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Bottling Line Manager

Domaine Carneros

Napa, CA

Job Description:

The Bottling Line Manager is responsible for all aspects of production of both sparkling and still wines from bottling to distribution including but not limited to Tirage, Riddling, Disgorging & Labeling, Still Wine Bottling, storage, inventory, maintenance and shipping. This position is also the company Safety Officer.

•  Supervise and organize binnage crews to maximize efficiency.
•  Responsible for evaluating riddling process and adjusting riddling programs as needed and for reporting progress or problems to the Production Manager or Winemaking Management in a timely manner.
•  Maintain daily records of binnage and riddling.
•  Maintain quality control of riddling, i.e. turbidity. Report problems to Production Manager or Winemaking Management.
•  Supervise and train bottling personnel and forklift drivers to maximize efficiency while maintaining quality and safety.
•  Keep job descriptions for Bottling Line positions up-to-date
•  Do annual performance reviews on all DC employees under your supervision
•  Along with wine making staff, enforce quality control standards for tirage, disgorging and still wine lines
•  Schedule contract labor to maximize efficiency.
•  Maintain payroll records and itemize hours under specific job codes for both Domaine Carneros employees and contract labor for bottling line.
•  Educate new and existing employees on safety and production practices.
•  Maintain daily records pertaining to tirage, disgorging and still wine production.
•  Train and Enforce safety on the bottling line
•  Plan annual production schedules and adjust monthly as needed. Coordinate with Maintenance, Winemaking Management, and Production Manager for feasibility of carry out daily production and meeting scheduled wine orders.
•  Advise Production Manager, Winemaking Management of production/bottling issues or problems in a timely manner.
•  Generate Bills of Lading for wine shipping and receiving from the warehouse, bond to bond, responsible for tax paid removals of wine to V.C., shipping department and wine club.
•  Maintain physical inventory of all bottled wines both on and offsite by conducting monthly, and semi annual inventories.
•  Maintain warehouse inventory records for Controller
•  Schedule all trucks for wine shipments to meet specified purchase orders.
•  Keep warehouse and warehouse yard in a neat, orderly and safe fashion.
•  Supervises the Bottling Line Assistant Manager in maintaining proper inventories of packaging supplies.
•  Along with the Bottling Line Assistant Manager evaluate and compare supplier’s bids and quality of product in order to carry out efficient vendor negotiations for all products.
•  Assist in package development and locate new suppliers as needed.
•  Enforce packaging quality control standards to produce a package as close to perfect as possible
•  Advise Production Manager, or Winemaking Management of any packaging issues or problems.
•  Supervises the Bottling Line Mechanic in maintaining all Bottling Line equipment and machinery in good safe working condition.
•  Assist Bottling Line Mechanic with bottling line changeovers and machinery maintenance as needed.
•  Assists the Facilities Maintenance team as needed
•  Provides backup in the absence of the Bottling Line Mechanic.
•  Advises Production Manager & Facilities Supervisor of any maintenance issues or problems in a timely manner.
•  Ensures that all machinery is operated and maintained following safety standards
•  Works with Assistant Administrator, the Compliance Officer and the Assistant Bottling Line Manager to ensure that all export orders meet international standards and regulations
•  Ensures that orders are completed and shipped in a timely manner.
•  Maintain Bottling Line, Warehouse and Loading Dock areas in a neat, orderly and safe fashion.
•  Assures quality control is maintained in all areas and aspects of production.
•  Generate Purchase Orders and approve and code invoices as needed.
•  Participate in bi-weekly production huddles
•  Participate in managers meetings
•  Look for, recommend and implement changes in production operations to increase quality and efficiency.
•  Occasionally drives employer’s vehicle to obtain parts and supplies from vendors in the local area.
•  Perform other related activities, as management may consider necessary

The Safety officer monitors workplace activities to ensure that workers comply with company policies and government safety regulations. In addition, the Safety Officer will provide advice on measures to minimize hazards or unhealthy situations. Specifically the Safety Officer is responsible for:
•  Observing work in progress, ensures that proper safety equipment is worn and procedures are followed. Notifies management regarding concerns of safety regulations; makes recommendations for corrections and follows-up to ensure issues have been corrected.
•  Analyzes any potential safety risks and develops policies, plans and procedures to minimize risk to the employees.
•  As needed, conducts inspections of work site facilities to ensure compliance with applicable codes, regulations and guidelines.
•  In conjunction with the HR department, act as liaison with Worker’s Compensation rep and consultants to review workplace injuries and ensure a safe workplace.
•  Coordinates the needs of employee training, including classroom lectures, demonstrations, hands-on instruction and tailgate seminars without outside resources.
•  Maintains accurate records and files for Safety policies and procedures. Responsible for updating IIPP policy and documents.
•  As needed may prepare employee questionnaires regarding health and safety issues; Develops and implements, after approval, internal safety rules, policies and guidelines..

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Wednesday, December 6th
Type of Work:
Full Time