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The Lodi Planning Commission is slated to review requests for a winery and tasting room, a gas station and a parcel map for the former credit union on Mills Avenue during its meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Carnegie Forum.


China announced an additional $50 billion in tariffs on 106 products on Wednesday. Trump then responded Thursday by directing Treasury officials to consider an additional $100 billion in tariffs.


The Lodi Winegrape Commission, representing more than 750 winegrape growers farming 110,000 acres which includes 85 wineries in the Lodi American Viticulture Area (AVA), has announced the appointment of Stuart Spencer as Executive Director, effective immediately.


Farrah Felten-Jolley with Klinker Brick Winery in Lodi watched as a forklift loaded pallets of her family's wine into a 20-foot container truck.


changes will primarily affect accessory, marketing and wine release events ... wineries will be required to utilize parking attendants at events once their primary parking areas reach capacity and vehicles need to be directed to overflow parking lots, instead of one attendant per every 50 attendees Attendance at accessory events will be determined based on the amount of permitted on-site parking available


David Lucas has helped put Lodi on the wine map. Last week, The Lucas Winery was named Winery of the Year by Visit Lodi!, and Taylor Kininmonth, owner of Sip Shuttle, was named Tourism Advocate of the Year.


California has adopted regulations addressing agricultural pesticide applications near public schools and licensed daycare centers which provide minimum distance standards for certain pesticide applications and require annual notifications


He and his brother and their Lodi High buddies pruned vineyards, mowed lawns, drove tractors and did just about any odd job that paid on weekends and school breaks.


As the immigration debate continues in Washington and Sacramento, agricultural employers find themselves walking a legal tightrope between the two capitals.


The Lodi Planning Commission approved permits for Weibel Family Tasting Room's upcoming move to a larger space


The project involves installing seven miles of pipeline from the Mokelumne River to Pixley Creek Slough and Bear Creek, according to Tom Flinn, vice president and treasurer of NSJWCD.


Although California's 2017 grape harvests and prices remained relatively stable compared to 2016, Lodi's crops saw minor decreases, according to Lodi Winegrape Commission program manager Stuart Spencer


On Feb. 26, farmers will make a pivotal decision: whether or not to tax themselves about $14 million over 30 years to build a new delivery system.


But before I go on about why they're so cool, let me give you the bad news first. They're gnarly. Crotchety. Less vigorous. Challenging to prune and harvest. And a little stingy with their production of grapes, besides.


"We've seen a tremendous amount of growth in direct-to-consumer shipments and direct-to-consumer business here in Lodi," said Stuart Spencer, program manager for the Lodi Wine Commission.


When Aaron Lange became the lead vineyard manager of LangeTwins Winery in 2003, he took on the responsibility of overseeing the sustainability and habitat restoration programs for his family's winery in Acampo.


Dr. Ohmart - who prefers to be called, simply, Cliff - was Lodi Winegrape Commission's Sustainable Winegrowing Director for 14 years (1996 to 2009). During the past eight years he has been serving as Senior Scientist for SureHarvest (a sustainable agricultural management company).


With the new $1.5 trillion tax plan, many farmers will see a 20 percent deduction on pass-through income. The deduction will be a huge relief for local farmers because most have small businesses and are organized as pass-through entities, Ferrari said.


Every grapegrower would like to sell their grapes at a higher price. Some factors affecting grape prices are beyond a grower's control, such as wine market conditions and trends, supply and demand and general economic factors. But as pointed out at a recent Lodi Winegrape Commission (LWC) meeting about premiumization, a grower can take the initiative to change farming practices to increase quality and raise the bar, do market research, target potential buyers and make contacts to improve sales opportunities and prices.


Although some Lodians have expressed concerns about a proposed 65-acre Gallo Winery processing facility, which would be located on East Acampo Road in Acampo, others are more supportive of the project.

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