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Assistant VC Manager

Huneeus Vintners

Napa, CA

Job Description:

This position is responsible for managing the daily operations at the Quintessa Visitor Center (QVC).The Assistant Hospitality Manager will work directly with the Guest Services Manager to drive the QVC business to both meet / exceed financial and team goals while also delivering a quality Quintessa brand experience for our guests.

Key Business Objectives:

•  Effective Team
•  Efficient Operations
•  Memorable Guest Experience
•  Financial Impact

The scope of responsibilities for this position includes:

Building a world-class luxury hospitality team
•  Recruiting - Collaborate with Hospitality Director to understand hiring needs. Drive recruiting, interview and hiring process. Participate in outreach and networking activities. Coordinate interview, make hiring recommendation and complete reference checks. Coordinate onboarding requirements.
•  Training & education - Partner with Hospitality Director to develop training programs to ensure appropriate wine & industry knowledge, sales and communications skills, customer service skills, brand messaging, wine service, property vehicle training, QVC operations and safety.
•  Feedback - Provide team with frequent and timely feedback on all hospitality engagements (team, customer, events) to acknowledge strengths and resolve performance issues and build a high performing team. Provide verbal warnings and document appropriately. Provide constructive feedback during written warning or PIP situations. Participate in disciplinary meetings.

Develop efficient operations
•  Processes & procedures - Recommend Document and implement QVC processes and procedures, including but not limited to inventory control, POS System entry, Consumer Experience sequencing. Vendor management including overseeing house cleaning team, property appearance and maintenance (QVC equipment repair coordination). Complete Manager 'End of Day' Report daily; provide accurate, fact based recap of happenings (sales, reservations, cancellations, team members, safety, and awareness's). Create operational efficiencies.
•  Staffing - 'Extra eyes' Provide recap of happenings to ensure seamless transitions between schedules. Adjust on a weekly or daily basis the master staffing schedule; ensure staffing levels are appropriate for daily operations, tours and special functions. Daily Estate Host Managers. Also provide Manager on Duty responsibilities. Approve all time off requests and payroll timecards through ADP.
•  QVC appearance - Work with Facilities Manager to ensure appearance of Visitor Center and guest spaces are of the highest quality standards. Identify safety risks.
•  POS System - Responsible for the POS System involving training, reporting and trouble shooting. Communicate to team about adjustments as needed.
•  Inventory - Responsible for wine closet inventor and restocking. Audit inventory record, replenish sold wine/ restock, reconcile POS to newly stocked wine. Investigate discrepancies and attempt to resolve; escalate and/ or inform VC Director; update the 'End of Day' Report.

Create memorable guest experiences
•  Estate experiences - Partner with Hospitality Director to ensure all estate experiences are executed at the highest caliber.Lead by example and host exceptional guest experiences. In partnership with the Hospitality Director, brainstorm new guest experiences.
•  Customer service - Tailor all experiences aiming to delight our customers, and exceed all customer expectations.Act as initial point of escalation on customer issues if Host cannot resolve on their own.Motivate, train, coach and support the QVC team.
•  Monitor Social Media consumer feedback (Yelp, Trip advisor, Facebook, Instagram, Google) and draft responses to team or customer, partnered work with the Hospitality Director
•  Creating connectedness between the corporate offices and family portfolio of wine brands
•  Special experiences - Coordinate and execute special experiences and events on and off site.
•  Intact and assessment on customer event request fit
•  Schedule on premise business events: membership, company, release, educational and safety employee trainings
•  Design the event look and feel, manage vendor coordination, support staff arrangements, communication to attendees, safety/ special needs consideration
•  Transition between MOD (front of house), Estate Host (available 2 days/ week, max 3 blocks/ day) and business planning (back of house)

Drive quality traffic
•  Outreach & Networking - Lead outreach programs to increase qualified traffic to attract appropriate new customers to Quintessa. Analyze this traffic and bring relevant recommendations back to Hospitality Director for discussion and assessment.
•  Optimize - Lead morning meetings. Develop feedback loop from QVC team to understand trends, and Napa visitor travel plans to optimize partner relationships. Document in POS, track and analyze annually in coordination with Hospitality Director.

Grow customer loyalty
•  Loyalty program - motivate Estate Hosts to ensure membership program success. Clearly communicating daily, monthly goals and incentive benefit program.
•  Relationship - Create a culture within QVC of building lasting customer relationships based on kind/ sincere/ authentic engagements based on the customer or employee interests> follow through and follow up on engagement to build trust and longevity. Ensure customer record is up to date, document engagement notes (be fact based and descriptive). Embed relationship-building into QVC processes.

Financial impact
•  Goals - through communication, motivation and consistent feedback partner with the team to achieve business sales goals and membership sign ups. Drive QVC business to achieve sales goals and membership sign up goals.
•  Planning - Work with management on planning & forecasting the QVC business. Generate ideas for extended customer experiences. 'Think big (and beyond execution)!'
•  Monitoring - Monitor all QVC & Quintessa DTC related metrics, begin reporting and forecasting and use

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Wednesday, August 14th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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