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Promontory On-Site Ambassador

Promontory Winery

St Helena, CA

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Job Description:

Situated in the western hills of Oakville, Promontory combines the state of the art in winemaking with deep ties to Napa Valley’s past. The vineyards that supply this innovative winery lie in a remote territory that has remained hidden since the days when stagecoaches traversed its terrain en route from Napa to Sonoma. The rare convergence of soil types on the property yields red wines of unprecedented character that are unlike any others in the region. Our employees are committed to providing our patrons and guests with the finest experiences.

We are currently recruiting an On-Site Ambassador for Promontory. This position will represent the culture and philosophy of Promontory for our guests. The On-Site Ambassador will authentically live our values, with curiosity for people and the ability to understand and engage with others’ interests across different subjects. By providing exceptional service and a memorable experience when hosting private tours and tastings and by offering direct-to-consumer sales at the time of the visit, the On-Site Ambassador will successfully generate long term, repeated business from existing and new patrons.


Hosting Guests
•  Serve as ambassador and storyteller for Promontory.
•  Provide authentic visits and tastings on property adapting the experience to the interests of the guests without compromising the core values of our estate.
•  Follow a choreographed, but not scripted tour lay-out. Use a genuine demeanor, while following specific steps of service and high standards for guest experience.
•  Build rapport with guests by asking open ended questions in order to tailor the experience to their interests. Share information about our land, our philosophy, our wines, and our programs, all tailored accordingly.
•  Invite guests to purchase wines, join our allocation list and / or our loyalty programs when appropriate.
•  Create, maintain and nourish subscriber relations that contribute to the longevity of our mailing list.
•  Practice responsible hospitality at all times.

•  Collect, record and update our database with personal, preference and purchase history information on all guests at the property.
•  Coordinate sales and wine delivery with the appropriate department (Accounts Receivable, Inventory, and Fulfillment).
•  Send a hand written, personalized thank you note after each visit.
•  Set-up and breakdown visits and tastings.
•  Maintain the perfect tidiness of the tasting rooms and all guest facing areas at all times.
•  Clean and polish all tools related to the hospitality activity.
•  Assist in coordinating overall winery hospitality schedule of Promontory in partnership with the Hospitality Manager, Concierge and other On-Site Ambassadors.
•  Coordinate with Property Steward and Hospitality Manager on inventory and maintenance needs for the property.
•  Assist with inventories of wines in the tasting rooms.
•  Capture all necessary metrics to assist the Hospitality Manager in evaluating the overall performance of the hospitality program.
•  Identify and assist with designing constant improvements to the guest experience at Promontory.

•  Assist the Hospitality Manager in building the mailing list with qualified subscribers by developing relationships with local referral networks and being present at on-site and off-site events, as needed.
•  Serve as a secondary point person for Promontory with outside properties, off-site events and/or local referral sources.

•  Performs all related duties as assigned

•  A minimum of 4 years of luxury guest or member relations experience.
•  College degree preferred.
•  Passionate and knowledgeable about wine, food and agriculture, with a willingness to broaden knowledge base
•  Strong interest professional wine tasting and wine service skills.
•  Breadth of interest across many subjects & depth of knowledge with interest to continue learning
•  Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, CRM Dynamics, Navision
•  Willingness and ability to:
Lift and handle materials weighing up to 40 pounds
Work overtime whenever required
Stand on hard surface for extended periods
Grasp, stoop, squat, climb stairs, push or pull, carry, and reach over shoulder

Please email us your cover letter and resume.

Pacific Union Co. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Thursday, November 4th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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