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The Following Statement from Executive Director Tom Wark of the National Association of Wine Retailers is in response to the accusation of Michigan Liquor Control Commission incompetence by the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association and today's Senate passage of SB 1088.


In a Missouri courthouse and the Michigan statehouse, retailers are battling for the right to ship wine to customers across state lines


After setbacks from two severe winters, conditions improve for Stark County grape growers to yield tasty fruit this fall.


Michigan's packaged liquor sales reached a new plateau in 2015, topping the $1 billion mark in wholesale purchases by retailers


Prime Now LLC has filed applications with the Division of Liquor Control. They are seeking C1, C2 and D6 licenses in several Ohio cities, including Cincinnati.


The wine industry is a big draw, with more than 9,393 acres of vineyards planted in the microclimates of the 11 finger-shaped lakes. These vineyards produce more than 54,600 tons of grapes a year for the 119 bonded wineries in the Finger Lakes.


After years of trying, Monarch Beverage Co. affiliate Spirited Sales LLC is now officially distributing alcohol in Indiana-at least for now.


The city-owned building, formerly the Newman Recreation Center, has served as a National Guard armory, police firing range and public recreation center over the past century. Parks programming ceased there in 2011 because of maintenance issues, and the building has been vacant for the past two years.


Drew Horton has been active in the wine industry for over 25 years, having started as a wine salesman and then as a winemaker. With a BA in Anthropology and early career experience working in kitchens, Drew brings a unique perspective at the intersection of food, culture, and of course wine.


West Dundee created a new liquor license classification Monday earmarked for Cinemark Theaters, which is building a new eight-screen movie theater in Spring Hill Mall


Distilled spirits, like whiskey, bourbon, brandy and more, have become the rage in the adult beverage world of late.


New lawsuit in Illinois challenges the constitutionality of direct-shipping laws; plaintiffs hope to reach the Supreme Court


Recent legislation liberates wineries in Pennsylvania, New York and elsewhere


Badger Liquor Co. has agreed to lease 24,000 square feet for 10 years at Schlitz Park's RiverCenter Building


Republic National Distributing Co. of Indiana LLC plans to spend $7 million on a renovation of its south-side distribution complex-a project that is expected to expand its operations and create 30 jobs over the next five years.


The festival, to be held just south of the Southern Illinois Art & Artisans Center on Golf Course Road, will showcase 12 Illinois wineries


It was a fantastic object lesson in not just the misperceptions of less famous wine regions in the United States, but also in how, when experienced on their own merits, without the outside influence of geographical stereotypes to get in the way of the juice itself, wine from less-venerated places has the potential to surprise, charm, and ultimately win over otherwise skeptical consumers.


Berries are smaller, but quality looks very good


The grapes, and picking them at this time, were not impacted by Friday's storms, said Dave Poland, winemaker and co-owner of Hidden Hills


The grant provides "another shot in the arm" for the center that LMC is building at the corner of Yore and Empire avenues, President Emeritus/Acting CEO Bob Harrison said.

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