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Advanced Wine Tasting
Mar 10
Davis, CA
Event Type: Seminars and Classes
Description: This rigorous day of tasting duplicates many of the consistency and identification tests required for qualification as a wine competition judge. It challenges experienced tasters and, following each flight that is blind tasted, provides immediate feedback on their sensitivity to a range of odors and flavors in wine, whether attributes or defects. The class does not “credential” tasters as wine judges, but allows students to test and expand their sensory abilities. Topics and tastings include sessions on wine odors, defect recognition, tasting consistency and wine memory. This is not a class for beginners and requires familiarity with a wide range of wines. It is highly recommended that students have already taken introductory wine sensory courses or have equivalent experience before enrolling in this course.

For an additional $50 fee, students who register for this course may also elect to have their test results graded by special arrangement with the instructor and submitted to the California State Fair Wine Judging Committee as candidates for State Fair wine judges. Upon enrollment, you will need to contact the instructor. Please call the Agriculture department at (530) 757-8899 for details.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to enroll and attend.

Enroll in section 173VIT216.
Event Organizer: UC Davis Extension
Venue: UC Davis Extension: DaVinci
Address: 1632 DaVinci Ct.   Davis, CA   95618
Time: 9 am
Phone: (800) 752-0881
Cost: $425
Available languages: English
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