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Vineyard Accountant / Analyst

Trinchero Family Estates

St. Helena, CA

Job Description:

The primary function of the Vineyard Accountant/Analyst is to ensure that monthly, quarterly and yearly general ledger information, as it pertains to all vineyard companies is processed in a timely and accurate manner. The Vineyard Accountant/Analyst will be requested to assist in obtaining and collecting information for presentation to management or to assist in answering inquires by Accounting & Finance and other department management. There are certain primary responsibilities that will determine much of what you work on daily, weekly, and monthly as you plan and schedule your work. It is important to recognize deadlines and provide adequate time for initial completion, self-review, supervisor review, as needed, and ultimate completion. You will need to move and refocus quickly from one area to another as the needs of the department change. At the same time you need to ensure the highest quality of work and not allow deadlines or projects to pass unmet.

The following reflects management’s definition of essential functions for this position but does not restrict the tasks that may be assigned. Management may assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time due to reasonable accommodation or other reasons.

Essential Functions
•  Adhere to the monthly, quarterly and year-end closing schedules for all TFE vineyard companies
•  Ensure that necessary journal entries are prepared and posted to the general ledger timely & accurately.
•  Provide data for maintenance of vineyard recurring JEs (i.e. depreciation, amortization, and property tax)
•  Perform monthly account reconciliations ensuring completeness for all TFE vineyard companies for supervisory review.
•  Process and maintain internal orders for capitalization of vineyard development and equipment to Fixed Assets.
•  Process Vineyard Property Tax returns.
•  All necessary review and analysis is performed to ensure that all G/L/trial balances are accurate and complete.
•  All necessary review and analysis is performed to ensure that the financial statements are accurate and complete
•  Preparation of consolidating JEs & intercompany reconciliations for SHW monthly close are completed accurately and timely.
•  Preparation of financial statements and financial analysis completed accurately and timely for supervisory review.
•  Problems are identified and presented to the supervisor in a timely manner for resolution.
•  Update income forecasts, cash flow and distribution projections with actuals as needed for all Partnership entities.

Vineyard Departmental Expense Analysis
•  Review and research actual departmental expenses compared to plan, prior year and other non financial information for all TFE vineyards and vineyard entities.
•  Review monthly farming expense reports for Vineyard department review including GL details.
•  Review Administrative and Equipment expenses for correct allocation to all vineyards.
•  Review payroll related costs for correct assessment to all vineyards.
•  Assist in reviewing and estimating farm loss calculations for SH Vineyard including preparing and posting adjusting JE’s for SH Vineyard grapes purchased by SHW and transfer costs based on final grape costs as determined at year end.
•  Prepare data for year-end audit of SH Vineyard and year-end review of the Partnership entities.
•  Maintain vineyard acreage information.
•  Maintain daily cash worksheets for the Partnership entities, DLT, TTT & ARB.
•  Collect data and review for capitalization of pre productive vineyard expenses when applicable.
•  Perform quarterly review of fuel usage for all ranches to determine changes from year to year.
•  Provide regular updated analysis to include but not limited to:
o Vineyard acreage (i.e. unplanted and in development by varietal)
o Historical and projected tons per acre, cost per ton, cost per acre
o Farm loss and transfer costs including comparisons to AGR (Avg. grower return)
o Any additional analyses as deemed necessary
•  Develop strong working relationships with Accounting department personnel in order to gain a full understanding of postings, corrections and reconciliations performed that have impact on the departments you support.
•  Develop strong working relationships with various department management personnel in order to gain a full understanding of the departments you support. You will work together to solve problems as needed.
•  Review and understand the processes in place for the departments you support in order to ensure that company policies and procedures are followed and that the established controls are not rendered ineffective.

Budgeting, Planning and Latest Estimate Updates
•  Assist in preparing the necessary analyses, data entry templates, reports and validation tools for Vineyard companies’ budget preparation.
•  Perform the entry of budget data into BPC.
•  Review and validate the entered Vineyard budgets for accuracy, completeness and monthly spread.
•  Review and validate planning data input by the departments you support. You will need to gain a complete understanding of the changes that each department is expecting for the current and future years by working with the various department heads and managers. In addition, you will need to gain a complete understanding of the previous year’s actual activity. This also includes updated projections for mid year and quarterly estimates.
•  Prepare well written and concise summaries of your findings and conclusions in formats consistent with Finance department standards which will be distributed to the family and other management as needed.
•  Update income forecasts, cash flow and distribution projections as needed for the Partnership entities.

•  Prepare all vineyard department agriculture surveys and censuses.
•  Ad – hoc projects as necessary
•  To support and service the needs of the Vineyard Accounting Supervisor, CFO and other departments.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Wednesday, December 21st
Type of Work:
Full Time
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