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Introduction to Wine Chemistry
Jan 20-21
Davis, CA
Event Type: Seminars and Classes
Description: Designed for individuals with a winemaking background but no formal training in chemistry, this weekend program provides insights into the interplay of chemical reactions that occur in wine and winemaking. An understanding of such reactions establishes the necessary background for making informed decisions on wine processing. Learn about the importance of pH chemistry in winemaking, titratable acidity, buffer capacity and equilibriums in wine, fermentation end products (including ethanol and volatile acidity) and other critical topics associated with wine chemistry.

Enroll in section 173VIT207. Course fee includes course materials and lunch.
Event Organizer: UC Davis Extension
Venue: UC Davis Extension: DaVinci
Address: 1632 DaVinci Ct.   Davis, CA   95618
Time: 8: 30 am
Phone: (800) 752-0881
Cost: $280
Available languages: English
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