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Sales & Guest Relations Manager

Airfield Estates Winery

Prosser, WA

Job Description:

It is the primary responsibility of this position to be an ambassador of Airfield Estates, incorporating company values into daily practices by providing excellent visitor experiences, fostering relationships, building the wine club, and increasing annual wine sales.

The role of the Manager is to be “the face” of the Prosser tasting room, creating a welcoming environment, interacting with our visitors, providing memorable experiences, and building lasting relationships for return customers. This position serves as a liaison between the Prosser tasting room and other departments, ensuring information is communicated clearly and frequently. This person must maintain a positive attitude at all times, be flexible, promote staff efficiency, and resolve issues quickly consistent with company values.

•  Work on the tasting room floor, providing excellent hospitality to all visitors
•  Ensure the physical environment of the Prosser tasting room is clean, safe, welcoming, and presenting our product in the best way possible
•  Actively participate in the general operations of the Prosser Tasting Room, including customer service and communications, wine education and sales, VIP experiences, inventory management, staffing and onboarding, community events, housekeeping and maintenance, wine orders and shipments, POS sales and troubleshooting
•  Support administrative staff and assist with administrative projects, such as wine club, marketing, special events, merchandising
•  Ensure the attitude of the Prosser tasting room staff is positive and customer-focused
•  Work with the Director of Operations to regularly to provide brand and procedural consistency

•  Work on the tasting room floor to connect with visitors and lead by example with zealous hospitality
•  Ensure the physical environment of the Prosser tasting room is clean, safe, welcoming, and presenting our product in the best way possible
•  Motivate Prosser tasting room staff to stay positive, customer-focused, and sales-driven, and act as a mentor for sales techniques, customer interaction, wine club pitch, and the Airfield story
•  Work with the Director of Operations to regularly to provide brand and procedural consistency
•  Participate in weekly meetings with managers from other Airfield tasting room locations, communicating discussion points to the Prosser team so they feel connected and informed
•  Lead Prosser team meetings regularly with the Events & Hospitality Associate, Wine Club Coordinator, and the part-time Tasting Room Associates
•  Build and maintain relationships with potential and existing club members, neighboring businesses, and partners
•  Account for daily sales and till reconciliation nightly, prepare deposit weekly
•  Tend to customer and staff questions, concerns, complaints, and issues
•  Tend to facility maintenance issues
•  Ensure sales and performance goals are met
•  Conduct performance reviews of Prosser staff
•  Hire, train, and manage part-time staff as needed based on seasonality and traffic flow
•  Manage inventory of Prosser warehouse, reordering product on a weekly basis, conducting monthly physical counts
•  Review and approve time sheets
•  Work with Director of Operations to create educational or entertainment experiences to promote engagement and opportunity to increase revenue
•  Manage staff calendar for all hourly associates, and adjust onsite based on traffic flow
•  Fill in for staff who call in if no other associate is available
•  Solicit opportunities to promote the brand at offsite events, staffing the most appropriate brand ambassador to attend (which may be the Manager)
•  Participate in community meetings or tourism groups, included but not limited to Prosser Wine Network, Tour Prosser, or Washington Wine Industry
•  Promote and book facility rentals
•  Purchase supplies for the tasting room and account for all expenses
•  Responsible for ensuring functioning onsite technology and devices, including computers, iPads, phones, internet, security system
•  Ensure tasting room and staff permits are up to date and state regulations are adhered to as set forth by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board and the Washington State Department of Health
•  Review wine club signups and ensure proper information is collected
•  Work with the Wine Club Manager and other Tasting Room Managers to plan release parties
•  Monitor and respond to voicemail and email inboxes
•  Update tasting lists biweekly, rotating inventory and promoting new releases
•  Benchmark offerings and experiences of nearby tasting rooms, identifying opportunities for Airfield to grow and stay relevant in the Prosser market
•  Participate in large Prosser event weekends
•  Delegate responsibilities to the Events & Hospitality Associate and part-time staff with clear direction and expectation
•  Support administrative staff
•  Perform additional duties as requested

Full-time, Wednesday-Sunday
Competitive wages + Commission

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Monday, April 22nd
Type of Work:
Full Time