Best Luxury Package Design
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Francis Ford Coppola Winery, The Family Coppola Wines_92nd Awards Pinot Noir $140

These wines were served at the Governors Ball after the Academy Awards on 2/9/20, and the design is the vision of Mr. Francis Ford Coppola, brought to life by Managing Designer Nicole Walsh and a team of contributors. The pair stands out because the all-gold package aligns with the look of an Oscar. Mr. Coppola likes the idea of the consumer holding the bottle and giving a mock acceptance speech, as if the bottle is their award. Our product development team (Camille Picott and Christopher Wilder) chose vendors who did an outstanding job achieving this gold look. The pair of wines evoke luxury and elegance. Photography by: Chad Keig.

Nicole Walsh
bottle Vendor:
Bottle Coatings
capsule Vendor:
Maverick Enterprises Inc.
closure Vendor:
Maverick Enterprises Inc.
label printer:
APHOLOS Metal Labels & Closures