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Emmeti USA Launches Pick & Place Case Packer for Wineries (Press Release)

Posted on May 10, 2013

Emmeti introduces the most diverse pick and place case packer, named “The Eagle,” designed to effectively pick and place bottles in 2 x 3 - 3 x 4 – 6 x 4 case patterns.

Fausto Savazzi, president of Emmeti USA, says, “Emmeti’s case packer, with automatic job change, is capable of quickly and easily changing from one bottle size to the next. The range covered by our self-adjustable head on the Eagle is 60 to 110 mm bottle diameter, or 2.3” to 4.3". Emmeti is a global supplier, and pick and place case packing is not a new concept to the market. Bottling lines around the world pick and place case pack, therefore this method is standard operating procedure on Emmeti Case Packers. Our case packers meet the needs of low volume to high speed lines, accommodating bottlers and re-packers from the high end, top shelf labels, to a mobile bottling truck, without jeopardizing the label or integrity of the product.”

Typically from the labelers, the bottles travel on single lane through continuous bottle dividers that separate them into a the required number of lanes entering the case packer. The use of brushless motors allows the flow of the bottles to run continuously without slowing down or stopping of the conveying line. Fingerlike devices check to ensure that the bottles in the pick-up zone are positioned correctly and determine if any bottles have fallen. If a fallen bottle is detected, the system stops until correction is made. Once corrected the case packer automatically ramps back up to accommodate the lost production time.

The case packer loads from one to ten cases at a time and can insert partitions after bottle placement. After the required number of bottles / containers enters the pick-up zone, a bar holds back additional incoming bottles / containers to avoid back pressure on the bottles, during the pick-up cycle. The system is designed to eliminate any contact between bottles and guides, thus avoiding any bottle or label damage, after the pick-up. When required, partitions are inserted after placement of bottles and the partition tamps itself in place with the help of a vibrating conveyor, upon exiting from the case packer zone.

The Eagle case packer can be set up to accommodate a wide range of products using gripping, magnetic or vacuum pick-up systems. A carton centering device in the case packer ensures that the carton is positioned correctly to receive the bottles while a sensor detects the presence of the carton. If a case is missing, or not properly positioned, the machine automatically stops. Additional sensors allow the machine to restart only when the right number of cartons is in position and stop the machine if a jam occurs outside of the case packer. The case packer will then “ramp up” to accommodate the lost production time in the packing area.

The Eagle is equipped with an Allen Bradley PLC and Panelview 700+ touch-screen HMI for quick product changes, set-up and access to the diagnostics. An operator can change products in less than five minutes with no tools and no manual adjustments.

Low maintenance is standard with Emmeti’s self-lubrication guides and supports, VULCOLAN sliding wheels and nylon transmission belts. Grease cartridges that last approximately two years, provide automatic greasing of linear guides. This means very low maintenance for the plant.

Emmeti has been designing and manufacturing factory automation equipment since 1982, with a worldwide reputation as a supplier of reliable, technologically advanced container and package handling systems for glass, plastic and metal containers, as well as cartons, cases, trays and other packages. Emmeti’s wide range of factory automation systems include: Case and bulk palletizers / depalletizers, case formers, case packers, case unpackers, partition inserters, case sealers, pallet labelers, shuttle cars, AGV systems, conveyors, elevators, lowerators, and a host of other equipment that allows Emmeti to offer turn-key solutions.

Please contact Emmeti to learn more about equipment capabilities at

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