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Heavy rainfall and frost contributed to a 10% drop in Argentina's grape harvest in 2015, with Mendoza bearing the brunt of the bad weather


Susana Balbo, who founded Dominio del Plata winery in 1999 and has held the post of President of Wines of Argentina three times, is hoping to represent the centre-right party Propuesta Republicana (PRO) as member of parliament for the Mendoza region


An adventurous Minnesota businessman made his money in copiers and his name as a South American vintner.


Restructuring Argentina's debt isn't what you expect to find in most writing about wine. Nor is a center for early childhood development in South Africa. Nor, for that matter, is commentary on immigration in Italy and the recent elections in Turkey.


It is time to take Chile's fine wine message beyond critics and the trade to consumers, maintained Errazuriz president Eduardo Chadwick as he launched the 2013 vintage of Seña.


Rain was a major factor in the harvests on both sides of the Andes.


Maxwell Wines attend the LWTF for the first time in 10 years


Siblings Felix and Rossana Pavone have spent their careers at Santa Ema under the guidance of their father, Felix Pavone Arbe.


Every year, Argentina produces more wine than Chile, but Chile's smaller population consumes much less at home. Yet Argentina long ago surpassed Chile as an exporter to the United States - why couldn't it do so elsewhere as well?


Adventurous producers are planting vines close to the Pacific Ocean and up the Andean hillsides, stretching winemaking to its limits.


Argentina's Doña Paula winery has high hopes for an extremely rare Italian red grape called Casavecchia, which will be used as a blending partner for Malbec.


With a rebellious edge and the desire to make Argentina stand out from the crowd, these winemakers are worth keeping an eye on, writes Amanda Barnes.


Argentine grape growers for low quality, bulk wines must improve standards, create new products or switch to other fruits and vegetables to return to profitability, Mendoza Governor Francisco Perez said.


De Martino will stop producing two cheaper wines from grapes grown in the Limari Valley, about 200 miles (320 kilometers) from the Chilean capital, to free up precious water for its bestseller that goes for $29 a bottle, enologist Marcelo Retamal said. If parched reservoirs aren't replenished, grape growing in Limari may disappear altogether.


Many people divide the world of wine into old and new, a distinction based on time: the Old World has been making fine wine a lot longer than the New. For example, countries like France, Spain and Italy are part of the Old World, whereas Australia, the United States and Chile are part of the New World.


When Eduardo Chadwick went to open up international markets for his family's winery, he quickly discovered that people didn't know much about his native Chile. They knew even less about the quality wines he was looking to sell.


"Cabernet Franc is a hit! Even a bigger hit than Malbec, regarding international ratings".


In the second of our Chilean winemakers to watch series, Amanda Barnes counts down from 10 to one.


Whisper it gently - certainly to those lovers of big, heavily extracted, super-ripe, sweet-fruited, oaky Mendoza Malbecs - but a revolution in Argentina is nearing completion. Nothing of course to do with economic or social issues, but rather a quest by many of the country's leading winemakers to reinvent the style of the country's flagship varietal.


To understand how to crack the +£10 wine barrier, Chilean producer Concha y Toro hosted a blind tasting and discussion with key members from across the UK trade

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