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Peregrine Mobile Bottling, LLC

Sonoma, CA


Job Description:

Consider Applying Here, If You
- Want to work in an small-business with an entrepreneurial and dynamic environment with a chance to make an impact.
- Have and enjoy a strong sense of accountability and ownership.
- Have a natural tendency to communicate.
- Want to develop lasting relationships with great people.
- If you are more comfortable in larger organizations with a lot of structure, this may not be the right position for you.

- Position Description and Responsibilities:
Peregrine Mobile Bottling, LLC is a service provider to the California wine industry. The company has been established in 2010 and is considered a high-technology service provider with focus on operational excellence and excellent customer service. The Operations & Maintenance Manager is part of the company management and reports directly to the company’s CEO / Owner. Your responsibilities include Operations Management (Mobile Bottling Production Line / Crossflow-Filtration Equipment / Commercial Tents), Equipment Maintenance, Engineering Projects and the Service portion of company’s Equipment Representation business. Company has an established track record in the industry as a provider of services on the highest level of technology with strong focus on quality and customer service. The position’s defined responsibilities are:

- Operations Management:
The candidate is responsible for all operations management of the company. This includes operations team leadership, recruiting, training, scheduling and supervision. The current production team consists of the Bottling Team (1x supervisor, 1x Operator Maintainer, 1x Junior Operator Maintainer and depending on the project, up to 10x Bottling Crew Members (temporary labor)) and Process Team (2x Technician). Special knowledge of the production equipment is required to actively support and manage the operations team since operation / production efficiency significantly depends on the quality, experience and training of the team operating the equipment.

In addition, production scheduling, work order clarification and customer communication are important parts of the responsibility. Strong communications skills combined with technical knowledge of the equipment capabilities are necessary to qualify order requests and manage production line operations.

- Maintenance and Spare Parts Management:
An essential part of Operations Management is Equipment Maintenance. The candidate is responsible for scheduling, supervision, performance and documentation of the preventative maintenance program on an ongoing basis. There are various levels of maintenance activities to be performed. Preventative maintenance is essential for the short-term and long-term performance capability of our production. Specific knowledge of technology incorporated in crossflow filtration, filling, corking/ screw-capping, capsuling, labeling, packaging as well as gas management equipment is important and required.

Candidate is responsible for Spare Parts Management. Wear and spare parts are documented in company’s equipment manuals. Company has a comprehensive wear and spare parts inventory which requires continuous replenishment when parts are used. In addition, parts for yearly overhauls need to be identified based on equipment maintenance reports and ordered in a timely fashion.

Besides company’s production equipment, candidate will manage company's vehicles and trailers maintenance. This includes regular maintenance and repairs when required. Company’s fleet currently includes 1x semi-tractor / trailer rig; 4x pick-up trucks, 3x box trailers, 1x SUV and 1x station wagon.

- Operations:
The Operations Manager will support the day-to-day activities of the operations team. Upon clarification and scheduling of a production order the production trailer(s) are transported to and set up at customer’s winery location. Site inspection and production trailer set-up will be supervised by the Operations Manager.

The Operations Manager is responsible for the supervision of the set-up of the individual production line equipment according to each of the winery’s specific requirements. Product set-up and troubleshooting of production equipment is extremely important and the Operations Manager is required to play an active part in these activities whenever necessary. In case of any quality variations or in case of a brake-down of a production equipment the Operation Manager is responsible to manage immediate activities to secure customer’s wine, repair the production equipment and bring production back up. In order to perform efficient set–up, troubleshooting and to keep downtime to a minimum, specific technology know-how and experience in equipment maintenance, repair and/or replacement of parts as well as wine handling is necessary. This includes mechanical, electrical and electronic control knowledge.

The Operations Manager is responsible for all production related documentation. This includes but is not limited to production amounts per wine lot, equipment downtime reports, Quality Assurance Reports, verification of successful production line sterilization process, filtration integrity test, etc.

- Engineering:
Candidate will be part of the decision making team for future expansion projects which may include equipment purchases and engineering projects; i.e. equipment specification, evaluation & purchase, retrofit/upgrade projects, additional automation projects, additional business expansions, etc. Specialized bottling and engineering knowledge and especially knowledge of the filtration, process, bottling, inspection, other auxiliary are part of the responsibility.

- Field Service:
Peregrine Mobile Bottling, LLC is providing field service for KH Process Tech GmbH. Equipment installation and field service is the responsibility of the candidate. Since this business segment is growing a service team will eventually have to be established.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Thursday, November 5th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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