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NY / NJ Sales Consultant

Aviva Vino

New York / New Jersey, NY

Job Description:

Aviva Vino is an established importer and distributor based in the New York, New Jersey area, with a growing book of international wines. Founded in 2009, Aviva Vino began with a core of family-owned Spanish wineries, with presence in 40-Plus Countries worldwide. Since, we’ve grown our offerings to have an increased focus on Italian, Argentine, Chilean and Domestic wineries.


We are looking for 1 to 2 NEW Sales Consultants in the New York, New Jersey area, with existing contacts.


- A Self-Starter, who can organize and prioritize the day, both alone or with a sales manager or supplier.

- To build upon the existing territory by supporting the customer, as well as targeting monthly goals. Ideally opening between 1 – 2 Solid accounts per month, or at least laying the proper groundwork.

- A Representative of themselves, the company, and the wineries they represent.

- A knowledgeable sales consultant with a thirst for learning and teaching.

- Consultants that have at least Two-Year’s experience in the Food and Wine industry, preferably in Wine and/or Spirits Wholesale in the NY|NJ area.

- To identify new leads, and to secure new accounts pre-opening.

- An experienced individual that doesn’t just ‘press play’ in their sales pitch, identifying the difference between retail accounts and restaurants.

- A sales representative that is not jaded, and willing to help with or initiate wine tastings, dinners and education seminars.

- Confidence, Professionalism, Salesmanship, Organization, Individuality and Desire.

- A strong willed individual who is willing to voice opinions, ideas, and collaboration.

- Consultants willing to push beyond the ‘9-5’ – willing to work mornings, weekends and weeknights as necessary to both service their customer and organize their routes.

- A well-spoken, demonstrative individual with the ability to engage, excite, and educate without preaching or losing the opportunity at a sale.

- A Closer.

Required Skills and/or Abilities

- Street smarts and adequate sales experience.

- Applicant should reside in, or near given territory, or within reasonable travel distance.

- Computer and Phone literacy. Including Text, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or applicable programs.

- At least two years of industry experience.

- The ability to listen, learn, take criticism, and grow from mistakes.

- To think critically, and to be clear and concise in both internal and external communication.

- Excellent organizational skills.

- Flexibility.

- Will to grow, to strive to be better every day. The hunger to continue and beat goals and what is expected of you.


- Must have a valid driver’s license, if territory needs a car.

- Must pass a background check.

- Must be able to pick up, hold, lift and carry a 40 lb. case of wine.

- Must be able to stand, or walk for extensive periods of time.

- Must speak English, Spanish fluency a plus.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Tuesday, February 13th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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Contact Information:

Aviva Vino
Andres Harmsen Corcuera