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Lubanzi Wines, a fast growing South African wine brand, and a recently certified B Corporation, is becoming the first South African producer to launch canned wines in the United States on April 1st, 2019. The wines will be initially distributed across the US throughout select markets.


he following five producers-from five different countries-stand out as worth keeping an eye on in the future. They produce excellent wines (deserving of ratings 95 or higher on a 100-point scale) while their prices are reasonable, at approximately between $12 and $50 a bottle


Tenuta Luce, a leading wine producer in Tuscany's Montalcino region, announced today that they will now be represented by 11 négociants from La Place de Bordeaux in Asia (except Japan), the Middle East and Africa.


Richard Holmes delves into Distell's new wine company


On a recent trip to the winelands of South Africa, Georgie Hindle visited many of the top wineries the region has to offer. Here is her list of 10 great wine styles from across the Western Cape all worth seeking out to enjoy now or cherish and hold on to.


The number of grape varieties planted in South Africa has increased from approximately 80 to 100 since the turn of this century. Some 65% of wine grape production is white-primarily Chenin Blanc, Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc-with the balance of reds dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinotage and Merlot.


Below, four South African winemakers tell of their histories and niches within the industry. They include reviving the allure of an almost forgotten grape, mastering winemaking within a culturally and linguistically different environment, learning the benefits of biodynamic production and contributing to Africa's wildlife future.


There's a lot of buzz about the high-quality wines made from old vines. Whether or not you're a believer, old-vine vineyards represent some of the most dramatic and authentic representations of wine history, tradition and appreciation.


Lower prices around the world have not led to a sales frenzy: with plentiful volumes available, buyers continue to weigh in their options ... The current exception to the new supply-demand paradigm is South Africa; out of its 2018 inventory and finding strong domestic demand for any volumes that do pop up. This has meant pricing on its 2019 generics has remained prohibitive versus the rest of the world's; something it will need to keep an eye on moving forward. (It is more competitive on international varietals.)


With only a few Cabernet Sauvignon blocks left to pick on organic wine estate Org de Rac, cellar master Frank Meaker is ready to sum up vintage 2019: small on yield, superb on quality.


The World Restaurant Awards held its first-ever ceremony in Paris on Feb. 18. With a gender-balanced panel of judges from around the world, the new awards were designed to recognize fresh talent and intended to reflect the eateries and trends most captivating chefs, sommeliers, foragers, and food writers right now.


While the early low-sugar Chardonnay for Cap Classique was being harvested from the middle of January in dry, mild conditions, picking the bulk of the estate's grapes for its famous Chardonnay terroir-specific range only got underway in mid-February.


"The five hottest years ever measured have been in the last five years," the former Vice President tells Christiane Amanpour. "Donald J. Trump has become the global face of climate denial."


South Africa is the wine world's next "it" region. What the Drinks Business once called "the 'bad old' days of South African winemaking" are fading into the rearview, replaced by stellar vintages and high-profile critical acclaim.


The world's best sommeliers, arguably some of the most influential voices in the world of wine, visited Cape Town last week under the flag of the International Association of Sommeliers (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, or ASI). This visit formed part of this global industry body's strategic session ahead of the 2019 Best Sommelier of the World competition, which will be taking place in Belgium later this year.


Conference in Porto to focus on Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change ...


After 2 years of training, we presented our experts, Ambrosia and Odysé, two friendly professional Labrador retrievers (former drug sniffing dogs) to detect TCA and TBA. Over the years, we now have a team of dogs introducing: Moro, Zamba and Mamba.


Cape Venture Wine Co., the architects and producers of Lubanzi Wines, one of the fastest growing South African wine brands in America, has earned certification as a B Corporation, an acknowledgement of the company's commitment to social and environmental ethics, transparency and accountability.


Distell, Africa's leading wines and spirits producer and marketer, is capitalising on its roots in premium and fine wine and is launching Libertas Vineyards and Estates as a new stand-alone company with ownership of all the premium wine brands.


The move is a significant shift from Distell's previous approach, where premium wines were managed as a division within the company.

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