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Assistant Winemaker

Day Wines

Dundee, OR

Job Description:

Day Wines is a small sized producer of an array of styles of wines, located in Dundee, OR. Last year we made just under 5,000 cases of wine, 18 different labels in total. Small lot reds, petillant naturel, and a variety of whites both in tank and barrel make up the portfolio. The winery also is host to several small producers, but this position is about 70% for the production of Day Wines and 30% for the organization and cleanliness of the facility.

This position is for someone who is extremely reliable and trustworthy, who enjoys a wide range of tasks in the work place.The wines are made with little or no sulfur, chemicals, or filtering so sanitation is extremely important. Empty barrels are washed and treated regularly, production equipment needs to be sparkly clean, and everything is topped extremely regularly.

It's a physical job, the winemaker makes all decisions (with others input considered) during harvest and does all punch downs personally, so your arms will get a rest this year. However she likes to have pumps set up and sanitized, tanks and fermenters sanitized, and the line super clean and set up by the crew (which will be you and two or three other people). You are in charge of managing the crew during sorting and managing the flow of fruit on the floor. The winemaker likes to manage the press, but you'll be helping with loading it and assisting in getting tanks outfitted and lines hooked up.

How are your forklift skills? They need to be A+++++ . Barrels need to be super straight and on point, pallets of wine need to be straight and you need to be able to work with a big truck in a small space. Do you like to bottle by hand? Awesome, sometimes we do too. For small lots of wine we sometimes use a 6 bottle filler, and you will be in charge of getting that guy sanitized and set up. For large lots we use a bottling truck service and your amazing forklift skills will keep the day flowing smoothly as you manage the glass and floor.

If this sounds like a good fit, please reach out. I would like to get this job filled within the next month.

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Friday, May 19th
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Day Wines
Brianne Day