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Warehouse Manager

Vintage Wine Distributor, Inc.

Solon, OH

Job Description:

About us: The company is an importer and wholesale distributor of wines and beers. We service restaurants, beverage stores, grocery stores, chain stores, club stores and many others throughout Ohio from three warehouses: Solon, Columbus, and West Chester.

Job Summary: This is a management position involved in many operational functions of the business statewide. This position helps create, manage, and perform processes and duties involved with the warehouse as well as the staff within it. Additionally, this position oversees the duties and processes of our delivery staff. This position requires coordination across departments to facilitate and ensure accurate and timely delivery of products and services to customers throughout the state of Ohio.

Specifically, this position interacts with drivers, warehouse staff, administrative staff, customers, suppliers, freight forwarders, sales reps, area managers, marketing managers, and executives. Collectively, the goal is to provide exceptional customer service and support.

This job may require heavy lifting and/or operating machinery, including a delivery vehicle.

Essential Duties:
•  Oversee all truck loads—domestic, import, transfers, etc. This includes scheduling dock times and checking in all product to make sure items reconcile with the computer system.
•  Manage all inventory to ensure warehouse is properly stocked. This includes overseeing periodic physical counts. This also includes scheduling to have empty kegs picked up when necessary.
•  Manage the delivery and warehouse staffs. Duties involve assisting employees with their day-to-day business and tasks.
•  Oversee and manage the fleet of company vehicles. Properly document mileage on a daily and monthly basis. Make sure trucks are inspected thoroughly on a daily basis.
•  Monitor all maintenance on trucks and warehouse equipment as needed.
•  Manage all express orders, pick-ups, and returns.
•  Clear the order line each day.
•  Print all add-ons for the drivers and then ensure that all add-ons are pulled before the drivers clock in each day.
•  Create daily trip sheets.
•  Assist sales reps, customers, and administrative staff to make sure wine is delivered accurately and in a timely fashion.
•  Monitor hours worked, PTO, and warehouse accuracy.
•  Maintain the routes within the company computer system.
•  Make sure new customers are assigned appropriate delivery days and stop numbers.
•  Oversee the delivery staff to make sure updated delivery times for customers are added to the computer system and invoices periodically.
•  Help resolve orders missing from their normal delivery day. Be on the lookout for orders that are miss invoiced under the wrong account name. Confirm with sales rep whether or not any corrections are necessary and then once confirmed, make sure product gets delivered.
•  Maintain a clean and safe warehouse.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Thursday, January 7th
Type of Work:
Full Time