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Vineyard Supervisor

Frog's Leap Winery

Rutherford, CA

Job Description:

Frog’s Leap Winery is looking for an experienced Vineyard Supervisor to help direct and coordinate our vineyard operations in a full-time, salaried, fully-benefited capacity. Frog’s Leap farms over 175 acres in the heart of the Napa Valley, and our organically-certified, dry-farmed vineyards are central both to the quality of our wines and the way we do business.

The Vineyard Supervisor oversees all vineyard work performed by the seasoned Frog’s Leap vineyard crew, working closely with the Vineyard Manager (VM) to carry out each daily plan and delegating tasks as necessary. Most importantly, the Supervisor is responsible for fostering and maintaining a culture of respect and professionalism that reflects our deep commitment to our highly-experienced, full-time, mixed-gender vineyard crew. In this role, he or she provides important feedback to the VM on the tasks and procedures in the vineyards.

Vineyard Supervisor Duties:

Primary direct supervisor for vineyard crew. Point person for communication in the vineyard.
- Directly assigns specific tasks to crew members in an efficient manner.
- Ensures both quality of work and that tasks follow assigned protocols and safety procedures.
- Helps to train new and inexperienced crew members to follow accepted vineyard procedures.
- Ensures that all equipment necessary for work is safe, functional and made available to the right crew members at the right times. Notifies the VM of any deficiencies in equipment.
- Ensures that each work site is properly set-up to promote crew safety and comfort, in compliance with government regulations; this includes water, shade, crew amenities, and any required informational postings.
- Point person for time-off requests; responsible for maintaining work efficiency while respecting the needs of crew members.

Participates in top-level management decisions – including work progress, long-term planning and closing the loop on effective vineyard practices.

Promotes a culture of well-being, professionalism, and mutual respect among the vineyard crew.
- Develops a positive culture by leading by example.
- The Vineyard Supervisor is given wide latitude to develop a consistent message and system of honest and open communication, both within the crew and between the crew and other areas of the winery.
- Ensures that all crew members maintain a professional and respectful mode of interaction with one another.
- Attends and successfully completes regular training sessions on crew management, safety, and new regulations.

Administrative duties – including: new-hire orientation, discipline, promotion, reward, influence over pay rates, yearly evaluations and detailed record keeping.

Job Requirements:

- Must be fluent in Spanish; advanced English skills are a plus. Effective and compassionate communication skills are a key part of this job.
- Must have strong organizational and critical thinking skills.
- Some computer literacy is required; experience with the AgCode system is a plus.
- Must have a minimum of 7 years of vineyard experience, at least 2 of which in a supervisory or managerial capacity.
- Must be willing to work extended hours, including Saturdays, during certain times of the growing season.
- Must be able to lift and carry 50 lbs.
- Must have a valid CA driver license.
- High-school education or higher preferred.

Salary is dependent upon experience. Frog’s Leap offers a progressive work environment, with a highly competitive benefits package that includes 401k matching, health insurance, paid holidays, and Paid Time Off (as well as plenty of wine!).

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Tuesday, December 5th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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