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Trade groups had urged the removal of the alcohol ban over fears of a 'total collapse of the industry' and increased illicit trading.


In the wake of the disorder the country has seen during the past week due to looting, violence and destruction of property in certain provinces, the country once again faces unprecedented challenges. So too does the South African wine industry.


The historic Stellenbosch-based farm exports quality wines from South Africa.


In a country where access to land is tough, a new generation forges a path


Fears that the country's fourth booze ban would be extended beyond its 12 July deadline have been confirmed.


The South African governments' moratorium on the sale of alcohol is likely to be extended beyond the official termination date of 12 July, according to insiders.


Officially known as the EU Digital COVID Certificate, it will allow airport scanners to read a QR code from your smartphone, verifying that you meet one or more of the requirements for travel.


Robert Coe and Warwick Ross, the Australian producers of "Blind Ambition", said they were drawn to the story of the four Black Zimbabweans because they came from a background with no history and culture of wine.


Backsberg was sold last year and Plaisir de Merle was snapped up by the Jordaan family of Bartinney Wine Estate.


Cyril Ramaphosa banned alcohol, outlawed public gatherings and closed schools again for 14 days,


Wines of South Africa voiced deep concern about total ban on the sale of alcohol.


New plans to make the South Africa's Cape Town Port more efficient have been welcomed by Vinpro, the non-profit company which represents almost 2,600 South African wine producers, cellars and industry stakeholders.


Documentary Blind Ambition introduces the first Zimbabwean sommelier tasting team to enter "the Olympics of the wine world". Kaleem Aftab talks to its protagonists and filmmakers about the opportunities afforded through wine, as well as the industry's continued diversity issues


Tommy and James have partnered with Matt Lockwood on the canned wine project, called Banks Brothers. Due to go on sale in July, the range comprises a South African Syrah Mourve`dre and Chardonnay housed in 250ml cans, priced at £21 for three, £40 for six or £78 for a dozen.


The platform has been launched to provide international trade with a single online space in which to research, interact, and develop new and existing business with South African wine producers, said WoSA. Moreover, as well as providing an up-to-date database of producer and wine information the Gateway can be used as a marketing tool for producers, who can upload videos, images and other marketing content to the site.


Once derided as smelling of burnt rubber, a new generation of Pinotage is finding favor with wine lovers.


Darling Cellars winery was flooded with red wine after a 50,000-liter tank fell, setting off a domino effect


Most in the Cape wine business likely do not know who Lettie is, and couldn't care less if she hates Pinotage. Further, the author doesn't know Lettie personally and can only guess about her reasons for detesting and generally "bad mouthing", as we call it in the US, our 96-year-old native cultivar.


Wines of South Africa thrilled to share details on the outstanding new vintage


Fossil fuel companies have told shareholders the Paris Agreement lacks teeth but this ruling could change the game. It could pave the way for similar cases in other countries, forcing oil companies to reduce fossil fuel production.

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