”

– Brad Hanson, UC Cooperative Extension Weed Science Specialist and Chair of the 2018 UC Davis Weed Day

The Acqua Knife has a water tank mounted on a trailer behind the tractor, and uses a strong piston pump driven by the PTO. A remote control positioned in the cab allows the driver to position the spraying heads at the right distance and pitch. Turning on the water piston pump unleashes 15,000 PSI of pressure. The spraying head hovers above the soil gently following the contour of the grape vines trunk while the water jet fractures the weeds in its path penetrating the soil up to 2 inches damaging the weed roots.

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