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Online Wine Business Management Certificate Foundation Course
Jun 5-
Jul 3
Rohnert Park, CA
Registration Deadline: May 27, 2013
Event Type: Seminars and Classes
Description: The Wine Business Management Certificate is made up of three independent levels. Each level builds upon the next and is designed to challenge participants while creating a superior understanding of wine business operations.

Foundation Level
This level offers an overview of global wine production-how wine is grown, distributed and sold. While moving wine through the value chain is similar to other products, there are a number of practices and customs that are different. These differences arise out of the nature of wine as food, wine as an alcoholic beverage product, and wine as a highly differentiated luxury good. This introductory course brings the participants up to speed on the currently accepted protocols and the standards associated with the successful selling of wine. The ability to properly develop marketing and sales strategies is an intrinsic part of successful selling and management of sales channels.

At the conclusion of this level, participants will be able to:

Explain global wine commerce
Understand the interrelatedness of grape growing, wine production, sales, marketing, distribution and direct to consumer
Outline the process of getting from the vineyard to the retailer
Understand and outline the process of:
Selling wine in stores (off-premise)
Selling wine in restaurants and bars (on-premise)
Selling wine online and in other venues
Communicate the future of wine commerce
Event Organizer: Sonoma State University Wine Business Institute
Location: Rohnert Park, CA
Phone: 707-664-3347
Cost: $590
Available languages: English
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