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Oliver Search Consulting

Lodi, CA

Job Description:

Has the overall responsibility to provide accurate and financial information to clients and the family partnerships. Oversees all accounting and support staff(6). Serves as liaison between staff and the partners and outside parties.

•  Manage the accuracy and productivity of day-to-day activities of: 1) accounts payable, 2)cash disbursements, 3)invoicing/billing, customer credits and collections, 4)payroll, 5)fixed asset records, 6)general & entity accounting, 7)cost accounting, and 8)annual financial statements.
•  Review Monthly Closing and Client Billings.
•  Safeguard assets and assure accurate and timely recording of all transactions by implementing disciplines of internal audits, controls and checks across all departments.
•  In partnership with our outside accounting firm, assure corporate income tax compliance is accurate and completed timely for all corporate income tax returns.
•  Create annual work papers for our outside accounting firm to conduct our annual review.
•  Answer client audit requests.
•  Establish and maintain systems and controls that verify the integrity of all systems, processes and data.
•  Write and maintain policies and procedures.
•  Respond to owners as assigned with accurate and timely work to facilitate their needs.
•  Participate in a wide variety of special projects and compile a variety of special reports.
•  Coordinate and Monitor all 401K activities and deadlines.
•  Active role in problem solving and maintaining current Computer Programs.
•  Maintain accurate Lease records and interact with DMV as needed.
•  Debt and Interest allocation for family owed entities.
•  Property tax equipment reports for all counties.
•  Update list of Management agreements once a year for expiration dates.
•  Oversee the annual archive process.
•  Prepare, gather and send information to financial intuitions as required by our banks.
•  Oversee the annual W2 & 1099 process.
•  Prepare 5500s for self-insured health plans.
•  Maintains Harvest Reports and A/R schedules.
•  Communicate with co-workers, management, clients and others in a courteous and professional manner.
•  Conform with and abide by all regulations, policies, work procedures and instructions.

•  Bachelors Degree – Preferably in Accounting
•  Computer Knowledge
•  8-10 years of experience at a Controller level with staff management responsibilities

•  A current and valid Certified Public Accountant’s license.
•  Proficient in Access, Excel and Word
•  Excellent work paper and balance sheet analysis
•  Understand inter-company transactions
•  Understand cash and accrual accounting
•  Have excellent people skills
•  Have excellent time management and employee management

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Monday, July 13th
Type of Work:
Full Time

Contact Information:

Oliver Search Consulting
Jeff Oliver